Style Tips: Embracing Your Authentic Style


By way of illustrating how you can find an authentic style inspired by and for YOUR life, I thought I'd share these photos from a story found at Traditional Home online. I was drawn to the cheery bright clear colors and when I read the article, the … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Inspired By Life


Not too long ago, I was honored to be interviewed by The Home Office Organizer blog . In the interview I shared how the name "The Inspired Room" came about (Newsflash, The Inspired Room is now a registered trademark and LLC!) tips for personalizing a … ** Read more **

Style Tips: In Defense of Wallpaper


Wallpaper Ideas I like wallpaper. I'll admit, it has been a love/hate sort of thing. I've hated layers of wallpapers that I have had to remove, but loved wallpaper that I chose myself. In the right place, with the right paper, and the right … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody’s Doing It.

Ok, now you know that I am not a big fan of copying trendy decor. As an illustration, just because everyone might have an owl hanging on their wall doesn't mean I should too (those of you who were alive in the 70's will understand this, owls were … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Everyday On Display

Summer Kitchen Display from The Inspired Room

You really do not have to have a ton of decorations, craft items or expensive collections to make a house personal, pretty or feel "finished." Really, you don't! I noticed upon arrival last summer in blogland that many bloggers have tons of … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Displaying Art

Are there any rules for where to hang art or photos? Oh, probably someone keeps a rule book. But just between you and me, I'm a rule breaker. Some say you cannot hang art on any wall smaller than 3 feet wide (yes, I break this one). Some say you must … ** Read more **