Design Decisions By Consenses


Yesterday on Design Team Hyacinth (remember, Holly, Layla and I are working with The Pioneer Woman's best friend Hyacinth on her family room?), Hyacinth (after introducing Layla!) posted three color options she is considering for chalkboard paint. … ** Read more **

A Memorable Tradition & Party Idea

What is not to love about a cupcake? You might remember, if you have been with me for awhile, that my daughters and I baked the cupcakes for my oldest daughter's wedding. Yes, go ahead and chuckle, it was kind of a crazy idea given that we are not … ** Read more **

5 Things to Consider
Before You Choose White Slipcovers

The Truth About White Slipcovers - Family Friendly Furniture

I know many people love white slipcovers. And I know there are just as many skeptics. Could white slipcovers really be as easy to take care of of some people say they are? Just throw them in the wash and they are good as new? What about if you have … ** Read more **

Inspired By: Pretty Rooms

Just spotted this lovely home (a recent college graduates first nest! wow, it pays to have a mom who is a designer!) over at Traditional Home. Some rooms just draw me right in and I have to look at them for a long time, soaking in the reasons why I … ** Read more **

How to Get Home Projects Done
{When You are Really Busy!}

I get a lot of questions from people about how I get everything done in life. I know I juggle a lot, but I am working hard at life balance. Sometimes I stink at it. Like Monday when we took our son to school after spring break only to find out that … ** Read more **

Inspired By: Decorating a Hallway {Cottage Hallways}

decorating a hallway

Decorating a Hallway These hallways just made me happy today. The end. photos and more inspiration at  House to Home, Hallways. … ** Read more **