Inspiring Idea: DIY Rolling Storage & End Table

I love these multi-purpose ideas. Adding wheels to a picnic basket! Storage and a convenient table -- right where you need it! photo: Martha Stewart … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you will have a relaxing and fun family weekend! photo: Martha Stewart … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

You know, there are so many blogs out there now with unbelievable projects and ideas up the kazoo, I am constantly blown away. I just gobble up your ideas. Every time I visit a blog with amazing talent my eyes pop out of my head. Do you realize this? … ** Read more **

Solving Flaws: Creative Concealment

Do you ever watch TLC's What Not To Wear? I got addicted to that show about a year and a half ago and for a few weeks I watched every episode. While I have always tried to look at least somewhat presentable, for awhile my uniform every day was jeans, … ** Read more **

Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

Guess which one is me? I am all dressed up in my sock animal costume, ready for a party (and about to dive in to my little pastry)! I must admit, I am rather embarrassed by the simplicity of my costume, but it has been a rather busy week...besides, I … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

When my parents decided to buy this beach house about 13 or 14 years ago, we were thrilled. Our girls were young and we really couldn't afford to go on regular vacations involving planes and hotels. This house is about an hour and a half drive from … ** Read more **