Setting Up A New Life & Home:
Scenes from the Weekend

Creating rooms to welcome new friends... Planning comfortable places for conversation, fun and games... Assembling the memories to make our house a home... Playing together, laughing and learning to skip rocks... Dreaming of many more … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life: The U-Haul Edition

Just a quick post from me today...we arrived back home in Washington with our 26ft U-Haul, unloaded it and now our 10ft trailer has arrived. Our new house now looks like a furniture store. And that means I can start 'shopping the house'! Oh happy … ** Read more **

DIY: Bed Canopy

Want to make your own bed canopy? We made one for our daughter's room about five years ago and it turned out pretty cute! It also doubled as a creative concealment, as there was an unnecessary and awkward window behind the curtain (I pulled the … ** Read more **

Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)


O k, so on Tuesday I published this giveaway post and the only thing that showed up for you all was the photo! No text, no giveaway details, no nothing -- even though I had stayed up late the night before to get it all fancy for you! Nice! So … ** Read more **

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

One of the great things about moving to a new area is I have new territory to explore for my drive bys! I love spotting a charming place, I get so excited! But, since I no longer live in familiar territory, it is a bit harder for me to find these … ** Read more **

Sweet Escapes: 6 Tips to Create The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

I am like a sponge (a sea sponge?) these days for anything coastal. It embodies everything I love: a simple life, the promise of warm breezes on a summer day, fresh air filling my lungs, a lazy summer day with nothing to do but collect shells and nap … ** Read more **