Choosing Paint Colors: How I Find Inspiration for Color Schemes {and a fun quiz!}

Entry way stairway black white gray

Gray and white striped stair way and wall {stripe tutorial} COLOR INSPIRATION For most of my homes over the many years I've been a homeowner, I have chosen mostly neutral wall colors. In fact, most of my rooms have been painted a simple white or … ** Read more **

Sometimes You Just Need a Chevron Pello, er, Pillow

chevron pillow white plates hung on wall

Cheap Therapy: Chevron Pillow Confession. I talk kinda funny. I have a few words that confuse people as to what I'm talking about. Like instead of "about" I say "a boat." I always have. Anyway, recently my girls pointed out to me that I say pillow … ** Read more **

Wood Kitchen Counters Pros & Cons & FAQ {My Experience}

hardwood lumber cherry dark counters kitchen

Wood Countertop in the Kitchen FAQ from readers about my counters I have had quite a few readers recently ask me about my wood counters in my old house and if they were difficult to take care of.  I love that this kitchen was designed before my … ** Read more **

The Hiding Place {Finding Solitude}

slate tile shower with bench and glass doors

Finding Peace & Quiet I don't know about you, but sometimes I have to hide in my own house. My house gets L-O-U-D. I like quiet. So I hide. My main source of refuge? The shower. When my kids were younger I would go in the bathroom and shut … ** Read more **

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days

Snow Days are Awesome Days You know those wonderfully unexpected unusual days where you are safe and snug, but stuck at home because of snow? Yeah. Those days are the best, if you are busy most other days like I am. On a snow day, you stop … ** Read more **

The Plans {Continuing the Entry & Mantel Makeover}


Alright, so if you are new around here, welcome! I'm glad you are here! Over the past couple of months, I've been working on an entry makeover. Specifically right now, I'm adding a faux fireplace mantel to the room. Yesterday I talked about the ideas … ** Read more **