31 Days


I love my bloggy friends. And I love parties. And I love the idea of getting together with bloggy friends to have a party. And when you decide to get together with your bloggy friends to party for 31 days in a row, you know you are going to have a … ** Read more **

Furniture Makeover: Dining Table Before & After

dining room table makeover

Furniture Makeover As you probably know, I'm never satisfied to have JUST ONE project going on at a time. I'm usually all over the map at my house, tackling 12 billion things at once. It seems things take forever to get done. But the beauty of my … ** Read more **

The tale of a blue coffee table

  I've had this adorable little table for a long time. Lately it has just been hanging out in a garage waiting to be loved again. {Don't worry, table, I've never stopped loving you. You just haven't worked anywhere I needed you. You deserved … ** Read more **

Weekend Giveaway! Numbers Necklace!

Hello, my blog friends! I am really excited about this weekend giveaway (NOW CLOSED!) from the sweet Lisa Leonard! Introducing The Numbers Necklace! I've been wearing my numbers necklace for the past THREE months now and I love it for THREE … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization:: Step Three: Embrace the 5 Minutes or Less Rule


Better Homes and Gardens We all have a different tolerance level for clutter and different styles of organization. Some of us like to see our stuff out in the open, and some of us like to have everything tucked away behind closed doors. Some of us … ** Read more **

Get Ready:: Our 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!

fall nesting button

YOU my lovelies, are invited to my thirdannualFallNestingParty! Yes, I said that really fast and loud and it all ran together because I was so excited about it! Woot! This year we are going to come together on Wednesday September 8th to share posts … ** Read more **