Sweet Escape: Let’s Just Say it Isn’t Monday

Let's just pretend we are at the beach. On holiday. For three months. And it is warm and we are playing in the surf. Someone is barbecuing something tasty on the grill. I can smell it, it smells delicious. And we have a housekeeper cleaning up the … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Dream Boat

It is Friday night and I am ready for the weekend to begin! Wouldn't it be nice to be heading out on a boat somewhere on a glorious sunny weekend? If you are doing that, I'm jealous. When I was younger my family had a sailboat and we spent many … ** Read more **

Inspiring Ideas: Using Outdoor Fabric Inside

Here's a tip for you: now you really can bring the outdoors in! At the risk of sounding like a commercial (I don't get paid for this!), I just wanted to share this suggestion. If you have children, pets, bright sunlight streaming in your windows or … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Changing Your Style on a Budget


Today we have a Reader's Question: I think the scary thing about decorating is……What happens when “all of a sudden” you realize your tastes have changed and you are sitting amongst items you’ve bought over the years that are just not doing it for … ** Read more **

Children’s Rooms: Decorating & Organizing Tips


Disclaimer: Ugh. This photo above disturbs me. I'm not a fan of the giant Spiderman. Kids' rooms can be a challenge to decorate and just as frustrating to organize. Especially boys' rooms. Let's face it, their tastes and favorites seem to change all … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Spring Fluffing Game

Happy day, the sun has come out and I am definitely getting spring fluffing fever! I finally removed the two dried up evergreen Christmas trees from either side of my front door (still complete with white holiday lights) and set them in the backyard. … ** Read more **