Make Your Own Silhouette Pillows

Guest DIY post submitted by Mrs. Limestone of Brooklyn Limestone Take a photo of your subject against a white or contrasting background. You can do this in your pajamas and in your night-time mask if you want...just make sure your hair is … ** Read more **

DIY: Family Photo Wall Art

DIY guest post contributed by: Jeanne Winters Here's what I did for some super quick wall art: I painted large canvases with the extra seaside blue wall paint from my son's beach-themed bedroom next door. Then I made high-quality 8x10 … ** Read more **

DIY: Painting & Hanging Decorative Plates

DIY Guest Post submitted by Gina at Shabby Chic Cottage I've been searching for the perfect plates to hang on the wall ever since I scored a dozen plate hangers for a quarter each a couple of weeks ago.  However, I could only find a … ** Read more **

DIY: Chalkboard Bi-Fold Doors

DIY idea submitted by Holly Mathis Interiors Chalkboard Bi-Fold Doors Why settle for boring bi-fold doors when you can have delightful chalkboard doors? Take any door in your house and turn it into a fun activity place for the kids! … ** Read more **

DIY Gift Idea: Framed “Wordle” Print

Guest DIY post submitted by Tiffany of Twelve Months of Christmas I'm so excited about this project because it is highly personal and super frugal: a framed Wordle Print. Essentially, it is a page full of characteristics, family names, … ** Read more **

Make Your Own Kitchen Island

make your own kitchen island with dressers

Guest DIY post submitted by Tim from Remodeling Guy One of the advantages of my graying beard is that I can say things that aren't, like, totally hip, and get away with it! Or at least think I got away with it! For example, I can refer to a … ** Read more **