How to Get Organized in a Small House

How to get organized in a small house

Carve out an entry and storage with a small cabinet! via BHG I love small houses. Part of the appeal for me is the challenge to make the house cute, organized and functional all at the same time! I love a good house challenge! My favorite thing is … ** Read more **

Small House? Solutions for More Space {and a small space linky!}

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BHG Small Space Organization Ideas This image from Better Homes & Gardens is one of my favorite small rooms. Not only do I love how this room looks, I love how it functions. It has so many solutions for small spaces. The furniture has … ** Read more **

The Small House: Making the Most of Your Space

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Martha Stewart Ive always loved the idea of having a smaller house, and making the most of the space I have. When I lived in my tiny English cottage (the house prior to when I lived in my giant house) it was like a game for me to find clever places … ** Read more **

How to Organize Your House {Rethink how you use your space}

Southern Living How to Organize Your House W hen you have a lot to do, you need to be organized to manage it all.  But how? I am not always the most organized person, but I try. So far in this new house, we have not yet set up a "command central" … ** Read more **

Small Space Solution: Benches


Country Living Need more space? How about using less furniture! Benches are the perfect solution. I don't think you can have too many benches, you can move them around and use them in so many different ways! BH&G Benches can be built in or … ** Read more **

Making This Home:
Simple Joys of a Small Kitchen


Please welcome my guest today, Katie from Making This Home! Bigger is supposed to be better. That’s what we’ve always heard, and if we want a better life, it’s generally understood that it means a bigger house, a bigger car, and most … ** Read more **