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A place for everything, and everything in its place. I love that.

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Inspiration from the new book Love the Home You Have - by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room

When I can easily find the things I use and love in my homewhen I can open a drawer or a basket or a closet and see exactly what I need and I don’t die in an avalanche of stuff I don’t even care about simply trying to find the one thing I was hoping to locate? GAME CHANGER. But that sense of peace in my home can only happen when I have made the intentional choice to simplify, declutter, and get organized! When we take the time initially to get rid of stuff we don’t need, it gives us freedom to do the things we really want to do! Creating a home on purpose changes everything.

So, that is my goal at home. Less stress. Less clutter. More order. More beauty.

You can download free printable artwork from my new book, Love the Home You Have! There are many hand-drawn inspiring quotes available in different sizes, perfect for inspiration boards and framing! Check them out here!

Skybell: A Video Doorbell

The Inspired Room Front Porch - Skybell

I treat my home as a sanctuary, a place away from the world where I feel safe. Yet, the sound of the doorbell disrupts the peace of my little oasis. Doorbells just always unnerve me, even if there isn’t a reason to worry. Our doorbell rings often with the delivery of packages, family coming home without their key, or solicitors. Sometimes a kind neighbor has come by to let us know our pups Jack and Lily snuck out and are running around the lake!

Even though the doorbell ringer is probably harmless or ringing for good reason, I often don’t answer the door unless I was expecting someone because I don’t want to look out the window to see who it is. If it was a killer I wouldn’t want them to see me. :) With all of our windows in front of the house, and a covered porch, there’s no way to see who is at the door without looking out the window and being seen. So, I either have to go answer the door and risk it, or I just have to wait for the person to go away (and that can be a little unnerving when they are persistent.)

Front Porch - The Inspired Room

Recently I received a neat little gadget that has changed everything about how safe and secure I feel! Skybell is a video doorbell that you can answer via an app on your smart phone. I can’t believe how cool it is! When someone rings our doorbell, my phone signals me via the Skybell app with a chime so I can look to see who it is (but they can’t see me!). With the two-way audio feature, doorbell ringer person and I can even discuss what to do with the package or I can answer a neighbor even if I am away from home. Anytime I want to see who or what is on my porch, even if I am away from home, I can just click the live video feature to see and hear what is going on. With the built in motion detector, I can see who is on my front porch even if someone doesn’t ring the doorbell. It is pretty amazing! I can even turn the doorbell to silent if I don’t want the sound of the doorbell to send the dogs into a tizzy. That feature alone helps keep the peace in my home!

skybell doorbell

Here are some images of my son at the door, so you can see the Skybell in action!

Skybell Doorbell Camera

Skybell works with your existing mechanical doorbell chime and it takes only minutes to install. Our doorbell is located kind of far from the door, but fortunately it came with a little adapter that helps angle the viewing range so I can see my entire porch with ease.


I love our Skybell! Order your own on Amazon!

This post is sponsored by Skybell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I was compensated to review the Skybell doorbell and I only share sponsored products I love and use myself.

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