Freedom from Stuff:
5 Tips to Restore Order

I am finally peeking my head back into blogland as I write this! Greetings! I took a couple of days off to focus on my upcoming move (in case you missed the news, we are moving to Washington next month to start a church). I've really been dragging … ** Read more **

Four Weeks Until Christmas!
Holiday Linky Inspiration!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Due to a mashed potato overload and an internet crisis at the beach, I was unable to get all my holiday finds up for this week. But, next week I'll share some links. For anyone who … ** Read more **

Holiday Decorating:
Using What You’ve Got


I thought this was such a clever wreath alternative (found at Country Living)! And easy? You can beat it! Do you guys laugh behind my back at all the simple ideas I find? So many of you are brilliantly creative, I stand in awe of your genius. Me? I … ** Read more **

Decorating & House Inspiration

I know most of us are just about to be up to our ears preparing stuffing and sweet potatoes or a holiday project of some sort, but I am still thinking about my upcoming move! It is looking more and more like we will be moving to a newer house rather … ** Read more **

Make Your Own Napkin Rings
(Easy Craft!)

My daughter and I had fun the other day making our own napkin rings. Ok, that is not true. That is a big exaggeration. We made a napkin ring. Just one. I know, that is so lame. What good is ONE napkin ring? But, just keeping it real. We'll make more … ** Read more **

Before and After Room Makeover: Painting Brick

Just wanted to show you a quick before & after from the House Beautiful website! I thought this was a great example of the power of paint (well, OK, and some new furniture)! What a difference, huh? Photos House Beautiful … ** Read more **