Creative Labeling for Home Organization


I love labels. I like seeing a row of notebooks with labeled spines, bins with labels inserted into metal brackets, tags tangling from baskets and stenciled names above towel hooks. I dream about everything in my house being all … ** Read more **

Built Ins: Making Good Use of Space

House Beautiful My new house doesn't have any built ins, but eventually I'd love to add some. I think built in shelving, benches, bookshelves and cabinetry not only add a lot of storage but pump up the character as well. I do love freestanding … ** Read more **

The New Home Adventures

Welcome to my new home! We are finally here in our new hometown. We bought a brand new house. Yes, me, the one who LOVES old charming houses bought a NEW house! Well, actually, we haven't bought it yet. We intend to as soon as our house in Portland … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life: 12 Months of Goals

Hey all you beautiful people! I am starting something new for 2009 and I would love it if you joined me in whatever way you would like to. Here is my plan: I am going to set twelve key word goals for living the kind of life I want in 2009. I … ** Read more **

Laundry Rooms


Pretty laundry room inspiration! BHG BHG HGTV BHG Ta da! Introducing my new laundry room! For the first time ever, I will have a real laundry room! I feel so grown up! It is not very big or fancy, but it is a real laundry room with a … ** Read more **

Before and Afters
& Charming Storage Solutions

Are you all planning on getting organized in 2009? I will be getting organized out of necessity! I'm downsizing 2000 square feet off my house size in this move, plus losing an attic and storage shed. Yikes! By the looks of things around here, I am … ** Read more **