Creativity Out of Imperfection: {Painting Subfloors}

Painted Subfloor via ashleyannphotography

Painted Subfloors: Ashley Ann Photography So, long before our unfortunate paint mishap, my daughter and I sat in our family room staring at the carpet I don't like. We were about 30 seconds away from ripping it out, come what may (i.e. my husband … ** Read more **

Put a Bird on It

Hahhaahaaha. Speaking of overdone trends, I had to laugh at this video! And being from Portland myself, this was particularly funny to me. Of course, I love birds in moderation. I do however have a recurring nightmare about birds pecking my … ** Read more **

Decorating Trends for 2011

One of the reasons I hate to follow trends is just about the time you start to follow one and think you finally know what is "in" you are actually out.  BUMMER! More significantly, I just like to be unique and do my own thing. I really don't like the … ** Read more **

The Paint Incident. Good and bad news.


An unfortunate incident. So there was an unfortunate post-Blissdom incident at my house yesterday. You might as well sit down for this. It isn't pretty. The incident involved: A high ladder. A bucket of Studio Taupe paint. My … ** Read more **

The Blissdom Conference 2011: The Home Bloggers

I love Blissdom. This was my third time at this now famed blogging conference and I have to say, I thought this was the BEST ONE ever. I enjoyed Blissdom for many reasons this time, including these blogging girls who hung out with Nester … ** Read more **

Living with Purpose & Intention


Some of the lovely (in)courage ladies hanging out at Blissdom. Oh how I am growing in love & admiration with these girls. Photo by Dawn Camp. Hello! I'm over at (in)courage today, I'm trying to catch up on all my posts... Funny that I'd … ** Read more **