A House with Warmth and Character

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Settee

I stumbled upon this home designed by Robert Stilin and thought it was so lovely, I knew you’d enjoy seeing it. The article about the home on House Beautiful says its “striking details used with restraint give this house warmth and character.” I think that sums up what drew me to it! See if you agree!


Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Mudroom Kitchen

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Dining Room

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Living Room

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Stairway with Gray and White Runner

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Striped Window Seat Cushion

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Bathroom

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - Spindle Bench

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - White Bathroom

Shaker Style Cottage House Tour - White Bedroom

Happy Monday!

PS. Did you see my Summer Bucket List yesterday?

Photos via House Beautiful. Be sure to check out the rest of the house tour here!

Summer Bucket List {Goals and Plans}

Summer Bucket List - The Inspired Room Blog

Hi Friends! Friday was my son’s last day of junior high. WAHAAH!!! Next year he’ll be in high school. I can hardly believe it! Time flies so fast, sometimes, doesn’t it? Even when you do your best to fully live in the moment, those moments can slip by so quickly. In just a week we’ll arrive at the first day of summer! BIG YAY! Except, we’re likely moving so we have a lot of work to do to make that happen. So, let’s just make that a smaller yay. :) But I don’t want my summer to fly by without planning a few fun lazy-summer day things to go along with my list of must-finish projects. Summer shouldn’t be all about work, right? No way. It’s time to relax and enjoy the warm sun and all the beauty of the season.

Strawberry Barrel Garden - The Inspired Room

I’ve already been eating strawberries from my own yard by the handful. Literally, that’s all we have at any one time. But that’s ok because the fact that I am even growing my own strawberries is something to celebrate, however small the harvest. I may not be quite ready to live off the land but you’ve got to start somewhere. And that’s my mission in life, being OK with starting somewhere and lingering there. I am OK with not always having to have the amazing AFTER before I can LOVE life. I want to enjoy each step along the way. I am learning that the best of life is in the journey anyway.

So to make sure I enjoy every moment I can even amidst the projects, I decided that creating a summer list (I LOVE making fun lists!!), like a bucket list, is a splendid idea! What would be on your list? I wish mine was going to be full of vacation excursions and sipping fruity drinks by a pool, but I do hope to fit in those fun memorable “summer” moments so I feel like summer was exactly as it should be. Carefree and loving life.

Here are 8 things I’m for sure going to put on my list for this summer:

Summer House Tour - The Inspired Room Entry

Summer puttering.

Because it’s my favorite thing to do in all seasons. Whenever I get in a slump, I start puttering around and rearranging things and pretty soon I’m re-energized and re-inspired. Whether it’s rearranging open shelves, tidying up a room, rolling up the rugs or even simple house updates, I plan to be doing lots of summer puttering in the upcoming weeks! I’ve got decluttering and organization projects I’m trying to finish up, too! I’ll share my puttering projects around the house as I go!

Minty Watermelon Lime Popsicle Recipe

Traditional treats.

One of my favorite memories of summer is popsicles. Simple, huh? Remember when you were a kid and summer was lazy, simple and wonderful? That’s what I want. We’ve made some really tasty popsicles in years past (you can find the post about our minty watermelon lime popsicles here) so I hope to create some more this summer. I love slowing down to make something memorable and fun with the kids.

The Inspired Room - Jack and Lily

Summer deck maintenance.

Remember when we gave our back deck a little makeover? Well, the Pacific NW weather and these two furry kids beat up our deck again so it’s time for a summer refresh. A new coat of stain on the deck will kick things off, hopefully this week! Then a quick refresh with plants and furniture will take our deck from dreary to sunny once again.

The Inspired Room Backyard - Trex Adirondack Chair

Garden puttering.

As much as I enjoy puttering around my house, I find extra joy in puttering outside in the summertime (when it’s not too hot!)I love pruning my flowers (except when I get stuck on rose thorns). I love potting plants. Just being in the garden makes me feel peaceful, like I’m at a retreat away from the world.

Speaking of the yard, my secret garden is looking so cute and the rest of my backyard has come so far, it’s actually going to be more of a “finished” project soon and not just a few in process corners. If a yard is ever finished, that is :). But it will feel finished for us since we won’t be doing more to it after we complete a few last pieces. :( But I’ll definitely be sharing the afters of the slowest yard makeover ever!

diy firepit backyard makeover progress

Family nights.

Our backyard has come quite a ways since we first made our firepit but it’s still a laid back destination for what I think summer is all about, kicking back by the fire roasting marshmallows. Am I right? What summer would be complete without those wonderful family memories of almost charred marshmallows and chocolate on graham crackers? We’ve already made s’mores once this summer so we are well on our way to regular family nights outside. There will be more of these nights, for sure!

Cucumber and tomato salad with crispy chickpeas, ricotta & mint

Fresh food.

We love eating fresh food all year round, but nothing beats a light summer meal made with fresh and delicious ingredients! Don’t you just feel healthier thinking about summer salads? When life gets busy it is tempting to fall back on take out or just going out, but when you have fresh ingredients ready to go, a quick healthy meal is really just moments away! That’s the plan for this summer too. Fresh and healthy recipes!

Master Bathroom Before Mini-Makeover

Room refresh.

I love the extra hours of daylight in the summer because I feel like we have more hours in the day!

You saw my neglected bathroom, right? Well, we had a slight delay on getting going with the project but it is still in our plan to give it a very simple makeover in the next few weeks. While it isn’t going to be my dream bathroom (like this one) I plan to use those “extra” summer hours to make it fresh, clean and ready for a new buyer!

jack in seattle

Out to See.

We don’t seem to vacation as much as it feels like everyone else in the world does, haha (at least as often as it looks like everyone does on Instagram!), but we definitely plan to reserve time to get away together, even if it is just a day or weekend trip. I will be traveling by plane once or twice this summer for business, but we do plan to have some fun family and even just “hubby and me” times away or even just to enjoy local excursions. We’ll be sharing any fun “out to see” experiences, and maybe I’ll even fit in a summer drive-by for you!

What will be on your summer list?

On Tuesday I’m going to challenge us all to make our summer list and then inspire each other to actually DO what is on the list! It will be fun. See you soon!

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