Blogging Tips & A Big Surprise

I was tagged by the ever-wonderful Felicity at All Things Bright and Beautiful to share a tip for new bloggers. I have to chuckle when asked for tips like this because I usually have no idea what I am doing. No technical tips will flow from my lips … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Mini-Vacation

If you shut your eyes for just a minute, you can almost smell the fresh sea air and feel the warm sunshine on your face. You can almost taste the tropical drink, mmm, yummy! Take a deep breath, lay your head back, close your eyes and try it! Four … ** Read more **

Dragonfly Cottage

After our fun Drive-By the other day I was contacted by an artist who wanted to do a painting of one of the homes I featured! I was so excited! Catherine Holman is an amazing folk artist who not only paints wonderful scenes and cottages, but teaches … ** Read more **

The Home Office Saga. Crying involved.

No pain, no gain, right? Isn't that how the saying goes? Redecorating, remodeling or re-arranging is sometimes downright painful! If it isn't the mess involved, the frustration of the decisions, or the expense of it all, it is the emotional torment … ** Read more **

Personal Style & Bonus drive by

Dearest Ones! You all are so fun to take on home tours! Thanks for coming along! I'll do another one soon since clearly we are kindred spirits. It is so fun to dream and gawk with you. Speaking of dreaming, my friend over at The Liberty Post Gallery … ** Read more **

Invitation to Inspiration Week

My Valentines, You are all invited to our next Inspiration Week February 4-8! We are going to focus that week on ways us women (or men!) inspire ourselves through beautiful things in every day living. Yes, I'm a romantic and fancy myself living a … ** Read more **