Small Steps to Green Living


These days most of us are looking for ways to save both money and resources. It is becoming more clear that we all need to do our part to make wise decisions about what we consume. While I am not an expert in "green living," I think simply making … ** Read more **

Good Friday: A Beautiful Life


After a long week, I'm looking forward to the weekend! We've got plans to go bowling, enjoy our traditional Easter egg hunt, celebrate the true meaning of Easter with our family, and I've got plenty of nesting to do! Here are some … ** Read more **

Quick & Easy Makeovers: The Chair Scarf

I seem to collect a lot of chairs. Sometimes, during a change of seasons, a move to a new house or when I am trying to get a new look,  I just wish they looked a little different. Or sometimes they have a little stain (not that mine does...oh, ok, … ** Read more **

Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

I am way behind on my Easter plans. I can use moving as an excuse, though. I think. But my son and I did work on some Easter eggs today so I'm trying to catch up with the holiday! It made me so happy to see his smile when we sat down to make the … ** Read more **

Setting Up A New Life & Home:
Scenes from the Weekend

Creating rooms to welcome new friends... Planning comfortable places for conversation, fun and games... Assembling the memories to make our house a home... Playing together, laughing and learning to skip rocks... Dreaming of many more … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life: The U-Haul Edition

Just a quick post from me today...we arrived back home in Washington with our 26ft U-Haul, unloaded it and now our 10ft trailer has arrived. Our new house now looks like a furniture store. And that means I can start 'shopping the house'! Oh happy … ** Read more **