Thanksgiving Greetings

From our snowy storm-messed yard in Washington...(where Winston LOVES traipsing through the snow and having outdoor adventures, even though he is 15 and a half years old!) Happy Thanksgiving from Winston and our family to you and yours! I'm … ** Read more **

Decorative Idea for Christmas
{using bits and pieces}

Here is a super easy idea for creating something new with some random Christmas decorations! Be fearless about mixing things that look pretty together, you don't have to limit yourself to only "Christmas" items. And your traditional Christmas balls … ** Read more **

Organized Simplicity {and a giveaway}


It seems a lot of us are craving a more simple, more organized, less chaotic life. And during the holidays, we can feel more pressure than ever. I can tell you without a doubt, I'm definitely on a mission right now to find a sense of order and … ** Read more **

The View from My Porch…. and Winners of the Giveaway Day!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Fa la la la la, la la la LAAAAAAA. Alrighty, it is so hard to work when it is a winter wonderland outside! I'm totally not able to concentrate. But we had three giveaways last week and 8 winners that … ** Read more **

Tip for Hanging Garland, Wreaths and Decorations


I love hanging garland and wreaths on my mantel, front door, staircase, windows and furniture. I like it to drape just so, or hang in exactly the "right" place. But I've always struggled with HOW to hang things. I've tried tying, wiring, ribbons, … ** Read more **

How to Make a Jingle Bell Jar (and other Mason Jar crafts)


You all know I feel I'm a bit lacking in the craft gene department. Yet in a cruel twist of irony, I've always been drawn to crafts and enjoy the idea of them immensely. The honest truth is that most of my crafting attempts over the years have … ** Read more **