Weekend Project: Great Organizing Ideas

Now I am sure you all have perfectly organized and decorated garages, basements and tool areas. We, on the other hand, do not. My garage is brown, ugly and disorganized {hangs head in shame}. Our tools are tossed in cardboard boxes and nails are in … ** Read more **

Small House? 10 Big Ideas

My husband and I used to live in a house that looked very similar to this (note: that photo is not of my house). I miss it so much, I wish I could get it back. It was the first house we bought when we were young marrieds. That house was love at first … ** Read more **

Easy No-Sew Embroidery & Monograms

Because I am not talented in the domestic arts, but I love looking like I am, this project caught my eye. No-sew embroidery from Martha! It just requires cording and glue -- I like it! No needles or fancy stitches that might cause injury. Martha … ** Read more **

Front Porches: A Fall Drive By


It was a gorgeous day in Portland and I ventured out for my Fall Drive By! Is there anything more lovely that a fall day? Now, tell me. Does that door (above) look like a chalkboard door to you? I think I see words around the top of the round window! … ** Read more **

I Love Fall Inspiration

fall entry

All photos: Country Living except last one, BH&G … ** Read more **

DIY: Dining Room Storage

You know how much I enjoy a creative concealment! This elegant cover-up from Southern Living cleverly hides whatever stuff you want to stash! Perfect for rooms where you need some extra storage, but don't have the "right" piece of furniture. Creative … ** Read more **