The Love Your Home Challenge Week Four {Spring 2016}

The Love Your Home Challenge Week Four {Spring 2016}

Welcome to week four of the Spring 2016 Love Your Home Challenge! It’s been fun seeing so many of you participating in the daily challenges. Just a little nudge is often all we need to make progress. And of course, working together on a challenge always makes it more fun! We have a little over a week left, and it is never too late to join in! Start where we are or go back and start from whatever day speaks to you. Or personalize the challenges to suit what you need to focus on! Don’t forget to use your gratitude journal to jot down ideas and thoughts.

Enjoy!The Love Your Home Challenge Week Four {Spring 2016}

Day 22 – Twenty Little Things: Today, make a list of 20 little things you love about this season of your life in your home. Display the list in your home or put it in your home notebook. Add to it throughout the day when you think of something else that sparks a sense of gratitude! I dare you to stop at 20 things you love!

Day 23 – Happy Surprises: Add a little joy to your day by lining the dresser or desk drawer you use most often with spring-inspired scrapbook paper or pretty wrapping paper. You’ll be delighted every time you open it!

Day 24 – Your Handbag: The state of your purse can impact your daily tasks! Today, do a little spring cleaning of your handbag. Toss out any gum wrappers or unnecessary items. Organize makeup and receipts. Add a cute new pocket notebook for jotting down quick notes or ideas!

Day 25 – Living Room Wish List: Do you enjoy spending time in your living room? Start a living room wish list. Do you have all the basics you need? What more could you add or update in this space this spring to make it more comfortable or inviting? Add your list to your home notebook.

Day 26 – Make It Happen: Pick just one project in your home that you can finish completely today or at least make great progress on. You’ll feel refreshed and inspired that you finally made a dent on that nagging project!

Day 27 – Order in the Kitchen: Today we are going to focus on pantry organization. Toss out the old, repackage and label bulk items, wipe off and tidy the shelves. Make your pantry prettier and more orderly!

Day 28 – Your Color Personality: What are your favorite colors? Today, consider how could you incorporate more of the colors you love into your decorating. Could you paint a dresser, add new throw pillows, or start a collection of dessert dishes in your favorite hue? Being surrounded by colors you love can improve your mood and even change the way you feel in your home!

If you’ve missed the previous challenges, here is week one, week two, and week three! Follow along with us on Instagram! Share your challenges and be inspired by others with the hashtag #loveyourhomechallenge.

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

1. Add a rejuvenating mix of spring colors to your home via BHG

I can HARDLY WAIT for warmer weather. Yesterday it was so pretty (and even kind of warm!) outside, I opened the windows, mixed up some amazing spring scents for my home (I’ll link to my current favorite natural home scents below!) and walked around our yard to see what was there! After days and days of crazy windstorms and downpours here in Seattle, it was a much needed day to take a deep breath of spring air, refresh the house and just get outside to enjoy the vitamin D!

Since we have only lived in this house through fall and winter, spring and summer are going to be SO FUN because we have a wonderful new yard to explore and enjoy. I love our backyard, it was one of the selling points of our home. It’s a wonderful size and there are flowing trees, bulbs and blossoms! I’ll do a whole post on our yard soon to give you a little tour, but today I am inspired to just celebrate that spring is here (or at least on its way, right?).

This post offers six ways to celebrate the happy sights and scents of spring, what are your favorite things about spring?

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

2. Explore your garden, enjoy the blossoms or plant something new!
(see more of my secret garden in my old house, here)

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

3. Bring spring blooms inside to enjoy and inspire!  via BHG

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents
4. Fling open the doors and let the fresh air in! via BHG

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

5. Savor a delightful spring scent! (See my favorite natural home scent recipe here)

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

6. Make a May day basket for your door! (see my spring basket post here)

Happy Spring, friends!

PS. Thank you SO much for the overwhelming kindness and responses to my new book and launch team post! You guys are THE BEST! xoxo

More fun ways to bring spring to your home: in the entry, and in the bedroom

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents