Slipcovers: An Eye for Detail

A few of my chairs are going to need be slipcovered in the next year or so. Now, granted they may not actually GET slipcovered due to the expense and my lack of sewing ability, but it is fun to dream about what I would do if I could! And Country … ** Read more **

Making the Best of What Life Brings


So, I've been hinting at my rough couple of weeks. While I was feeling increasingly uneasy about our situation, I was hoping to get to today and have good news to share! I can't go into detail because it is a legal matter, but I can tell you that … ** Read more **

Project Procrastinators Party:
The AFTER Photos

THE BEFORE It is time for the big reveal of our procrastination projects. YES, it has been two weeks already. My, where does the time go? Nearly 90 of  you signed up to do this. Confession time. Did you do your project? Did you even START on … ** Read more **

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

iron gate and wood pergola entry

Curb Appeal Gates On Mother's Day we did a little mini drive by over on Bainbridge Island. I didn't get a glimpse of the house, but I wanted to show you this gate. It is a happy & sad side is happy, the other is sad! Maybe that … ** Read more **

The Outdoor Room

It is a great time to start planning an outdoor room. Summer is almost here! I love to be able to sit outside on a sunny spring day or cool summer evening and I love it all the more if I have a pretty place to sit! Creating an outdoor room is … ** Read more **

Inspiration: Random Acts of Beauty

My neighbor snipped off this fragrant and beautiful lilac for me as we paused to talk along the side of the road. A simple, random act of beauty. … ** Read more **