HomeGoods: Happy Spring Trends!

Sponsored by Homegoods I know many of you are HomeGoods fans like I am! The thing I love about a store like HomeGoods is I can buzz in and pick up a few new accessories to give my home a quick seasonal makeover, without spending a lot of time or … ** Read more **

Farmhouse Zinc Memo Board Giveaway PLUS a HUGE Surprise.


Decorate with a memo board! This post is going to be a little long, but you'll be glad you read it. The Giveaway. {This giveaway is NOW CLOSED!} Ok, so I decided on a whim today that it would be fun to do a giveaway. I have a giveaway day … ** Read more **

Inspired By: Mantels

How to Style a Mantel This was my simple mantel last fall. I did my spring mantel recently, but until I finish painting around it, I can't really take a photo of it. It is all torn apart because of the painting going on in the room! It will look … ** Read more **

Good-bye Swine, Hello Tobacco Leaf.

Good-bye, Swine. Hello, Tobacco Leaf. Oh, how beautiful you are. Thank you, Martha. Too light. Too bright. Too icy. Too dark. Too lime. Too icky. Too mint. 38 samples from other paint lines,  and I think I am … ** Read more **

Just Say No to Swine

**

Martha’s Amazing Set Kitchen
& New Line of Paint

martha stewart kitchen gray cabinets

This is Martha's kitchen on her set. I love everything about it. What do I love about this kitchen? I'm so glad you asked. I always love a working kitchen, one that you believe someone actually cooks in. I love the open display shelves … ** Read more **