Inspired Holidays {Day 23}:: pssst….I wrote an ebook.


So, from the very first day I started my blog, I intended to write a book. Only, I didn't write a book because I wrote a blog instead. Four years and lots of words later, I finally got around to creating that book. You can find the website for it … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 22}:: Decorating with a Fall & Winter Ritual — Quilts & Blankets


House to Home Use what you have! There is something so cozy about the idea of bringing out the fall and winter quilts and blankets this time of year. It is a ritual at our house. How about yours? I love that quilts and blankets are not only … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

epsom salt mason jar candles

Simple Holiday & Party Decor Mason Jars So I know I've showed you these jars a bazillion times, bear with me here. I went to Pinterest the other day and put in the search word "Christmas" to see what ideas I might find and guess what I found on … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 20}:: Disconnect & Read a Book

Country Living

Country Living I know this is probably just my weirdness, but I actually start feeling guilty after giving you so many "things to do" post after post. I think about that as I'm going about my day. Yep. I know it is just a blog and it is a 31 day … ** Read more **


I was never anything remarkable. I was more the stay-in-the-shadows type. I had a shining moment or two in life, but honestly they were really pretty rare. I was OK with that, I didn’t feel a need to be in the spotlight. I was OK with hiding. I … ** Read more **

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents

wrapping station BHG

BHG One of the things I miss the most about my big old house was my separate craft room. I could walk in and easily grab any sort of craft or wrapping supply! Now I have to be a little bit more creative with my storage. I haven't quite figured it … ** Read more **