Update an Old Desk for $4 in 10 Minutes! {Thrifty and Chic}

Update an Old Desk

I really love this!! I have an all black desk in my office and now my wheels are spinning!! I also love that this project created more workspace for her desk!

Catch the whole DIY project over at Thrifty and Chic!

Decoupage Light Switches {Jones Design Company}

DIY Mod Podge Light Switch Tutorial

I have always had nice light switches, bronze or detailed or covered or whatever worked in my house. I know it might seem weird, but I love small details like that. At this house, we have white plastic. I’m loving these covered light switches and am thinking I might even get crafty enough to make some myself! ! So very cute via Jones Design Company

How to Paint Around a Toilet {House of Hepworths}

Painting Tip

Ha, I need this tip! I always make such a mess when I’m painting around a toilet. {I hate that I had to use the word toilet on my blog.}

Go check out the tip at House of Hepworths!