The Winter House {10 Layers to Cozy Up Your Home}

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It’s our first week back to the routine after the holidays! It’s both exciting and kind of sad, I enjoyed Christmas so much this year. But, the new year awaits so it’s good to look forward to what’s next!

This weekend I started taking down the crunchy greenery (it starts to drive me crazy if it’s all over the floor and staircase!), and then the Christmas decor and lastly, our tree made it’s way outside.

Since I decorate pretty simply for Christmas and I like to leave up any greenery that is still fresh and pretty, it really isn’t that much to put away! But it still always feels a little bare for the first day back to the non-Christmas state. Especially the corner where the tree was. At that point, I know it is time for a winter-refresh! I bet some of you are at that point too, or will be this week!

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While I love how clean and decluttered it starts to feel, I definitely start looking for ways to fill the void without clutter :) and simply reset the house to warm it back up again. I’m kind of in love with the idea of a cozy winter house. Doesn’t that just sound like the most wonderful place to be right now?

Even as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us and we have to dive into to the daily routine of winter, I’m dreaming of being curled up as often as I can right by the fire under a big soft blanket for the next few months. If only we had snow outside! We mostly just get rain, yay for living in Seattle, but it’s been really cold so in my mind there should be a soft covering of white snow outside.

When it’s really cold outside like it’s been around here (probably not as cold as where some of you live, but it feels COLD to me, hah!) and the Christmas tree and decor has left the house, my focus turns to adding more of the following elements to bring more layers of warmth.

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Here are 10 of my favorite layers to reset our home to winter! 

1. Layers of winter linens on the table
2. Fur and knit pillows on the sofa
3. Extra cozy throws and blankets on chairs and shelves
4. Textures like baskets and natural winter decor like sticks and pine cones
5. Curtains on windows and even interior doors
6. Warm area rugs in living spaces
7. Extra layers of blankets on beds
8. More winter books in stacks by the fireplace and beds
9. Groupings of candles on mantels, dressers and console tables
10. Additional table lamps for warm mood lighting

What are some elements you could add or gather around your house to cozy up your winter home? 

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Positive Motivation for Decluttering in 2015

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So, we are a few days into the new year now! Are you still excited about decluttering and organizing? Or are you a little unsure about the commitment of getting organized this year? Sometimes the best motivation for reaching goals is seeing the potential positive outcomes spelled out in black and white.

Today I’m over at The Decluttered Home sharing some encouraging motivation for how you can get organized in 2015!

Meanwhile, I’m taking down our Christmas decor and preparing a fresh clean slate at my house for all the exciting things to come in 2015. I’ll be back Monday to kick off the first official week after the holidays with some ways to refresh your home after the holidays! See you soon! Don’t forget to check out The Decluttered Home!

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