25 Ideas for Christmas Decorating

25 Ideas for Christmas Decorating and Craft Making

Happy weekend! Here’s a fun list of 25 + posts that might inspire your upcoming Christmas decorating and craft-making!

Gifts for Everyone - Gift Guides by The Inspired Room blog

Christmas Dreaming {Day 11: Loving Fall}

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour 2013

One of my favorite things about fall is getting excited for Christmas! I know, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet but still, I can’t help but look forward to Christmas (especially when it is still early enough to enjoy the process of planning and decorating!)

Last year I kept things really simple and it was wonderful. No stress, no big mess, no big expectations, and yet just enough decor to feel festive and add a special enjoyment to the season. I plan to keep Christmas on the simple side again, but for some unknown reason I’m in the mood to perhaps do just a little more this year. I’m still not planning on dragging out ALL THE BINS, because to be honest I get overwhelmed by the thought of a lot of STUFF filling up my house.

I really like the simplicity of a Christmas statement that doesn’t rely on a lot of excess. Yet, at the same time, there is something special about doing something a little out of the ordinary for Christmas. Something a little more festive, whimsical, or beautiful or magical.

I’ll share more of my plans and some inspiration soon, I’ve already started a little bit of Christmas decorating! These photos are from last year (you can see my Christmas tour here)!

I know a lot of bloggers are decorating already for holiday sponsored posts, but I’m happily decorating just for me, and my family (and of course, I’ll open my house for another online Christmas house tour in December so you’ll all be invited over!). I am very excited about savoring the season in every possible way!

PS. Did you get a chance to introduce yourself and tell me a bit about where you live in the comments of the Home Sweet Home post? I’m SO happy with how many of you shared your stories with me! It’s so fun to read them, thank you!

Is anyone else out there already decorating for Christmas? :)

Christmas Decorating - Gold Jingle Bells in Mason Jar

21 Days of Loving Fall - The Inspired Room Fall Series

Catch up on the Loving Fall Series: IntroDay One: Getting In the RhythmDay Two: QuietDay Three: Cozy ImperfectionsDay Four: Rust, Coral, and Orange Fall Inspired Rooms, Day Five: Fall Nights by the Fire, Day Six: Candlelight, Day Seven: Turkish TowelsDay Eight: Fall Traditions with the Pups, Day Nine: Settling In, Day Ten: Displaying Small Trinkets and Treasures

{Inspiration} Fillable Glass Lamps

Summer House Tour - The Inspired Room

Remember when I said I was having trouble finding large glass lamps, so I resorted to my DIY glass bottle lamp?

Summer Decorating Gallery Wall - The Inspired Room

Well, HomeGoods surprised me recently and had tons of pretty and large lamps, including these lovely glass lamps I put on my console cabinet! YAY!

They aren’t as huge as my glass jar lamp, but still a really nice size. It’s nice to have a big statement lamp or two in a room!

Glass Jar Lamp

And the bonus of these beautiful glass lamps? They have a cork “lid” that comes off so you can fill the jar with something festive if you want to! I’ve seen similar lamps to these at Target recently. You can find them here!

I like them just simple and empty, too, but I can imagine it would be fun to fill them with pretty Christmas decor, seashells, driftwood, pinecones, postcards, books, mementos or even use them like a little terrarium. Or maybe I would opt for faux plants or flowers, just so they would be stress free! I haven’t filled mine with anything yet, but I did a little searching for inspiration. I’m sure I’ll be trying some of these out for myself!

Below you can find some beautiful Pottery Barn lamps I really like with ideas of possible ways to fill them.

Flowers in Glass Lamp

Glass Lamp Filler Ideas

Glass Lamp Filler Christmas


Eggs Filled Glass Lamp

Personalizing Glass Lamp

Glass Lamp Filled with Shells

Fillable Glass Lamp Ideas

It’s fun to have simple ways to change your decor seasonally, don’t you think?

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