How to Organize Your House {Rethink how you use your space}

Southern Living How to Organize Your House W hen you have a lot to do, you need to be organized to manage it all.  But how? I am not always the most organized person, but I try. So far in this new house, we have not yet set up a "command central" … ** Read more **

Gorgeous Hand Crafted Frame Giveaway!

Hand made cottage picture frame I could barely contain my glee when I was introduced (by a blog reader) to these absolutely beautiful frames (Thank you Lisa!). I love when blog readers know just what I would like! I have always loved having … ** Read more **

Hi, I’m Melissa and I have label addiction.

Aren't these chalkboard labels cute? These labels and some FABULOUS zinc chalkboard tags are now for sale in my OpenSky Shop and I heart them. (update for the last three days of July 2010, put in the word JULYFREESHIP for free shipping until July … ** Read more **

HomeGoods, Oh How I love You.
The Yellow Edition.


I do heart this little twiggy, oh so sunny yellow plant stand I found at HomeGoods. I was going to put it in front of the fireplace with some summer plants. But plants in a plant stand were so, well, predictable (well, actually I couldn't find … ** Read more **

Summer Drive By: Ahhh…back to my old tricks!

charming house tours

For old time's sake and because I have a serious addiction, I went on a little drive by while I was in Portland last week! Ahhhhh it has been way too long! I started out with a quick drive through of my old old old (i.e. several houses ago) … ** Read more **

An Old Ladder Turned Wall Display Shelf

antique ladder wall display shelf

I spent the last week in Portland hanging out at my sister's house while my son and nephew went to camp. I love going back to Portland because I get to do some antique shopping at some of my favorite shops! I came home with some fun goodies, but I … ** Read more **