Toddler Girl’s Room Reveal

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

Hello friends! It’s Cassie here with my monthly guest post. This month I am so excited to share with you our daughter’s new bedroom! We have been doing a lot of work on the “kid” spaces in our home this year, and we finally managed to somewhat finish one.

As we are expecting our second child (a boy!) come this August, we knew we would have to move some things around. Our daughter’s nursery was in our smallest bedroom, and our second bedroom was being used mostly for storage and sometimes for guest. We knew eventually that we wanted to move our daughter into the bigger room and keep the small bedroom a nursery. We also knew we wouldn’t need to buy very much since we would mostly use what we had already.

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

We were/are planning to move her into a “big girl” bed, but are waiting a few more months until she is a little older. So although this is her room, she actually still sleeps in her crib in the nursery. One purchase we did make was her toddler bed and bedding, which we kept very simple and gender neutral so we can use it with her brother when he gets old enough.

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

We wanted to keep the whole room pretty gender neutral, with just some accents being more girl specific. We know that someday, a boy and a girl might have to share this room, and I would prefer not to have to repaint or buy any big purchases over again. I used art from her old room, and some tissue banners we used for her first birthday party to dress things up a little. I also brought out some of her fancy shoes and put them on display, because I think they are far too pretty to keep in a closet!

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

We ended up only painting two walls, the wall behind her bed and the wall behind the shelves (which is only half of the wall technically.) We chose the color “Fawn Brindle” which is a neutral, warm grey that I think works well with what we already had, but wasn’t too similar to her old room. We also added some cloud decals in white and gold to dress up the bigger wall and I think they add a little touch of whimsy.

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

The two biggest DIY projects I did for this room were her dresser and the curtains. The curtains were simple, white panel curtains that hung in her old room and they had blackout curtains attached to them on the back. I really liked how they looked and didn’t really want to buy new ones, but also didn’t want to have plain white curtains. So I decided to dip dye them myself. I mixed two colors of fabric dye, a light pink and a tangerine, to get the coral color I wanted. I found a few good tutorials on how to do this, and I thought it was pretty easy. I also love how they turned out!

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

The dresser took much, much longer than the curtains. We have had this dresser since we got married, as it was given to us from my husband’s parents. It is the dresser my husband grew up using, and it was previously a golden-honey color. It was very well made and I knew I wanted to refinish it, but couldn’t decided what I wanted to do for the longest time. I then stumbled upon this tutorial, and was sold. I loved how it turned out, and it was so similar to my dresser that I knew it would look good when I got all done. I added some fun knobs, and then my husband very securely attached it to the wall.

Although we have a few more minor things to add and finish up, we are so happy with how this space turned out. And even though she doesn’t sleep there, our daughter also loves it. We used mostly what we had and tried to be smart about what we did have to buy.

I love reading your comments and hearing from all of you with my monthly posts! A few of you have asked if I have Pinterest or Instagram, and I do! My Instagram is set to private because I try to be careful, as a post a lot of pictures of my child. Please feel free to send me a request. You are also welcome to find me on Pinterest.

Thank you all for reading and catching up with me this month!

Toddler Girl's Room Reveal

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter ForeverHouse Beautiful

Years ago, I was drowning in papers. I didn’t have a plan or a system. Every time more paper came into the house, I was too busy to deal with it, so I set it in a pile for later. When more paper entered the house, I simply started a new stash. If I remembered a bill needed to be paid, I dug through the papers in hopes of finding it. Sometimes when I was tidying up the house, I would grab all the papers from the piles and throw it in a bag or a box to deal with another day. My dresser and desk drawers started filling up with paper. My closet had boxes of papers to “deal with later.” The problem was, I didn’t set aside time to deal with it later.

Finally I realized I needed an intervention. I needed to end the chaotic paper clutter cycle. While my house was clean and looked orderly, the closets were filling up with boxes of miscellaneous papers! I didn’t have enough room for our clothes or other belongings.

I realized I needed to create a system to better manage paper. It wasn’t going to be an overnight fix, but my habits were going to change immediately.

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever
Martha Stewart

Here’s what you need to kick the paper clutter, once and for all!

1. Gather the essential tools.

  • A household shredder
  • A recycling bin
  • A simple filing system
  • A phone calendar or a wall calendar

2. Create a simple filing system for papers you need to store long term.

When paper comes into the house, you need to know exactly where it is going to go if you are going to deal with it efficiently.

Set up a simple filing system for papers you know you need to keep like medical records, tax documents, insurance documents, loan documents, receipts and warranties. Don’t make it too complicated and only save what is really essential. While you can use a scanner, in order to jump start my progress and simplify it, I decided to start with a paper file system first. Paper files are simple to use and affordable. I knew I could graduate to a scanner eventually when I was ready to invest in and tackle a new system.

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever

Martha Stewart (see the instructions for how to make this mini-office in a chest here!)

3. Set up a plan for information you’ll need to deal with soon.

Whether you have paper bills, party invitations, school calendars or other reminders in your home, you’ll want a system for what to do with them. Get in the habit of organizing your schedule electronically by using your phone or computer to alert you to upcoming dates. While it takes awhile to form a new habit of organization, electronic calendars and reminders can eliminate paper clutter and keep you alerted to activities. Conversely if you prefer paper calendars, you can use a paper calendar and bulletin board if you get into the habit of checking it daily as well as tossing out the old papers at least once a week.

4. Set up a paper sorting station.

The main mistake in handling paper pile ups begin at the door. Do you have a system in place to deal with the daily mail and paperwork from children or organizations? Avert the paper crisis by knowing exactly where to go with each piece of paper. Set up a place where your bills go to be paid. Put a shredder and recycling bin near your mail sorting station so you’ll be able to immediately deal with papers you don’t want. Give each family member an inbox. Once you have a sorting system, you’ll never again need to have a miscellaneous pile to “deal with later.”

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter ForeverMartha Stewart

5. Bring all your piled papers together in one room.

Get ready to deal with past pile ups. If you have closets and drawers full of papers, empty each closet and drawer and bring all the paper into one room near a shredder and recycling bin. Yes, it will feel overwhelming. But you’ll be empowered to succeed when you see how many papers have been stuffed in hiding. Your closets and drawers will feel open and decluttered, inspiring you to never let paper clutter pile up again. Your paper clutter will only be in one room, inspiring you to make and see progress.

6. Start a new habit. Shred, recycle and file every day.

From now on, when paper comes in to the house, don’t set it down or stash it for later. Take action. Go immediately to your mail sorting station and shred or recycle almost everything that comes in. If it is a bill or something that you will need later, put it directly where it belongs. If you aren’t sure where to put it but you know you need to keep it, create a designated file for those papers so you’ll know exactly where to find it and what to do the next time something similar comes into the house. Don’t pile papers for later, deal with all paper immediately.

7. Rid your home of old paper clutter.

One by one, tackle the backlog of papers from the bins, boxes and stacks of papers you pulled out of the drawers and closets, until you have no more paper clutter! The more you shred and recycle, the easier it will be to maintain your files. A fast way to rid your home of paper clutter while protecting your private information is to drop it off to a local shredding service.

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever

Are you ready to get rid of paper clutter, once and for all?

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever