Inspiring Finds

Emily from Chatting at the Sky has a mini-destination in her kitchen. Guess what this chair is for? Domestically Speaking re-did her bathroom and I love it. Wish she would come over and bring her saw. Wow on this room re-do from Sanctuary … ** Read more **

Real Simple Solutions for
an Organized & Efficient Home


Martha Stewart I love the idea of an attractive, organized and efficient home. I'll admit I am not the most organized person, but I do get inspired by the thought and creative potential of being organized! Here are some ideas we actually use at my … ** Read more **

Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home

Winter home tip: Create mini-destinations in your home. Remember the post on establishing a purpose for your room? Well, you can even have special purposes for different corners within a room. You might not have a whole room to devote to … ** Read more **

Something’s Gotta Give
& Favorite Movie Set Houses


I bet I know the answer to this question, but do you ever watch a movie and totally lose track of the whole plot because you are drooling over the house they are in? Yeah. me too. I look like I'm totally watching the movie but I am actually taking in … ** Read more **

Urgent: Please help Gina from
Feather Your Nest


Dear blogging friends, it is such a difficult time of tragedy so many are experiencing with the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Now it has come to my attention that a dear blogging friend and long time sponsor of The Inspired Room, Gina of Feather … ** Read more **

Decorating With A Little Hint of Mint {Spring Green}

Coastal Living In the bleak days of winter, we all need some hope that spring is on the way, don't we? I think a little green in the home is a good reminder of  'life after winter'! Coastal Living These lovely shades of spring green paired with … ** Read more **