Fallifying {Day 6 Falling For Fall!}

fall front porch

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It’s almost officially the first day of Fall! Woo hoo! started to do a little fallification on my front porch. We painted our deck (like we did for the back deck makeover, I believe the color on the front deck is called coffee but I can update colors for both decks for sure later) and set out a couple of new rugs to freshen things up. You’ll notice the peacock wreath I made last year is still up on my door (you can see the front door makeover here).  The wreath is still looking great one year later! And yes, it was there through Christmas and Spring… :-). Heheh.

I filled my rusted old iron fireplace wood holder with purple mums so it would be a cheery spot of color.

front porch

And to fancy up things even further, my little Goodwill owl grew some Fall hair.


How are you fallifying your porch this year?

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Fall Nesting {DIY Pegboard & Tool Organization for Projects!}

tool organization

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This Fall Garage Enhancement project was in partnership with the The Home Depot*

Do you have a space in your house to organize your tools for home projects this Fall and Winter? Every Fall I tell myself the same thing. Self? You should clear out space in the garage and organize your home project tools before winter. But then I ignore myself EVERY year and don’t do it. And then I regret it all winter. But this time, I was determined to get my act together and stop procrastinating.

pegboard organization

I was SO tired of risking life and limb to climb over stuff in our garage all winter to get to our fancy tool box (a.k.a. a cardboard box.) Honestly, who keeps their tools in a CARDBOARD BOX? SO embarrassing and inefficient.

I really wanted to get my WHOLE garage organized this summer, but since it was already September (and I was heading out of town for half the month) I lowered my expectations just a bit to at least organizing ONE CORNER. :-) I figured if we could at least get our tool area organized and functional I would enjoy my winter projects so much more this year.

So my daughter and I paid a visit to our local Home Depot in Poulsbo one evening last week in search of a simple solution to organize the tools.

tool workbench

The employees at The Home Depot were SO helpful. I described what I had in mind and they helped point us to this workbench. I loved that it had a beautiful wood top, industrial wheels, and drawers where we could store things. I also really liked that it was moveable, because once I clean out the whole garage (someday) I may decide to rearrange things a bit so it would give me flexibility in where it could be located.

The other thing I really wanted in this area was a large pegboard. I’ve always dreamed of having a pegboard with tools on it so I talked to an employee at The Home Depot about how I could make one. The next thing I knew he was offering to help me make a pegboard right there at the store. SCORE! He was SO awesome! And no, he did not know I was going to write about him or this project. Double score!

building a pegboard tool organizer

I wanted the pegboard to be pretty big, so I picked out two sections of white pegboard so it would be in total four foot by four foot. In order for the hooks to hang properly on the pegboard, it needs to be mounted a little bit out from the wall so a frame was built out of wood and the pegboard was screwed into the frame.

pegboard for wall

Instead of creating two smaller boards, they were joined together in the middle to make one large one.

DIY pegboard organizer

The pegboard turned out beautifully. He even used fancy gold screws so it looks so nice! I was really pleased with how it turned out. Originally I was thinking about painting the pegboard with some sort of checkerboard or striped pattern, but when I saw how nice it looked white with the gold screws I decided I was happy with it as is.

rooftop transportation

When it was time to load up the tool bench and peg board into my car just before the store was closing, it became evident that pegboard wasn’t going to fit with the tool bench! Oops! But the ever resourceful crew got it all secured on my roof rack so I could get everything home in one evening. Driving home was a little scary haha, but it stayed on the roof the whole time.

tool organization pegboard

To hang the pegboard in our garage, we located the studs on the wall, drilled holes, and then used three inch screws to go right through the pegboard into the studs so it would be nice and sturdy. Our garage floors weren’t really level but we did use a leveler for the pegboard so it would be hung straight.

tool organization

For the organizing part we just bought a starter pegboard organizer kit that came with various hooks and accessories for hanging things. We will probably tweak the system as we start to use it. I’m hoping this system will also mean we lose less tools :-).

I’m SO excited to have this area looking so much better and more organized! And I’m pretty proud of myself for finally tackling a project I’ve wanted to do ever since we moved in.

The rest of our garage is still embarrassingly full of stuff, but at least we have one corner ready to go for Fall projects!

the home depot

Oh, I also got this nifty string of yellow work lights that I could hang up for better lighting for my projects.

Every girl should have yellow string work lights in her garage, right?

So do you have an area where you organize tools for Fall and Winter projects?

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31 Days of Fall Nesting:
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*I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this Garage Enhancement Project. As a part of the Garage Enhancement Project, I am receiving compensation in the form of cash and gift cards, for the purpose of promoting this project and The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Tips for Fall Nesting: Mixing A Cozy Eclectic Style

Eclectic style for Fall - Consignment Shopping

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{Fall Nesting: Day 4}

I think we all want a home that feels welcoming and inviting with a personal style that reflects who we are. That is something we think about in the process of fall nesting — we need our homes to be comfortable and pretty because we are going to be hanging out in them all winter long! Right? But it isn’t always easy to get the style or look we imagine in our mind.

The collection above was sponsored by Chairish, the new online consignment shop,
but all handpicked by me! Shop my fall nesting collection here. This sweepstakes has ended.

Barclay Butera Newport ChairHickory Dresser, Indigo ArmchairYellow Cafe Chair, Mitchell Gold Sofa,  X Base Dining TableShield Back Chairs  Vintage Metal Lockers,   Green Theater SeatsLamps,  Antique Trunk,  Industrial Numbered Lockers

Sometimes when we try to mix furniture styles or use what we have it ends up looking like a yard sale exploded in our living room. Sadness. What’s a girl to do? Style mixing can be a challenging art form, but staying safe with that matchy-matchy look for simplicity’s sake isn’t the only option.

How can we create a unique look that feels cozy and comfortable without it being frumpy, dated or cluttered?

Here are some tips for Fall Nesting with style:

* Make a commitment. Decide on one basic look you are going for, whether that be one era or style or basic color scheme. Have most of your furnishings fit into that formula. Then, throw in a twist with a piece that doesn’t fit the rule so it can stand out as fresh and unique!

* Neutral can simplify. Try neutral backdrops so furniture can be the showoff. If you have an eclectic style, a neutral backdrop works well because it allows furniture to be the focus. But while white walls often work great in pictures, in your home they may not be the one-color-fits-all solution for a cozy space. Always consider your own home’s style, your lighting, your own taste and other elements before selecting wall colors.

* Color has impact. A vibrant color can be used on one focal piece to bring a pop of personality to a space (like the yellow chair in my office!). In addition, a fresh color can bring a more cohesive feeling to a room if you repeat it. When you have a random mix of furniture often you can find one color that can tie it all together. In a room that needs cohesion, one color can be repeated at least three times or more in a room (throw pillows, blankets, painted furniture, accessories and wall colors) so one color will feel dominant enough throughout the space to bring a cohesive look to eclectic furniture.

* Less is more. When mixing and matching different styles or furniture, it is best to cut down on excess clutter. Clutter tries to steal the show while adding confusion to the mix. Take excess stuff off your mantel, side and console tables. Take a deep breath — your furniture will probably look much better now.

* Freshen up the old. Antiques bring history and character to a room. When they are beautiful, they don’t need us to add personality. But if you have a piece that is more frumpy than stylish or seems to feel out of place in your home, you can resuscitate it! Try recovering an old piece with a more modern fabric or new snazzy paint color to breathe new life into frumpy pieces.

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