20 Little Things To Look Forward to in Spring

The hope of bright sunshine for a few days in a row The first pretty little spring flowers poking out of the dirt Waking up to tweeting birds outside the window Seeing the rain through the rays of sunshine Sweeping away the dead winter leaves … ** Read more **

The Disconnect Challenge: Revisited

Quite a few of my friends are discussing that old familiar feeling of overload and over-connectedness. People I know, and even more I don't know, have shared they are shutting down their blogs or quitting their blog visits, taking a break from the … ** Read more **

An Inspiration File:
Storing and Sharing Ideas Online


Oh! Inspiring Find! Pat from Back Porch Musings' fabulous island makeover (seen through the lovely dining room!) Do you love to collect ideas you find in blogland? I used to browse blogs all the time and see great ideas I wanted to remember, but … ** Read more **

Will Decorating With Green Heal Your Mood?


Please welcome my friend and guest today, Melissa from Midwest Magnolia! She is a fabulous artist and I am honored to have her here on The Inspired Room! I was wanting to do a post on the color green and lo and behold, I found one on her blog! I … ** Read more **

Bright Sun-shiny Day

anthropologie tea towel

What is it lately with me being drawn to bright sunny rooms, bouquets and new snazzy cotton hand towels? Sun deprivation? I feel some spring fluffing coming on. I can't take it anymore. Get your Spring Fluffing posts ready! Next Monday, … ** Read more **

5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience
& Cheer to Your Life

1. Give yourself a bouquet. It is cheaper than therapy (and definitely less than a new sofa).   2. Paint the back of a shelf a cheery new color! You'll be happy every time you see it! 3. Add some lively fabric or wallpaper to a … ** Read more **