Outdoor Rooms

I've always been intrigued by outdoor rooms. The outside is always so full of creative possibilities! My husband and I spent many hours in our last two houses designing and creating living areas that stretched the borders of our home. I love the idea … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Last Weekend Was Better

Ok, well this was last Saturday's picnic in the park and 78 degree sun warming our toesies. Don't you love our picnic goodness? All the essentials right there, baby. This Saturday it is supposed to snow. Whatever. Love to you all...I'm going to dig … ** Read more **

Cute Table Idea for Kids’ Party or Baby Shower

Speaking of beds, I just saw this cute idea and thought I'd pass it on for you all to see (and save it to my blog for future reference.) This would be so cute for a child's birthday party, slumber party or a baby shower. Top a table (banquet tables … ** Read more **

Style Tips: The Unmade Bed Look

One of my mentors is Alexandra Stoddard, as many of you know by now (click here for more info on that little tidbit about me). One of the things I remember her saying in one of her books is that she is an advocate of the "unmade bed look." What … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Let’s Just Say it Isn’t Monday

Let's just pretend we are at the beach. On holiday. For three months. And it is warm and we are playing in the surf. Someone is barbecuing something tasty on the grill. I can smell it, it smells delicious. And we have a housekeeper cleaning up the … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Dream Boat

It is Friday night and I am ready for the weekend to begin! Wouldn't it be nice to be heading out on a boat somewhere on a glorious sunny weekend? If you are doing that, I'm jealous. When I was younger my family had a sailboat and we spent many … ** Read more **