Farmhouse Laundry Room

I completely blew it in my previous post when I linked to this fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Room from Raised In Cotton. My link went NOWHERE. Gah and Ugh. I wanted you all to be able to actually find her blog and the rest of the pictures! Sooo sorry … ** Read more **

Inspiring Finds:: Blogland Inspiration

Make your own headboard, and other nifty ideas for dorm rooms (or anywhere, really) from My Home Ideas. Charming Farmhouse Laundry Room from Raised in Cotton A few more inspiring finds from around blogland... Rocks In My Dryer did a great … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization::
Step One, Assess the Needs

Dining room - Office from Martha Stewart Every August here on The Inspired Room, I've shared my very basic and simple housekeeping routines. Housekeeping and routines are always some of my most popular topics this time of year! Guess we all struggle … ** Read more **

We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

Waking up on a Monday morning wouldn't be so bad if... there were yellow stripes involved to wake you up. With a room this bold and bright, you might even put on your sunglasses as you wake up in the morning! Ahhhh, the view from laying on … ** Read more **

Inspired By!

This has been a full week of inspiration at The Inspired Room! Here is what inspired me: I was inspired by Living With What You Love (WOW, a lot of us resonate with that is the last day to enter the giveaway so if you haven't yet … ** Read more **

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Nate Berkus Room

You might as well pour yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy because I have A LOT of fun stuff to show you today! First, I made a new friend! Of course, I make friends almost every day thanks to the wonders of blogging. But this particular new … ** Read more **