Quick Fall Nesting around the House

I have had four kids fly the coup in the last two weeks...everyone is taking off for college or their own place! While part of me is sad to see them go (I really miss my girls!), part of me is jumping for joy. Finally I can reclaim all that space and … ** Read more **

Procrastinator Proclamations!
The Before Photos

It is time once again for us to join together in solidarity as procrastinators. Don't be ashamed to admit it -- you are not the only one with 20 projects you are wanting to get to but never do. You know the holidays are RIGHT around the corner and if … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Tips: #12


Create a warm focal point for cool Fall nights! You can create the mood even if you do not have a fireplace. Group candles together in an old metal pot to rev up the ambience! Add some twinkling lights for extra sparkle. If you have small children … ** Read more **

It’s Time for Some Makeovers!

Fall Nesting Update: My fall wreath has made its way out to the porch. Stay tuned...more of my fall nesting to come. Wow. I had such a hard time picking the HomeGoods gift card winners. I wanted everyone to win. But finally I decided to … ** Read more **

Sweet Dreams:
Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom

My husband and I don't get to go away too often over night. While staying at a quaint B&B always sounds romantic and fun, it just isn't in our budget outside of a special anniversary. And with kids, getting away is definitely more of a challenge. … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Tips: #4-#11


Fall is about cozy details. This week would be a great time to gather up your soft blankets, wool scarves and felt to re-purpose them around the house! I'm not that skilled with a lot of the domestic arts, but I love ideas that make me feel like I … ** Read more **