Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Need some help defining your style? I can't guarantee the results of this, but you can have some fun trying! I saw a link to a fun picture quiz on This is Glamorous' blog and tried it myself with my spare time tonight (ooo, you caught me … ** Read more **

Solitude: A Daily Ritual

In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us. Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own How are you all doing with balanced living? We haven't talked about that much lately, probably because I've … ** Read more **

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

O ne of my most favorite houses ever is my blogging buddy Meg's home. I know she is becoming quite popular, but I discovered her long ago so we go way back and I am pretty sure I am her BBFF (grin). In fact, her craft room was featured on my blog … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Blog Talk Radio & Beach Style

What a week! I had lots going on this week, so I am glad it is finally Friday! I know I promised you all a link to my Blog Talk Radio appearance on The "O" Myth, so here it is. It was so fun chatting (live!) with the delightful hosts of that … ** Read more **

Updated Older Houses: The Best of all Worlds?

I was considering the flip side of what we talked about in the last post, instead of a new house designed to look old (which I think is an excellent option if it presented itself), I think in my heart of hearts I am most drawn to an old house that … ** Read more **

Old Looking New Houses: The Charm of Yesteryear


So, how about an old looking new house? I know, I am still carrying on about this dilemma from yesterday. I wasn't going to post today, really I wasn't going to bug you all again (I try to spare you all my thoughts unless I really feel inspired by … ** Read more **