Make a Charming Sliding Door

Make Your Own Charming Sliding Door

I almost put this room in Room Tours, but this sliding door intrigued me so much that is is going to be here in DIY. Because sometimes you just need a little inspiration to do a  fresh and fun project like this. It is more charming than a regular door and it saves space too!

You can see the DIY sliding door and the tour over at Natalme.

Fabric Wallpaper {Perfect for Decorating an Apartment too!}

Decorating your wall with fabric!

I’ve been thinking about fabric walls forever, and am planning an office makeover, so this idea is PERFECTION for me. I’m inspired! I was thinking this type of wall treatment would be great for decorating an apartment or rental too!

Check out the DIY fabric wallpaper tips and more pictures at The Real Housewives of Bucks County!

DIY Barn (closet) doors {Four Generations One Roof}

We made barn (closet doors) to create a place to hang our coats. We incorporated the “closet” within a bookcase where I display my gram’s blue willow china! We had a great time making them. The picture shows the doors closed but behind them, our coats hang! — Jessica

Here is post one: How to make barn doors!
The reveal: Make Your Own Barn Doors for a Closet

Great job, Jessica!

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