Fall Nesting Tips: #18


Country Living: Keller + Keller Fall Nesting Tips: #18 Small Changes Elevate daily tasks into beautiful moments of the day. You know, we all have laundry. We all have to do paperwork. We have to shower and get ourselves presentable for the day. … ** Read more **

Repurposing cabinet doors

So, remember last week when I took my kitchen cabinet doors off? They're BAAAACK, all repurposed! Yep, my former kitchen cabinet doors are now hiding that big ugly hole above the fireplace (we don't like to look up so high to watch TV so we put ours … ** Read more **

Live dangerously.
Surround yourself with beauty.

white kitchen heather bullard

I have shown you this vision of loveliness before. It is my friend Heather Bullard's remodeled kitchen. I show it to you again today because it is almost exactly like mine. Except, mine is not white. Or pretty. Not yet anyways. It is the layout that … ** Read more **

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)

open shelves colorful dishes

Coastal Living If you would like open shelving for everyday dishes or pantry items in your kitchen, but are afraid you'll spend the better part of everyday fussing with staging your shelves, I have good news for you. You do not need to stage your … ** Read more **


pantry baskets

Kitchen Ideas The Pantry   I dream of having a pretty and organized pantry. Especially in the fall! My new house does have a walk in pantry right off the kitchen, but it is pretty basic, just wire shelves. I've been looking around at … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Tips: #17 {Baking Center}

kitchen baking center

N ow is a great time to get your kitchen ready for holiday baking! I love to stock my baking area with cookie cutters, sprinkles, bread loaf pans, muffin papers and all the essentials for holiday goodness from the kitchen! I fill up my bins of flour … ** Read more **