A Beautiful Life: The Blissdom Edition

While I cannot say that this was one of my more "balanced and beautiful weeks" I can say that heading off on a plane to Blissdom is stretching me beyond my comfort zone and will in likelihood end up being one of my most surreal experiences in … ** Read more **

{Blissfully Thankful}

Today I am heading to Nashville for Blissdom! I can hardly believe it, I am finally going to meet some of my favorite blogging friends from all over the country! {faints} I wish YOU were ALL going to be there! I'm bringing my laptop (faithful blogger … ** Read more **

An Inspired Crowd

Please welcome my guest today : Tim, The Remodeling Guy I Feel Like I Already Know You I hear that when presenting oneself to a new audience, be it in person or in writing, that it's wise to know the audience. Sounds easy enough in theory I … ** Read more **

Creating a Memory Shelf
for Children {or Yourself!}


When we did the pirate scavenger hunt for our son a few months ago, he collected quite a few "treasures." We took a shelf in his room, cleared it off, and allowed him to put all of the mementos from that day on display. It was a rotating display, he … ** Read more **

Romantic Ambience


HGTV Since Valentine's day is just a couple of weeks away, and my personal goal for the month is to create more ambience in my home, I wanted to start off the month talking a little bit about ROMANCE at home. Are you blushing or cringing? If you … ** Read more **

The Lopsided Cakes are Delicious Too Edition of Mr. Linky

by Manassas Cakery It was another busy week at my house -- between housework, being a wife & mom, running The Inspired Room, being a part of Blissfully Domestic, helping the new church get under way, getting ready for Blissdom and another … ** Read more **