The Dangerous World of Homemakers

Ready for a laugh? This video cracked me up. We homemakers do have rather risky jobs. I knew there was a reason I quit ironing. Safety first, fellow homemakers.  If you are reading this in a reader, on facebook or email and cannot see the … ** Read more **

3 Summer Spaces To Inspire

screen door porch

BH&G Wouldn't you like to have lunch on that screened porch? I bet it is cool and comfortable! Inviting outdoor rooms inspire you to venture out on a nice cool summer evening or lovely summer day to enjoy the ambience. I love the … ** Read more **

Don’t Miss It.


  It is easy for the summer to fly by in a frenzy of activity, and yet miss the very moments that will someday mean the most to us. I don't know about you but I want to spend most of my time doing things that will matter for years to come. … ** Read more **

Meet Jack.

So, yeah, you might have seen on Facebook that we have a 10 week old Goldendoodle puppy. I'm thinking most people think we were bit crazy to get a puppy now, but that is kind of how we roll at our house. I guess you would say we are the kind of … ** Read more **

5 Decorating Ideas from Sarah’s Cottage


photos: Sarah Richardson Design via Country Living {photograph Stacey Branford} I love studying rooms (Decorating Lessons from Anthropologie and 4 Coffee Table Tips from Pottery Barn) to see what makes their designs feel comfortable and … ** Read more **

Note to the World: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

pallet disaster

Pallet Disaster: What Not to Do Ok so yesterday I admitted on Twitter that a gust of wind had blown over my pallet garden. I figured I should bolt it down, but you know, it was probably a fluke gust of wind. Clearly I am a tempter of … ** Read more **