Inspired Holidays {Day 9}:: Things to Treasure List

Ralph Lauren One of my most popular posts three years ago was a simple list. 20 Little Things to Treasure in Autumn. It was just a simple typed list of things I treasured about the season. It wasn't done up with fancy fonts or turned into an amazing … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 8}:: Weekend Treats: Black Bottom Mini-Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

black bottom carmel pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin Dessert Ok so I haven't really posted a lot of foodie type things on The Inspired Room, but I think these little hip expanding morsels convinced me I need to share. I share because I care. And because I really must make these. Enjoy a … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 7}:: Creative Memorable Holidays

Christmas Advent Idea

Creative Christmas Memories & Decorating Idea One of my readers, Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D (who is doing a 31 Day series on 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life!) left me this sweet comment: I'm really enjoying this series.  it goes to show that … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 6}:: Your Holiday Decorating Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

Martha Celestial Pumpkins

I found both of these pumpkin decorating inspiration photos at Martha Stewart and I loved them both. But oh how different they are from each other, and from the normal carved jack-o-lanterns.  And that is why I was drawn to them. They are fresh and … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 5}:: Simple Fall Decorating Around the House

apple in a frame

Twine wrapped pine cone and old book. Fall 2011: Simple Decorating Ideas! In case you are just joining me, welcome! So nice to have you here! I'm on day five of a 31 Day series on getting inspired for the season and holidays ahead. I'm starting … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 4}:: 4 Ideas for Decorating Naturally

bhg white pumpkins

Better Homes and Gardens Fall and Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas Did you see my Autumn Manifesto on {Day 3}? If not, you can find it here! I love to decorate simply and naturally using things that are readily and easily available. Every now and … ** Read more **