When We Went to the Beach House…

Jack Lily Beach House

 We explored.

Jack the Goldendoodle Laughing

 We laughed.

Lily the Australian Labradoodle Smiling

Lily smiled.

Jack and Lily at the beach house

Jack Lounging on the Couch

We lounged on the couch.

Lily with Mom

Lily at the Beach House with Grandma

Lily sat on the window seat with Grandma.

Jack the Goldendoodle Looking at the Ocean

Lily the labradoodle gazing at ocean

We gazed out at the ocean.

Jack Lily on Cannon Beach

And we got to go see the ocean close up! It was Lily’s first time on the beach. She wasn’t sure about all the wind, but she loved running along the beach with our human brother Luke and dad.

Cannon Beach Jack Lily & Luke

 We love the beach.

For a two-part tour of our family beach house, click here!

Meet. . .

Jack's New Cousin

Jack Lily and New Cousin

My new cousin. I love her already.

10 Things We Love About Jack {A Guest Post}

10 things we love about Jack

Hi! It’s me, Lily. I’m here today doing a guest post on Jack’s blog.

He did a nice post about 10 things he loves about me, so I snuck onto his blog today to write a post about what we love about him.

Jack the Goldendoodle Smile

1) Jack is cute. I mean…you already knew that. But seriously, how could we not love this face.

Jack and Lily Nap

2) He takes naps with me.

Jack the Goldendoodle's Poses

3) He’ll stop at nothing to be comfy and doesn’t care how ridiculous he looks.

Jack the Goldendoodle Picked Up at the Hairdresser

4) He is a big scaredy cat. He tiptoes in risky situations and has to be picked up and carried sometimes. Jack teaches me a lot of things, but I try to teach him to be more brave.

Jack the Goldendoodle in a Timeout

5) He knows when enough is enough. Sometimes he goes a little crazy barking at funny business outside, and he knows right away when mom talks to him that he needs to calm himself down with a timeout in the bathroom. He goes right in there all by himself.

Jack the Goldendoodle Lapdog

6) He doesn’t let his size stop him from being the cuddly lapdog he wants to be.

Jack the Goldendoodle Mischief

7) He gets into mischief at least once a day. But he knows that as long as he’s cute and flashes a little smile, he’ll make my family laugh.

Jack the Goldendoodle Jumping

8) He’s an athlete. He jumps, twists, and turns in the craziest ways.

Jack and Lily on an Autumn Walk

9) He adventures with me and always leads the way since I’m smaller. Jack always wants to be in the FRONT of the pack when we go on walks. Even though he’s a scaredy cat, he wants to be in control in case there’s any funny business up ahead.

Goldendoodle Puppy

10) He presses his head on his family when he wants to feel safe. I wasn’t alive yet, but when my family was picking out a puppy, the reason they picked Jack was because he pressed his head on them when they held him. They loved him right away, just like I loved him right away when we first met! 

We love you Jack!