Fall Nesting Week Invitation

Hey! Just popping in to formally invite you all to Fall Nesting Week on The Inspired Room! I've mentioned it but not given you a real invite, so here you go! Better late than never, eh? After my flurry of nesting activities myself this week, I'm … ** Read more **

The Inspired Room Has Moved

WELCOME! Friends! I am so happy you are here! This is my new blog home! Note: if you got here through http://theinspiredroom.wordpress.com, I have officially MOVED not only to a new address but a new server and … ** Read more **

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Cottage Living: Colleen Duffley Coastal Living: Keith Scott Morton Traditional Home Southern Accents: Mary Evelyn McKee Southern Living: Photo Gordon Beall, Designer Mona Hajj Design by Candice Olson, above … ** Read more **

Beautiful Bathrooms

Coastal Living, Alec Hemer This Old House, Casey Sills This Old House Casey Sills This Old House, Casey Sills This Old House, Casey Sills Cooking Light, John O'Hagan Living Etc. Jan 2005 via House to Home Coastal Living, Jean … ** Read more **

Attention! Attention! Important News!

Hi friends! Excuse the interruption, but I want to let you all know a FEW EXCITING THINGS! NEW BLOG ADDRESS First, I have a NEW BIG GIRL BLOG ADDRESS! If you all would be so kind as to change your link to my updated address, I'd be forever … ** Read more **

DIY Wedding & Party Decorating: Candy Bars

wedding candy, DIY wedding decorating

My daughter and I did our best to find simple ideas to create a fun and beautiful wedding for her on a very tight budget. One of our favorite things was the candy bar! We set it up right in the hub of the reception so it served both as a … ** Read more **