A Forever House {The Tale of a Telescope}

Wood and Brass Telescope - The Inspired Room

I‘ve always had a dream to live in forever house. But that desire was often in conflict with my dreams to find the perfect house first. I’m a crazy house lover, you probably have gathered that by now.

A few months ago, my parents sold our family beach house. It was in our family for most of my kids’ lives and we had the joy of spending nearly every spring, summer and winter vacation we could there in that house on the Oregon coast. We thought it would be our forever family home. Due to various circumstances, the time came for my parents to sell it and move on.

beach house front door cedar shingles

We were very sad to see the beach house go, but one of the little treasures we received from that house is the brass telescope. Our kids used to look for whales with it. They would often see an object way out in the ocean and get so excited because they were certain it was some sort of sea creature! Usually upon looking through the telescope they discovered that the whale shapes were actually rocks, but nevertheless, it was fun to be able to imagine they were WHALES!

I love having that telescope in our family room now. Not only because of the special memories of it in the beach house, but because I think it has a deeper symbolism of where home and happiness is, how we search for it and where we find it.

Inspiration from Love the Home You Have - the new book by The Inspired Room

Moving has been a regular part of our life, for better for worse, it happens! The experience of moving can be anywhere on the spectrum from a joy-filled journey to a sad and exhausting one. So many emotions surrounding finding our homes, right?

It was really hard to leave behind our house and life in Portland six years ago. It was really hard to move here, not know anyone and start a church. Yet, there was a certain amount of excitement about the new home, new beginnings and opportunities.

It was very hard to say goodbye to the beach house a few months ago, yet what a blessing to have had it for so many years! The memories will always be with us, so it served us well.

Transitions and moving to new places can be hard. Letting go of a home we loved and created memories in is never easy, even if moving is a positive step. Yet staying in one place when we wish we could move on to other adventures can be discouraging, too!

Moving to a new place can also be one of the most thrilling times in life. It’s fun to dream and it can be pretty exciting when you start to see new beginnings take shape on the horizon!

But if we only look at our home and life through a long range telescope, either looking back to what used to be, or only looking way out ahead to what could be if or when we have more ideal circumstances, it’s easy to miss out on cherishing what is right here and now.

Things can get a little fuzzy when we are constantly trying to adjust our perspective, but it makes all the difference when you start looking through the appropriate lens for the right point of view. Looking back can help us to learn lessons so we can make better decisions going forward. Dreaming of possibilities can help bring clarity and focus, if we keep our hearts grounded in what really matters right here and now. And if you are like me, you MIGHT keep a pair of binoculars in your car JUST IN CASE you spot your dream house behind a hedge on a drive by in your favorite neighborhood. :)Inspiration from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room

I still think a forever house would be wonderful, even if it is humble, but sometimes life throws you for a loop and before you know it, a new adventure is on the horizon. But that’s the great thing about a home. It’s always a part of you, wherever you go.

Our home will shape and transform our life for the better if we love it well, whether it’s our forever home or it’s a temporary dwelling we will always remember.

I’m SO excited to share my new book with you all tomorrow as it is finally released into the world! (You can preorder and it could even arrive tomorrow!!) I will have fun surprises for you, an opportunity to share your love for your home and some great home inspiration from some of my blogging friends all lined up, so see ya here tomorrow?


Let’s have a virtual book launch party! I’ll bring the cookies and brew the coffee! PS. If you signed up to help with book promotion, I’ll be inviting the team to the FB group today!

Meanwhile, let’s discuss how we feel about moving! The good, the bad, the ugly and the adventure of it all. Tell me your house hunting adventures or moving stories in the comments! <3

(And before you go, have you checked out Home Love Stories yet? It’s like our own personal international house hunters–so many fun stories, homes and people over there from all over the world. Come join us!)

Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

Spring Front Door - The Inspired Room - Love the Home You Have
**Get this door basket here!**

I  took a little jaunt to the market the other day (such a strange word, jaunt?). Anyway, there’s a market up in Poulsbo not too far from where I live that I love shopping at. It’s mostly food but they have a fun little flower area. I love looking at their spring blooms. They had such beautiful colors and varieties of flowers and greenery I couldn’t help myself. I kept picking up new stems, trying different combinations and texting photos to my daughter Courtney showing her how delighted I was with all the colors and shapes. She’s used to my exuberant texts when I find pretty things and is always so gracious to stop what she is doing and have fun discussing important matters like flower combinations with me. Soon I found just the right ones!

Note to self: PLANT MORE SPRING FLOWERS IN THE YARD for cut flowers. Must.

Spring Front Door Decor - The Inspired Room

**Get this door basket here!**

When I got back I removed the winter stems out of my door basket, filled up three jars of water in the basket and put the springy blooms in. Instant JOY, it just looked so pretty! I was so inspired by the door that I cleaned up the porch and got rid of some random things that were on it (including a moment of shame, a tiny shriveled moldy pumpkin hiding behind a few planters, awesome — that’s happened two years in a row now!).

It only took a few moments to spruce up the porch and door, but I was so glad I took the time. Sometimes I feel like we are so quick take care of everyone and everything else that we don’t always take the time to treat our home or ourselves to the TLC we deserve.

So, if you haven’t already, let’s say goodbye to winter!
Go treat yourself to some pretty flowers this week.

 If it’s still snowing there (I’m sorry!) you definitely need some spring blooms on your table.

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