A Request

Jack and Lily Have A Request (Come read on their blog!)

HELLO! We are here. We are here and we have something to say.

We haven’t exactly been diligent about blogging lately (the last time we posted was what, November?…ahem) but that is ABOUT to change.


We need your help.

Remember when you all voted for me and I was chosen as Pup of the Year?!? Well, my mom…(the mom who I adore, who hand picked little old me from the farm in Oregon, and who sang me a lullaby when I was scared in my first car ride)….THAT MOM was chosen by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens as one of the TOP 5 Decorating Blogs…and she has a chance now to be voted as number one!!! I know how great it feels to win…being the Pup of the Year and all. But I want my mom to have her shining moment now too. In a sense, I will pass the baton to her as I move on from my title as Pup of the Year. Maybe she can be considered the BHG BLOG of the year…if you help us by voting!

Voting goes until March 5th, and you can vote every hour! (You don’t have to post it on Facebook or have a Facebook account for it to count). Here’s where to vote, just click the vote button under my mom’s face at this link (Melissa from The Inspired Room) and your vote will be counted! THANK YOU!

I promise I will do more blog posts. Trust me, there is NO shortage of mischief/ridiculous photos of Lily and I for us to blog about.

PS: If you’ve been missing me on my blog, do you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram? My mom posts pictures of Lily and I there most days. I also have a Pinterest board of some of my favorite products and pictures of me and other dogs :) Come see me!


  1. lynda crossman says:

    Hi jack/lilly!! I have already voted for your mom… she does a good job.. you both are adorable… woof and hugs to you..

  2. I voted for your mom already and will continue to do so everyday. This is so nice to pass the baton to her she probably see how good you are at being pup of the year and wants to see if she can be as good. It was so great seeing you and Lily it was a great surprise. woof woof to you guys see you soon. soso

  3. Voted! And will share too. :) best of luck!

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