Pardon Me

Oh, did you need to go down the stairs? Could you step over? I’m pretty comfy here.


  1. Thanks for so many ‘Jack’ posts this month. My husband finds them hilarious, and he knows I follow your blog, The Inspired Room. So he asks me every once in a while – “Any news from Jack?” So funny. We talk about Jack’s antics, and about how our dog sometimes does ‘Jack-type’ things, and we wonder what Jack is doing. He has become part of our family!

  2. Good for you Jack! My Goldendoodle, Sugar, is afraid of too many steps! He’s such a scaredy-cat! (Oops! Did I just say CAT?)

  3. Dear jack, You are quite the handsome fellow…but then, you knew that. I love reading your blog and seeing how things are going in your busy life. Tell your Mom that she should get me to do a beautiful custom portrait of you so everyone can see how very stunning you look..even when you are asleep on the stairs…
    have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…
    lesli recently posted..If I WERE MY CATMy Profile

  4. Hi Jack
    you are just the fourth best dog in the world next to my three beagles, its great to see so many blogs in the last few days, you make my day…nothing like animals they add so much to our lives, you have a wonderful holiday and by the way you do have a way with words…xoxojoanne

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