DIY Mishaps: The Superglue Incident

I spent most of Sunday night trying to get super glue off of all of my ten fingers. You see, we were at our old house finishing a few more projects (I'll share more before and afters of that house soon) when I decided that one of the floor moldings … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life: Reflecting

I love the idea of reflecting back on my week each Friday and seeing the positive steps I made towards my life goals and habits I want to develop. Otherwise my life kind of passes by me, in a blur! I also like the idea of Sunday night or Mondays … ** Read more **

Home Decorating:
The Beauty of Taking Your Time

I tend to be somewhat impatient by nature about completing projects, especially around my home. I love things to be finished. In my 22 years of home ownership, I've tackled many houses and many projects. As you know, my current desire in life … ** Read more **

Inspiration Tuesday: Real Shutters

This just makes my heart happy. Real shutters, white wood siding, and a charming lantern {sigh}. That's all. Have a great day! Photo: Coastal Living … ** Read more **

Bathrooms: Creating a Personal Retreat

Do you ever feel like your life is one long "to do" list? Does it feel like people or kids expect things from you all day long until you collapse exhausted in bed each night? Are you over-committed and feeling frazzled most of the week just trying to … ** Read more **

Balancing Act: Finding A Beautiful Life

As I am sitting down in my new family room getting ready to put together this post, I am looking around laughing. A beautiful life? We have boxes everywhere. Nothing is set where it belongs. We have black garbage bags hanging from blue painters … ** Read more **