My Adventure to Seattle

When my mom said we were going to see Attle, I was curious. Who is Attle? Is he a beagle? A hairless chihuahua? A new BROTHER for me and Winston?

I soon realized that I was mistaken. We did not meet Attle…we went to SEATTLE. I met my sister in the Whole Foods parking lot  and she took me to her house. I was scared to go inside so we walked around in the leaves for a bit. I like leaves…

 Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a scaredy when it comes to going new places. The walk in the leaves helped calm my nerves but then I had to actually get IN the house. So I laid here for a bit contemplating the dangers that may be inside.

Eventually… sister carried me in. Talk about embarrassing.

I got to meet some of her housemates and even had lunch on this fancy platter.

After a nap and some playtime…I looked at myself in the mirror and was proud of how brave I was. Another adventure=complete. That was a good day.


  1. Oh, Jack you were a brave boy! Great Job! Next time it will be easier ;0)

  2. Barbara (WA) says:

    Don’t feel bad, Jack. One time I called the hotel where my hubby was staying, asking them to tell him I went to Seattle (from Idaho). The message he got that evening was that his wife had gone to see Otto. He couldn’t figure out where in the world I went!!

  3. Jack….you are such a brave boy! You make me smile at the end of a hard work day!

  4. Jack, you were a very brave boy. It looks like you had a big adventure.

  5. who’s a big boy…who’s a big boy? jack you are so brave to try new things. and you know that I agree on the whole leaves calm you down theory. personally I like to bury myself under a big pile to calm my nerves…
    Cynthia Robertson Shaffer recently posted..lovely, easy velvet pumpkins.My Profile

  6. Who’s a good boy? Why that would be you JACK…I’m glad you were brave….Good Boy…:)

  7. So happy you were so brave, Jack! I’m sure it was a great day!
    Maria recently posted..Woodsy Vacation Home #1My Profile

  8. Hi Jack! My name is Rooney. I am a Newfoundland. I am really glad that you went into the strange house! It is fun to see new places, and you were very brave to go exploring! I travel with my bestest friend, Kiki, everywhere she goes, and I’ve met so many nice people! I hope you get to go on more adventures soon. Be brave!
    Kiki Dunigan (Rooney’s bf) recently posted..The End of The Story…But Not The Journey!My Profile

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