31 Days of Autumn {Day 26}: A Fall Table

Country Living

Making Memories with A Fall Table

My mom always sets the prettiest tables. I clearly remember each holiday by the lovely tablescapes she created with what she had on hand.

This photo from Country Living inspires me.

The simple yet beautiful centerpiece of flowers, fruits and vegetables, the rust colored envelope-folded napkin and the charming candle with dripping wax makes this a memorable Fall table.

Do you create simple, memorable Fall tables for your friends and family?

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Activity for Kids: Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Pirate Scavenger Hunt - Fun Family Summer Activity for Kids

Need a creative and frugal activity for kids this summer? Or maybe inspiration for a fun family night or summer birthday party? Why not have a scavenger hunt? That is what our family did a few weeks ago.

My husband has always loved making a fun list of creative clues for the kids in the form of a treasure hunt. And with a wide range of kids’ ages in our family, this is an activity everyone can participate in. Those all family activities can be hard to come by, especially on a limited budget.

This time, the theme was a pirate adventure for my son. All it took was some advance planning, creativity and a few dollar store surprises! Hide treasures in your yard and leave a few strategic clues to help kids find the prizes! Be as creative as you want.

For younger kids you can keep this very simple and hide things in plain sight, but for older kids think of clues to clever hiding places to keep them busy for a long time. Get creative and make them think!

You can have them measure distances between items with a measuring tape to help locate a prize, use a compass to find the direction to walk from a landmark, have them search for clues you set up around the yard, or count steps from a fence or tree to locate the hidden treasures they have to dig up or find in a tree. The kids will have a blast and your whole family will have lasting memories of a fun day or party!

Here are the photo highlights of the hunt for the treasure!

talk-like-a-pirate-fun-scavenger-hunt (1)

















This post is originally from October 2008. My son is now 14 years old and still has pieces from this scavenger hunt on display in his bedroom–it’s a special memory!

Creating a Memorable Life - The Inspired Room

Weekend Project:
Summer Vacation Memories

My son loves collecting little keepsakes and treasures. Sometimes we go on leisurely treasure hunt walks through our neighborhood, hand in hand, to see what we can find. We pick up pine cones, bottle caps, pretty rocks and leaves. I love going on treasure hunt walks with him. He also enjoys finding or buying little keepsakes on our beach trips.

Sadly some of those little treasures get stuffed in a drawer or lost in the hustle and bustle of life. We try to remember to put things like shells in the apothecary jars in our front entry or the lantern on our front porch, but I really like the idea of letting him fill his own jars as a creative project.

Why let those little moments be forgotten so quickly?

I saw these keepsake jars over at Martha Stewart and thought they were a fun way to capture those summer vacation memories. Aren’t they cute? Martha suggests using bendable wire to ease trinkets into the jar if the mouth is a little narrow. I would think you could even use wire to help mementos stand up or “float” within the jar.

These jars would also make sweet gifts or mementos for:

  • an anniversary (fill with keepsakes from dating or the wedding)
  • first year of baby’s life (put their first booties, hair clips, hats, hospital bracelets, hospital snap shots, pacifier)
  • a year in review (tiny mementos from the past year)
  • a gift for grandparents or for any other loved one or occasion in life
  • you could even make one as a teacher’s gift!

What other ideas do you have for using jars to hold keepsakes?

Look at these lovely aqua mason jars you could collect for memory jars! {I’ve been collecting these aqua jars in antique and thrift shops lately and I’m LOVING them!)}

inspiration: Martha Stewart

{this post was originally published in August 2009, but it bears repeating!}

What inspired you this week?

Please feel free to share a link about what inspired you this week! And thank you for linking back to The Inspired Room from your post!

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