Preparing Your Yard & Garden for Fall: 5 Things to Do Now

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It is time to think about preparing your yard for Fall! Depending on what part of the country you are in, you are either excited to escape the heat and enjoy a cooler fall or you are hoping more warm sunny days will arrive before the trick or … ** Read more **

A Drive By {Romantic Getaway to San Juan Island}

drive bys

Wanna come with me on a drive by on San Juan Island? Or more like a walk by, that is the leisurely pace of a getaway like this. I feel like I've been away from my blog and blog friends FOREVER! I snuck away last week on a getaway to a B&B on … ** Read more **

Dog Days of Summer

Jack :: 13 Weeks Old He is still pretty cute, huh? … ** Read more **

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Another weekend project outdoors ... DONE! I'm on a roll finally! GO ME! I've always enjoyed being inspired by photos of potting benches tables. I'm not sure what it is about them, they are just so charming -- and practical too. Potting … ** Read more **

My Outdoor Porch: 7 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Retreat


Outdoor Room: A Retreat Oh dear I'm behind on posting about this porch. It was such a simple makeover but I've had one trouble after another this summer trying to get this photographed. Weather, surgeries, you name it. Finally I just said to myself … ** Read more **

Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

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  Deco headboard, via Dwell Studio, from my Retro Bedroom Design Board Let the giveaway games continue. As long as we are having a Giveaway Weekend (Pick your Prize!), we might has well keep the fun going, right? More chances to win … ** Read more **