Chuffed: They Say It’s My Blog Birthday

One year ago today I began my blogging journey. I started it on a whim. I was pathetic and inexperienced and had NO readers, but over time I began to make friends. Much to my surprise, I found MY PEOPLE!!! Last night I was moved to tears when I … ** Read more **

Visual Serenity: The Concealing Frenzy Continues

Do you ever take a good look around your room and ask yourself what is cluttering up your space? I don't know about you, but I can easily get used to seeing things that are out all the time. It isn't until I am having a party (sadly) that I finally … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Be adventurous! A splash of color in unexpected places can make the difference between pretty and WOW in the garden. Colored glass gravel, shocking pink planters, vivid yellow or orange or blue focal points? Why not? Enjoy these pops of color to … ** Read more **

Inspiring Idea: DIY Rolling Storage & End Table

I love these multi-purpose ideas. Adding wheels to a picnic basket! Storage and a convenient table -- right where you need it! photo: Martha Stewart … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you will have a relaxing and fun family weekend! photo: Martha Stewart … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

You know, there are so many blogs out there now with unbelievable projects and ideas up the kazoo, I am constantly blown away. I just gobble up your ideas. Every time I visit a blog with amazing talent my eyes pop out of my head. Do you realize this? … ** Read more **