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Courtney TIR Banner 2016

Hello friends! It’s Courtney here today. I can hardly believe that it’s getting close to a year since I moved in to my sister’s townhouse! I wanted to pop in and give you a little sneak peek of my room, which is far overdue! My mom often talks about ‘slow decorating’ here on The Inspired Room, and now I’ve experienced that firsthand while working on my room. Nothing goes quite as quickly as I might wish, or that my wallet will allow. :) That being said, I’ve made some great progress with my design plan and am glad I haven’t rushed into anything.

I’ve shared before that my room is tiny. It’s about 9’x9′ with an angled wall, and one wall is mostly filled up with a screen door. At first I wasn’t even sure that I could fit a bed into it, which is, you know, problematic when hoping to use it as a bedroom! I did some measurements and discovered that a daybed would fit just barely. So the hunt was on for a daybed I would love at a price I could afford.

West Elm Window Daybed - Small Room(This photo was taken right before I moved in last summer)

After weeks of searching online, measuring, and debating, I ended up choosing the Window Daybed from West Elm. I couldn’t be happier with it! I had the bed delivered and assembled by West Elm (which saved me so much time and potential frustration) and it fit perfectly in the space. I adore the detail on the side rails, but also appreciate how it still leaves the room feeling open and airy.

With a room as tiny as this, each little piece makes such a big impact, so I was determined to fill it with only things I truly loved. Being so selective has made this a room I really love being in! I’ll be back ASAP with a full room tour so you can see how far it has come!

If you’re on the hunt for a daybed yourself, check out the sources I gathered above (sources are listed by number below the graphic!). A few of them come with a trundle or even pull out to become a queen sized bed–perfect for a guest room!

Gather - The Inspired Room

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Decorating with an Antique Bowl

The Inspired Room - Antique Dough Bowl Filled with Vintage Books

Recently, my husband and I were enjoying an afternoon together window shopping in Poulsbo. There are quite a few fun little shops there we like to peek in every once in awhile. We stopped in an antique store we hadn’t visited for a long time and on our way out, we discovered this great antique wood “bowl.” The shape of it reminds me a bit of a boat, but it is probably considered a dough bowl.

The Inspired Room Gallery Wall and Console Table

I had been keeping an eye out for something substantially sized and the right shape to sit on top of our console cabinets. The cabinets are long and not very deep, so I knew right away that this wood bowl would be perfect! I think it will be so fun for seasonal decorating, and even as a centerpiece on my dining room table filled with plants, fruit, shells, and just about anything else that strikes my fancy!

The Inspired Room - Dough bowl filled with vintage books

This week I looked around to see what I had as my first attempt at using the bowl for display on the console. I saw a little stack of books I had found at a second hand store a few weeks earlier and decided to see if they would fit! Why not? Sure enough, the books fit! So for now the bowl is a charming little “tray” to corral books.

Don’t you just love finding an old treasure and putting it to good use?

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