A Gift From Me To You


This has been quite fun. I am kind of sad that it is coming to an end. But all good things must end, right? This last giveaway is just a little something from me. Just because. The number one thing I enjoy about blogging is the community … ** Read more **

Julian & Co. Giveaway:
About Love For Families

Julian & Co.'s motto is "Jewelry about love for families." That is so sweet. What a great business to be in, making precious keepsakes for moms, dads and babies! I don't know what it is about keepsake charms that really tug at my heart, but I can … ** Read more **

A Gussy Bag: Perfect Holiday Gift

"Every girl needs a sassy pouch..." ...says etsy shop owner Gussy {Maggie Whitley}. -- Enough said. Run, don't walk, on over to Gussy's to see all the sweetness. P.S. And if you want to be really jealous, check out my own sassy little … ** Read more **

The Simple Stencil:
Festive Holiday Giveaway

It is always special during the holidays to do some unique things around the house to get everyone in the festive holiday spirit. With all the holiday parties and get togethers coming up, this giveaway could really dress up a blank wall in a hurry … ** Read more **

Party Cupcakes: A Tiffany Cupcake Charm Giveaway!

Who doesn't love cupcakes? And who among you wouldn't like to see a pretty little blue box from Tiffany's arrive with a little something special at your door this holiday season? Like a Tiffany's cupcake charm and necklace? Just a little aside … ** Read more **

The Vintage Pearl Giveaway

Have you seen the beautiful jewelry on The Vintage Pearl? I gasped when I first saw Erin's things! Such loveliness! Ok, so I gasp every time I see Erin's jewelry. What is not to love about these beauties? Perfect gifts. For you or someone … ** Read more **