Quick Room Makeover

While we talked earlier this week about creating ambience through adding affordable architectural detail, did you know you can also create an inviting environment simply by the way you arrange your furniture? That means you don't have to spend a … ** Read more **

How to Add Affordable Architectural Personality to Your Kitchen

how to remodel a kitchen with character on a budget

Update and add charm to a kitchen on a budget   A re you ready to update your kitchen? Do you want to add charm and personality but aren't sure where to start? Creating ambience is the key to having a truly beautiful home. You know … ** Read more **

When Life & Blog Collide:
Your Life Purpose & Measuring Success


I have been enjoying all the Blissdom posts around the internet...all the recaps of the fun, friends and learning that went on over the weekend.  I have been recovering all week -- something about traveling across time zones, the stress of having to … ** Read more **

Master Bedroom Bedding: A Reader Poll


Quite awhile ago, we discussed whether or not you all like the "unmade bed look." It was fun to read all of your answers (and if you didn't participate, go ahead, do it now!) Today, let's have another little chat about bedding! Here is what I am … ** Read more **

Guest Bunks: Making the Best Use of Small Spaces


I spotted this very cute and clever guest bunk bed over at Blissfully Domestic! You can click here to take a peek at tips for turning a small corner into a guest space! And while you are at it, check out the new page for {Blissful Home} by … ** Read more **

Easy Entertaining


Please welcome my friend Kimba of A Soft Place to Land (I can really call her a friend now, since I hung out with her at Blissdom! She is as delightful in person as she is on her blog!)!  Enjoy her tips for Easy Entertaining! Do you love to … ** Read more **