Outdoor Rooms: Solutions

Here are a few solutions to common problems with outdoor spaces. I've seen this hint used in Cannon Beach, Oregon. They hang a clear bag of water above doors to keep the bugs out of shops. They say it helps, something about seeing their image … ** Read more **

Living An Authentic Life: My Journey

May 2008 As most of you might know by now, I'm a believer in what I call "Authentic Living." This is a topic that really speaks to me because it affects so much of our life either positively or negatively. I've learned this through experience, so … ** Read more **

Dream Big Dreams!

Dreams come a size too big, so that we can grow into them. -Josie Bisset Photo: Red Fish Clothing Quote Found On: French Garden House … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Holiday Weekend, Drive Bys & Shopping

Phew, this has been a long week! Did it seem extra long to the rest of you? It all went by in a blur, but I was ready for the week to be over a few days ago. I'm ready! Special thanks to all of you who enjoyed and commented on the Drive By! It is … ** Read more **

Drive Bys: The Outdoor Room Edition

  Home & Garden Hey little home & garden drive by fanatics! I've been out on the prowl again, driving around the Eastmoreland and Lake Oswego {First Addition} neighborhoods. Risking life and limb to take a peek into my neighbor's … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Kitchen Gardens

A wonderful idea for an outdoor room is what is known as a "kitchen garden." Filled with yummy herbs and vegetables for cooking, this outdoor room is typically located outside of a kitchen for easy access. I myself only have a very TINY courtyard … ** Read more **