I’ve Got a New BFF

Meet my new ladder. For many many years, I've wanted my own ladder. My very own 6 foot ladder. My husband has ladders that are 12 feet or 20 feet or 100 feet something crazy like that. Manly ladders. They are so tall I cannot get them in the house … ** Read more **

Framed:: Maps

DIY Art: Framed Calendar Maps! The other day I had an email asking about my family room artwork. And it dawned on me, I am not sure if I ever talked about the maps on my walls! They kind of relate to my post from yesterday about our life of … ** Read more **

You Anchor Me Back Down

My house isn't really my house at all. It is our home. Woven together with a little bit of him, a little bit of me. A little masculine, a little feminine. It is US. Like my dreamy ride on the Orient Express, we have always loved ambience, travel, … ** Read more **

Inspiring Finds: Beautiful Pantry & More!

Pantry Organization Honey and Fitz

Oh MY! Isn't this pantry from Honey & Fitz gorgeous? I would be hanging out in my pantry all day if mine was this organized and pretty. I can't stop staring at it! I found some other wonderful posts during my blog reading this week. I was … ** Read more **

What’s on My Baker’s Rack


Some people do posts about what they wore today. Me, I am more into talking about what is on my shelves. That may or may not mean I'm still in my pajamas. I'm finally putting my dining room back together again after the switch from the dresser to … ** Read more **

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I’m Gonna Love it

Acaurana Teal Paint (Martha Stewart) There was a minor incident at my house involving paint over the weekend. Which is probably to be expected since we are painting so much. There are bound to be mishaps and incidents. However, this one was not so … ** Read more **