Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Last week in blogland I met a kindred spirit who has been lovingly renovating a beautiful 130 year old home in Nova Scotia! I smile thinking about Tamara scraping off yucky old wallpaper at the same time I was doing the same at my old house in … ** Read more **

Vintage Bathroom Touches


Please welcome my special guest and good blogging friend, Heather Bullard! She has the most beautiful blog and has just relaunched her online boutique, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting her, you'll not be disappointed! Heather … ** Read more **

Traditions: 20 Little Things
to Do This Summer


You all know I love to make lists of happy things. Well one of my BBFF's {best blogging friends forever} Meg has a family tradition that I think is fantastic. Every year she has her kids make a list of things (see it above and read about it here) … ** Read more **

Quick Decorating Tip:
Add An Element of Surprise

Use a chair as a bedside table. Use a piano bench as coffee table. Use pink plastic spoons to make a sunburst frame. Decorating is a more fun, way more interesting & much more frugal when we disregard the rules and think outside the box. … ** Read more **

A Crooked House

Crooked Houses I really love talking about homes with you all. I enjoy the creativity, the sharing of ideas, the kindred spirits I meet every day.  You are all my best girl friends, the ones with whom I cannot wait to share the beautiful things I … ** Read more **

Inspiration: Charming Black Walls

black walls in kitchen

Cottage Living Black walls can be very dramatic, but I think in the right setting black walls can be cozy and charming too. I always love a chalkboard wall (especially in a kitchen!), but a nice semi-gloss black gives a little sheen to reflect more … ** Read more **