Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}

White Barn with Logs - Sarah GawlerMagnolia Rouge – Gooch and Gawler – Photography and Styling by Sarah Gawler and Hannah Gooch

I love the quiet beauty of fall. There is a certain peace in getting back into our routines and appreciating the slowness of fall rhythms. In addition to my own routines, what I’m sensing around me right now is how we experience fall organically in the Northwest. Perhaps fall feels different to you, wherever you are in the world. But still, I think there are lessons to be found in the seasons no matter where you are.

White Fall Flowers and White PumpkinsTown & Country

I love the dropping of the leaves and the kaleidoscope of changing colors that are normally associated with fall, but we have a lot of evergreen trees in our neighborhood that quietly offer us lush greenery year round. We are surrounded by mountains that haven’t yet been covered in white snow, but they are there quietly forming the backdrop of every day in all their majestic beauty.

It can be easy to take for granted or even miss the quiet beauty right here in front of us as we are rushing about our day.

Colorful Fall - Bridge - The Inspired Room

There are bodies of water all around us all the time, but this time of year the waters are more still without all the activity from boats and summer recreation. The rain hasn’t moved in for good yet, so we don’t hear the pounding drops on the roof or the puddles on the sidewalks. There are definitely some gradually changing colors and dropping leaves, but many organic things have simply paused for a moment.

There is a certain quiet stillness around us that is almost like a gentle reminder to slow down and notice, to see all that is good and beautiful right now.

Even the wood piles outside the doors tell a story, all stacked and ready to warm our houses as the chill in the air grows more crisp. Their quiet message is meaningful and even symbolic, reminding us it is time to settle in and provide a warm and safe place to nurture our families.

White Pumpkin Tablescape - Quiet Fall - Sand and SisalSand and Sisal

The softening shades of whites, greens and browns of fall are a quiet nod to the changes of the season — not too much, not too fast, and not too little. It’s a good reminder that what we have right now is enough.


The hydrangeas have quieted down, evolving from their brighter energetic hues to the most beautiful soft shades of green-blue and soft pink. The changes come so slowly and gently but if you don’t stop long enough to look and appreciate the beautiful simplicity, you can miss these fleeting moments of all that is lovely right now.

white-fall-tableChristiane Lemieux – Dwell Studio

We are invited to a fall table to slow down awhile so we can savor scents and tastes and enjoy the company of good people.

Cozy Fall Family Room Decorating - The Inspired Room

Puttering around the house adding textures and cozy elements is a quiet and simple pleasure we can enjoy no matter how the seasons change or evolve around us.

Fall Leaves and Boots - Quiet Fall - The Inspired RoomMy daughter Kylee’s Instagram

The quiet sound the leaves make as they crunch and float around the sidewalk whisper a gentle reminder that change is in the air, but savoring what we have right now is how we prepare for all the good things that can come through a new season.

Do you enjoy the quiet beauty of fall?

21 Days of Loving Fall - The Inspired Room Fall Series

If you missed day one of Loving Fall, you can find it here! This is a special periodic series going on through October and November!

Love the Home You Have Cover {& Better Homes & Gardens!}

Love the Home You Have Book - The Inspired Room - Melissa Michaels
Ta da! 

OH MY GOODNESS, you guys, my book actually looks like a real book! It has a cover! And it is SO CUTE! Behind the scenes for like the last year and a half of my life I’ve been writing THIS book! And the truth is, this book has been a work in progress my entire life because I’ve lived it. I just didn’t know it would be a book.

Between the pages of this cover, I’m sharing my house stories (the awkward, the humorous and the lessons learned), my heart for the home, my journey to contentment with what I have. I share all the ways I am inspired every day to embrace gratitude and to pour love into the home and life right in front of me.

I can hardly believe all my words will be in a book, but seeing that cover makes it all the more real! The book is due to be out on March 31, but you can actually pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! And I guess in the book world it’s helpful to us if you are so inclined to order early :). Eek!

I’m just finishing up book two (of eight), which has been a fun one, I can’t wait to share more on it as soon as I can. I’m also in the process of writing the third book already (crazy, right?) that will be a big huge full color photo book with ideas and all sorts of tips and encouragement for the home and it will be out next fall, just in time for our fall nesting! I feel like I need to pinch myself that this is all happening!

Better Homes & Gardens kitchen photo shoot

Meanwhile, in a related pinch me now moment, remember a year ago when my kitchen was being photographed for Better Homes & Gardens? Well, I almost forgot about it, too. But a few weeks ago I got an email from the editor who gave me the happy news that my kitchen would be appearing in this November issue of Better Homes & Gardens, which will arrive in mailboxes shortly! YAY!

And not only that, but they invited me to share how I love the home I have by featuring a few projects we’ve done around our house! I’m so honored to have the opportunity at Better Homes & Gardens. They’ve been so wonderful.

Go check out my post (it will be live sometime today!) on Style Spotters for BHG and if you get a chance to peek at the magazine or buy it on the newstand, let me know! I haven’t seen it yet myself so I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. If you have the digital version of the magazine, I think you can even hear an interview with me about my kitchen, so, lucky you heheheheh. {rolls eyes}

Thanks again for all of your support (and patience with me in being slow with my posts sometimes, I’m trying but I am sometimes fumbling to stay on track!)! You all are the best. Really.

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