Inspired By Life: Finding Your Style

photo: House Beautiful online About two years ago, I was interviewed by The Home Office Organizer . In the interview I shared how the name "The Inspired Room" came about, tips for personalizing a home office, who inspires me, along with a few … ** Read more **

The Inspired Room + OpenSky

  MY OPEN SKY SHOP IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for all the support, something new will be coming in its place, down the road!   Do you ever have to keep a secret so fun that it almost pops out of your mouth spontaneously before you … ** Read more **

Beautiful Glass Tile Inspiration

blue glass subway tile

Written by: Tim Layton (aka Remodeling Guy) Tim's love of creativity and design mix with a perspective built on a career as a remodeling contractor.He can also can be found at his blog, Vibrant colors, … ** Read more **

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

I went to Anthropologie over the weekend and loved this sweet little idea for a spring plant. I gathered up a bunch of other Anthropologie decorating ideas to share with you later, but I thought this crafty one was worthy of its own post. I … ** Read more **

If you give a girl some primer…

somebody stop me. … **

Inspired By: Simple Creativity
{DIY Wallpaper Decals!}

How to make wallpaper decals - Apartment Therapy Yesterday I talked about how much I love blogland. I really do. But like many of you, I get overwhelmed by the input. I even get confused by all the options. I love when I find a very simple, doable … ** Read more **