Four Weeks Until Christmas!
Holiday Linky Inspiration!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Due to a mashed potato overload and an internet crisis at the beach, I was unable to get all my holiday finds up for this week. But, next week I'll share some links. For anyone who … ** Read more **

Holiday Decorating:
Using What You’ve Got


I thought this was such a clever wreath alternative (found at Country Living)! And easy? You can beat it! Do you guys laugh behind my back at all the simple ideas I find? So many of you are brilliantly creative, I stand in awe of your genius. Me? I … ** Read more **

Decorating & House Inspiration

I know most of us are just about to be up to our ears preparing stuffing and sweet potatoes or a holiday project of some sort, but I am still thinking about my upcoming move! It is looking more and more like we will be moving to a newer house rather … ** Read more **

Make Your Own Napkin Rings
(Easy Craft!)

My daughter and I had fun the other day making our own napkin rings. Ok, that is not true. That is a big exaggeration. We made a napkin ring. Just one. I know, that is so lame. What good is ONE napkin ring? But, just keeping it real. We'll make more … ** Read more **

Before and After Room Makeover: Painting Brick

Just wanted to show you a quick before & after from the House Beautiful website! I thought this was a great example of the power of paint (well, OK, and some new furniture)! What a difference, huh? Photos House Beautiful … ** Read more **

Gobble, Gobble & Christmas Linky Love


Time for your friend and mine, Mr. Linky! Here are a few holiday posts from around blogland...Now, go forth and add YOUR holiday ideas and inspiration from this week to Mr. Linky! And if you want to look around at holiday ideas, you can still find … ** Read more **