The one in which they try to make me wear a Halloween costume

Jack and costume

My sister tried to put me in a Halloween costume. I was less than thrilled about it. At first when she brought it out, I tried to eat it so that they wouldn’t be able to put it on me. But after awhile, I gave in. They insisted I try it. See Lily watching me? So embarrassing.

Spiderman Jack

I made it really difficult on her by freezing up my whole body. I don’t think I like costumes. Not this one anyway. I think I look pretty ridiculous as Spider-Man.

Jack as spiderman

I’m pleading for mercy.

Jack the Goldendoodle as Superdog

A few weeks ago they made me dress up like Superdog.

I do look pretty good as Superdog.

Jack the Goldendoodle with his Matrix moves

It gave me super Matrix-like powers over Lily.

But she’s a toughie. She fought back and hissed at me.


Maybe because she is a girl but Lily likes to dress up. See her toothless grin? She doesn’t even care if she looks ridiculous. HAHAHAH!!! She allowed them to dress her up as a COW of all things (HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing). I was going to blackmail her with the pictures but then she proceeded to show off for the camera. She was posing and smiling and looking all cute and stuff.

She is a pretty cute cow, I think.

Lily the Labradoodle in her Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween, from Lily and me!

8 Favorite Dog Collars (For the Modern Pup)

Jack The Goldendodle New Red Collar

Oh, hello. I got a new collar. It’s red and I like it. I even got a new name tag…I needed a new one because when I was a young sprout I always tried to chew up my name tag so it was all scratched up.

My mom got me this collar because I’ve been a really good boy lately. I think I look so handsome in it that I asked her to take a glamour portrait of me with it on. Once I realized how wonderful I looked with my new duds, I decided I’d like to start a collar collection. Because come on, I am the Pup of the Year after all…

Here are 8 of my favorite dog collars. Which one do you think I should add next to my collection?

Modern dog collars1. Arrowhead Dog Collar 2. Baseball Dog Collar 3. Green Leather Collar 4. Good Vibes Printed Collar 5. Girl Scout Green Canvas Dog Collar 6. Blue & White Stripe Collar 7. Red Triangles Dog Collar 8. Geoprint Orange Collar

Happy Independence Day!

patriotic dogs

Love, Lily and Jack

An Instagram of my very own!

dog instagram

Hello! I just thought you would like to know that I’ve started updating my very own Instagram where I will be posting pictures of  my antics and adventures. So, if you like me, you can follow me here (@jacktheinspiredgoldendoodle).

Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!


Did you hear the GREAT news? I’m PureWow’s Pup of the Year! I can’t believe I won! Of all the wonderful pups to choose from, it was ME! You chose ME! You are all the best friends on Facebook a pup ever had!

jack pup of the year

I’m so happy about being Pup of the Year.

Thank you for voting for me. Thank you for liking my pictures and my adventures.

But guess what?

I have a little secret. Shhhh.

I really like being Pup of the Year, but I don’t want to wear a crown.

Dog of the year in his crown

See the crumbs on my lips? BRIBERY.

They can bribe me to wear a crown if they want to. It is cute. I think I even look handsome in it.

And I like cookies.

Jack the goldendoodle in his crown


I don’t want to smile while I wear a crown, not even for cookies. That is too much to ask.


Because, how can a pup smile, eat a cookie AND wear a crown? ALL at the same time? I don’t know.

Jack the Goldendoodle

Bah. I can’t see.

Cute Adult Goldendoodle

Thanks again.

I hope to be the best Pup of the Year ever. I will make you so proud of me.

Gather: For A Fresh & Clean Pup


Let’s face it. Dogs get messy and I am no exception. Typically I’m not very high maintenance…I’d be perfectly okay with smelling like the dog that I am. My family makes me go get my hair done every month and likes me to smell like flowers and stuff. My sister found all sorts of products that pampered pets might like…even though I don’t personally feel the need to own things like blackberry vanilla magic deodorizing spray. However, I don’t think I’d be mad about having a massaging brush around the house…

PS: My sister does Gather posts for my mom’s blog over here if you want to see more things she has gathered!

1. Petite Amande Dog Fragrance 2. Petite Amande Dog Shampoo 3. Blackberry Vanilla Magic Deodorizing Spray 4. Squirrely Dog Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner 5. Martha Stewart Dog Massager Brush 6. All Natural Dog Soap