5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}

5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}We Love You Fall Print

Hello! We’ve been having some technical difficulties with the blog the past couple days. All sorts of randomness has occurred on the site. How wonderful, yes? My apologies for any mayhem you may have witnessed. Isn’t that one of Murphy’s laws, when one thing goes wrong everything will? Now I have a broken dryer and a broken blog, so, yay!

I had planned to post about our vision for another room in our new house, but alas I was unable to get that post up because I’ve been fixing broken things. But good news, I’ve been wanting to show you these sweet fall prints from the amazing Lindsay Letters and I already had this post set to go, so art prints it is!

Aren’t these the perfect way to celebrate fall? I just love them.

I bought the ‘we love you fall print’ last year because I just couldn’t resist. I’d show it to you all styled on my inspiration board in my office but I can’t find it, because, you know, MOVING MAYHEM. Sigh.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my next room vision post so in the meantime, carry on and enjoy this fall day (and hopefully the blog will not self-combust in the meantime. I guess I should say goodbye just in case, it has been lovely. Ha!)!

5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}
Pumpkin Spice Print

5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}Autumn Is Golden Print

5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}Thanks and Giving Print

5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}Perpetual Thanksgiving Print

PS. If you’ve been thinking about doing a fall 31 day challenge this year, The Frugal Homemaker is starting a fun series today that might inspire you so be sure to check it out here and follow along!

Happy October!

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

I ‘m SO happy it is FALL! As we have been working on getting settled into our new house over the past couple of weeks, the one thing I keep thinking about is how much I enjoy my fall routines. I feel like we moved in  just in time to nestle in and enjoy everything I love about fall.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

A couple of weeks ago, with everything still feeling a little (understandably) disarrayed with my furniture and belongings inside the house, I decided a fall picnic outside in the park was in order! Even though I am really enjoying arranging the house (and can’t wait to show you another room vision post!), getting outside on a sunny day was the perfect experience celebrate the beginning of fall.

How could you not be inspired in nature, seeing the first leaves start to change and fall and feeling that first chill in the air? If you are a fall-lover like me, you probably love being outside as much as possible in this season. It’s perfect and you want to savor it.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

In a glorious spot near us at a local park (Discovery Park) there’s an old rustic picnic table and benches under a twisted old tree that has been just begging us to come and enjoy a fall picnic.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

The park overlooks the water and is filled with gorgeous trees. The whole setting is just perfect for a rustic fall outdoor gathering. “Don’t mind if we do,” we said to ourselves as my daughter Courtney and I packed up a couple of tote bag with crackers, cheese, salami, grapes, apple cider and some fun fall accessories for what we decided would be a “small plate picnic.” Pier 1 had sent us a gift card and invited us to set up a fall party, so how could we resist? This is our kind of fun, we could not have been more excited to get this party started!

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

The setting was breathtaking, the rustic old table was inviting and the accessories were a most charming and irresistible backdrop for our humble picnic.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party
Small plate parties are my favorite for informal or impromptu events like this picnic. I’ve been using small plates for several of my most recent gatherings because they set a fun ambience and create an intentional theme out of simple nibbles and bites that you can pick up easily at the market.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

Crackers, dips and spreads, and appetizers seem extra gourmet and festive with special small plates. I was delighted to find the prettiest wood plates for our picnic at Pier 1, the perfect rustic touch. I know I’ll use these plates all fall, I just love them!

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

We wanted to bring a few accessories to set the rustic festive tone of the table, so we selected a darling wood lantern, the small wood plates, a chalkboard ice bucket (we forgot our chalk, but it’s still cute!) and organic accessories for texture like wood handled forks and knives, a marble trivet, and a woven placement.

To add a fun bit of personality, we fell in love with a gold polka dot runner and navy cloth napkins (that won’t blow away in a gust of wind!). To bring a contrasting shine to the wood small plates, we found hammered copper mugs that so cool! And perfect for drinking our cider. The battery-operated copper Glimmer String added fun pops of light across the table, even on a bright sunny day.

The table looked so charming, people kept stopping as they walked by to see what we were doing! Everyone was delighted by the table, it just goes to show that a little effort and style makes people happy and will draw people into conversation even at a public park. We met so many lovely people who became like new friends at our table.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party
Here are five easy steps for hosting your own Autumn Small Bites Party:

1. Select a pretty setting or location for your party.
2. Gather fall accessories and small plates to set your table.
3. Set out an assortment of finger appetizers and fall drinks.
4. Set the mood with an inspiring playlist.
5. Relax and enjoy time around the table.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

Pier 1 had the perfect accessories for our fall picnic, and I know you’ll see the prettiest touches for your fall gatherings there, too. You’ll find beautiful fall wreaths and garland to decorate your home and door, too, so whether you are hosting inside or outside this fall, have fun setting the tone! Your guests will love it and you will, too.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

Here’s a close up look of the accessories we used for our picnic! Aren’t they just adorable? You’ll find the direct links to the products below.

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party

If you want to host an autumn gathering of your own, you can find all the accessories you’ll need at Pier 1, including these items from our party:

1. Polka dot table runner
2. Wood and metal lantern
3. Marble trivet
4. Wood appetizer plates
5. Woven metallic placemat
6. Plaid cloth napkins
7. Hammered copper cups

8. Chalkboard beverage chiller

Also featured in the post:

Horn cheese knives set
LED birch tree pillar battery operated candle
Amber glimmer string lights

We created a playlist with songs we’d enjoy for a relaxing fall evening outside, feel free to use it for your own party. Check out our playlist above or via this link!

Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn PartyBrought to you by Pier 1 Imports

I hope you have the opportunity to get outside this fall and celebrate the beauty of the season! I’ll be back tomorrow with another room tour!


Celebrate Fall! 5 Steps to an Autumn Party