Accessorizing Tip: Leaning Artwork

Leaning Art & Mirrors Back when I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to buy my new house, I really wanted to make it feel like home without doing anything too "permanent." I had a number of very heavy mirrors and antique stained glass … ** Read more **

Simple Decorating:
The Parable of the Spoons

Yesterday one of my daughters was home from school and we were walking around the house together picking things up and dusting. We began moving this and that accessory around. We were not putting any pressure on ourselves to make the perfect … ** Read more **

Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}

Written by: Tim Layton (aka Remodeling Guy) Tim's love of creativity and design mix with a perspective built on a career as a remodeling contractor.He can also can be found at his blog, ... Molding Ideas Great pictures are a … ** Read more **

Inspired By: Yellow

yellow kitchen cabinets

I love this beautiful yellow kitchen. Love. And I ADORE these gorgeous yellow wood walls. Do you think I might be in need of a little sunshine? I think so. This warm shade of yellow is just YUM. Even if you don't have all this fancy woodwork, … ** Read more **

Valentine’s Day Ideas:
Step Aside, Pioneer Woman

heart shaped dish

Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, in case you didn't know (or are thinking you are going to get away with not talking about it.) I'm a little behind, but I have started thinking of some very easy Valentine's Day ideas to use around my … ** Read more **

…on feeling insecure

Me: Hiding in my room by Chatting at The Sky I always feel a little sad after returning from conferences. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Blissdom. I had a great time! But let's be honest, conferences can bring out the best and worst of our … ** Read more **