Beach Cottage Drive Bys

Since we are in the last couple of days of summer at our house (school starts next week), my kids and I are heading off on an outdoor adventure! I'm unplugging, digging my feet in the sand and maybe even picking berries. Awhile back I took these … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Week Returns!

It is nearly that time again! Oh, yes...Fall Nesting Week is coming NEXT WEEK, Sept. 2! What is Fall Nesting Week, you ask? Well if you missed it last year, you can get a ton of ideas of what it was like right here in our 2008 edition. Don't worry, … ** Read more **

Finding Courage to be Yourself

Do you ever secretly envy the women who seem to have it all together? The ones who manage (all at the same time, of course) to have their nails done, a chic hair cut, a beautifully decorated house, well mannered children, perfectly organized closets … ** Read more **

2 Year Blogaversary {faints}
& A Big Thank YOU

Red Toile Chair

Hooray! The weeks fly by so quickly, I can hardly believe it is already Friday again! In fact, with all the things I am juggling in life, I unintentionally flew right past a very important blogging milestone. So I am slowing down a bit today to … ** Read more **

More Creative Ideas for Shutters

If you are looking for ways to establish a breezy beachy look for your home, shutters are a perfect solution! We talked about shutter ideas recently in this shutter post, but I wanted to share two more more with you today. You can see both of the … ** Read more **

The Beauty of an Antique
& A Very Rare Giveaway

vintage grain sacks I love antiques. Whether it is a charming old house, a vintage accessory or a well-crafted piece of furniture, I adore things of quality and age. That is not to say I want a dowdy, out of style old lady house -- I love mixing … ** Read more **