Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas

Four Chairs BHG
BHG by Lauren Liess

1. Gather four chairs around a round ottoman.

Utilize Corners BHG

2. Nestle in a corner sectional.

Large Upholstered Ottoman

3. Replace a coffee table with an upholstered ottoman.

Multiple Furniture ZonesBHG

4. Arrange furniture into two smaller conversation areas.

 I love cozy little spots for conversation, don’t you? 

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10 Minute Tasks for An Organized Closet

Tips for an organized closet

Do you wish your clothes closet was better organized, but you keep putting that project off until you have enough time to think about it? An organized closet can give you a better start to your day, save you time, and make you feel better about yourself and your home – it’s definitely worth the effort! To make this project less overwhelming and easier to start, I put together a list of simple tasks that can transform your closet in just 10 minutes!

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