Describe Your Favorite Decorating Style {Dream Versus Reality}

country living chair in corner

Country Living

31 days of falling for fall series

What’s your favorite style?

I think putting your ideal decorating style into words really helps give a more clear vision to what you want your home to look and feel like.

Being able to describe what you think you love most makes it much easier when it comes to decisions.

And realizing what you might like might not be 100% right for your current home can actually be very helpful!

Giving yourself permission to step out and make a course correction or head in a more defined direction can be freeing.

You know I always feel a bit torn between a few styles and options, because I love so many! And when I’m in full nesting mode like I tend to be in the Fall and winter months, I can be dangerous in a home decor shop (or even my own home) without a few self-imposed guidelines. 

Loving many styles or looks doesn’t mean we need to incorporate ALL of them in our own home. Although I do love to mix things up and not have too many restrictions that might hinder my creativity.

You may find you pin a lot of photos of one type of home on Pinterest, but actually live in or even love something entirely different in real life.

And that’s OK. Sometimes we just appreciate styles that look great in photos that wouldn’t look or feel right in our real life home.

My home and style is always evolving, so I love reassessing what I like so I can stay on track towards really loving my home.

How would you describe YOUR favorite decorating style?

Don’t worry about having the “official” style terms or keeping it short, just have fun with it!

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss our favorite decorating styles, both to look at and in reality!

fall in love with your home

***Catch up with my 6th annual 31 Days of Falling for Fall series***

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Fall Takeaway: 5 Designer Secrets for {another} Cozy Dining Room

5 designer secrets

Dining Room Design Caitlin Creer  Millhaven Homes & Alice Lane Home Collection Photography Hiyapapaya

This time of year I start thinking a lot more about my dining room and how to make it prettier and more welcoming for our family and guests. I may or may not have few changes in mind already — more to come on THAT soon! :-).

I know many people don’t even use their dining room (or it gets used as an office or craft space) but I really do want to use our dining room to EAT! Since we don’t have a table in our kitchen, our dining room is it!

If a dining room was cozy enough (like the one pictured above) why wouldn’t you want to use it? I would! I love finding a great dining space like this one to inspire me! Today I thought we’d revisit our Fall take away “designer secrets” series and see what five things I loved about this lovely space designed by Caitlin Creer!

What makes this room cozy? 

1) The fireplace.

Need I say more?

2) The wallpaper.

The textured paper on that one accent wall totally makes the room for me! I tried to visualize the wall without it and while it would still be pretty, it just wouldn’t be as cozy. I love the color too — very serene and calming!

3) The wood.

Adding wood accents is always a great way to warm a room up.  Repeating it on the floors, beams and the mantel really helps envelope the space. And notice that lovely chandelier is also trimmed with wood! Even with all the wood, the room still feels fresh with the mix of white and coastal touches.

4) The rustic table.

In the dining room we looked at last time, the table was more formal but the room still felt comfortable. In this space, the rustic table really invites you to relax and “stay awhile.”

5) The chairs.

I love the mix of chairs! Even though they aren’t necessarily “cozy” in fabric or style, they just look inviting! The side chairs have great texture, which translates to warmth. The open lattice backs keep the small room airy and less crowded, making it a comfortable livable space.

I’d love to be invited to dinner in that room, wouldn’t you?


31 days of falling for fall series

***Catch up with my 6th annual 31 Days of Falling for Fall series***

Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay FiveDay SixDay SevenDay EightDay NineDay TenDay ElevenDay TwelveDay ThirteenDay Fourteen,Day Fifteen, Day Sixteen, today is Day Seventeen!

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Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Fall entry decor

woke up this morning on this glorious day of the beginning of October to rain pounding on the roof. So what’s a girl to do but go into FULL FALL NESTING mode! I turned up the fireplace, put on my cozy sweater and fun scarf and started PUTTERING around the house! Happy as a clam.

After my coffee, of course.

In the midst of the puttering, I decided I would cozy up the entry. But by that point, the sun was out! YAY FALL! My favorite.

I started thinking about how all in the same day we can have sunshine, rain, be chilly and then warm.

So with Fall’s beauty in mind, I decided I would warm up the entry a bit, but still let it be cheerful, bright and happy.

Entry Table Layering for Fall

I looked around for what I already had and found this plaid runner from last year’s holiday dining table. Yes, it has snowflakes on it but let’s pretend it doesn’t. Humor me. You actually can’t really tell unless you ZOOM in like this. So let’s not do that again.

I loved adding the cozy layer to the entry dresser with the softness of the subtle plaid. And, I didn’t have to go buy something new. Bonus.

Fall decorating

Then I decided to nestle the dresser more into the corner of the staircase rather than where it was which was more centered on the wall. I instantly LOVED IT!

I was amazed how that simple change made the entry feel so much more cozy.

Fall decor in the entry

Then I felt like I might as well cozy it up even more so I brought in a chair and an ombre pillow from my office (chair from World Market, vase, basket and pillow from Target awhile back, lamp is my DIY bottle lamp and the dresser was my flea market find!).

Ooooo, so cozy now! And how many times can I say the word COZY in one post?

cheerful fall entryway from the inspired room

I ran to the market and got some pretty Fall flowers and pumpkins and squash.

I loved the pretty oranges, blues and greens all together on the dresser.

Neutrals are nice, calm and subtle, but pops of pretty colors can make me smile.

And, as the season evolves, the colors can too!

cheerful fall entry with pops of orange and blue

fall flower arrangement

31 days of falling for fall series

Were you in Fall nesting mode today like I was?

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***Catch up with my 31 Days of Falling for Fall***

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