My House Tour:
I’ll Be Home for Christmas


Welcome to my home! I'm happy to say this year, I'll be HOME for Christmas! Yay! If you remember my long saga from the past couple of years, you'll know how special it is to be able to say that! For those of you who are new here, this is my new … ** Read more **

The Pressure of the Holidays: 6 Ways to Simplify and Refocus

Are you feeling stressed out and behind on your holiday preparations? Too much to do and too little time left to do it all? What does one do when you are way behind before you even begin? Here are six ways to simplify and refocus: 1.Haven't … ** Read more **

Use What You Have:
Creative Gift Bags & Boxes


Here is a clever way to use up bits and pieces of what you have around the house to make very cute and creative gift bags or boxes! I'm all for using what you have for thrifty wrapping. Gather up extra buttons, ribbons, strings, bits of paper and … ** Read more **

Behold! My Christmas Mantel

So last week I mentioned the other projects I decided I needed to do in the midst of holiday preparations. You know, all the things you've been putting off or didn't even notice before they suddenly seem urgent. One of them was repainting my former … ** Read more **

Grain Sack Ornaments & Stockings


I saw these ADORABLE German grain sack ornaments and stockings over at 3 Fine Grains' Facebook page. I really want those starfish. Aren't they adorable? I love that they are the real deal too, real authentic German grain sack … ** Read more **

Creative Memories


I have sweet memories of holidays with our family. One of the things I love to do at Christmastime is sit with my kids and look through our family Christmas album. It is filled with memories of when our kids were small and the holidays were magical … ** Read more **