The one in which they try to make me wear a Halloween costume

Jack and costume

My sister tried to put me in a Halloween costume. I was less than thrilled about it. At first when she brought it out, I tried to eat it so that they wouldn’t be able to put it on me. But after awhile, I gave in. They insisted I try it. See Lily watching me? So embarrassing.

Spiderman Jack

I made it really difficult on her by freezing up my whole body. I don’t think I like costumes. Not this one anyway. I think I look pretty ridiculous as Spider-Man.

Jack as spiderman

I’m pleading for mercy.

Jack the Goldendoodle as Superdog

A few weeks ago they made me dress up like Superdog.

I do look pretty good as Superdog.

Jack the Goldendoodle with his Matrix moves

It gave me super Matrix-like powers over Lily.

But she’s a toughie. She fought back and hissed at me.


Maybe because she is a girl but Lily likes to dress up. See her toothless grin? She doesn’t even care if she looks ridiculous. HAHAHAH!!! She allowed them to dress her up as a COW of all things (HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing). I was going to blackmail her with the pictures but then she proceeded to show off for the camera. She was posing and smiling and looking all cute and stuff.

She is a pretty cute cow, I think.

Lily the Labradoodle in her Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween, from Lily and me!


  1. Too cute! Where did you get the cow costume?

  2. So cute! My 8-year-old daughter LOVES this blog. It cracks her up every time! We have a goldendoodle, too — they’re the best! :)

  3. Karen on Bainbridge says:

    I think Lily makes a lovely cow. As for Jack…he should set a good example for his sister. And he does make a handsome Spider-Man

  4. OMG if this is not the best ever. Lily you are the cutiest cow I ever did see and Jack you are my super hero hope you guys had fun

  5. Lynda crossman says:

    Lilly, you growing up so quickly! The picture with you in the cow outfit/no hat, is adorable! ;). Jack you can be patient with everything….lets see how your Christmas pictures turn out…lol

  6. Oh, Jack you did a great job! I tagged your Mumma on Instagram so you can look at my
    Granddogs they are funny! Must be living with little sun thing!

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