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Home Bloggers! From left to right: Julia, Sarah, AnNicole, Beckie, Me, Kimm, Kimba, Sandy, Rhoda, Layla, and Kate photo (above) stolen (with love) from Layla disclaimer: the women in this photo were the ones in the hall at Blissom at the time we … ** Read more **

Shhh…I’m Pretending this is MY House
{get ready to swoon, girls}

Welcome to my home. I'm finally all settled! OK. I know, I totally can't fool you. You know I'm lying. This house is FABULOUS and I just can't help myself. I have to show you. Isn't this just so amazing? Her front door? WOW. Those LINEN … ** Read more **

Inspiration: Transom Windows
& Painted Wood Walls

inspiration:: I enjoyed Tim's post last week about exterior elements being used as interior walls. Such a great way to bring some character to a space. Speaking of exterior-inspired walls, I ran across this photo at Southern Living and I LOVE … ** Read more **

The Awesomeness.

photo: MooshinIndy I had an absolutely fabulous time at Blissdom. FABULOUS. Seriously, I can hardly believe how many wonderful people I met this year. This photo shows just a TINY fraction of the awesomeness of Blissdom. I learned, laughed … ** Read more **

A LOVELY Drive By in Orlando!


No, I didn't go to Orlando to do a drive by. But one of my blog readers happens to live there. And ... she just started a new blog! Woot! Love hearing about new bloggers. When I went over to visit her at the new blog, I was tickled pink to find her … ** Read more **

Traditional Exterior Treatments
Make Great Interior Walls


**Please welcome Tim the Remodeling Guy to The Inspired Room!** You've seen him around here before, and over at his blog. The big news is that I've invited Remodeling Guy  to "join the team" at The Inspired Room! (Wait, can you have a team with … ** Read more **