20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

You know how I love lists! Why? Because they slow me down and refocus my attention on all that is special in life. I love making my 20 Little Things lists because it takes the pressure off of being all fancy with amazing BIG ideas and BIG … ** Read more **

Trying to be Festive When Times are Tough

I popped around blogland a bit last night and WOW, so many of you are all ready for Christmas! Lots of parties and fun stuff going on. I love it! You guys are the best. Me? We got our tree this weekend, even though to be honest, we didn't have … ** Read more **

Home Inspiration (and gift idea)


Sigh! Dreamy book alert! I got a new book from my friends over at House Beautiful and I love it so I'm gonna tell you all about it.  I am way too possessive of it to make it a giveaway, so if you are jealous, you are going to have to buy your own. … ** Read more **

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Holiday Linky!

You guys are rockin' with the holiday links! Don't miss last Friday's linky for a winter wonderland of great ideas! Ok, is this true? 13 days until Christmas? {Sigh}. I have not bought a single gift yet this year. {Bangs head against the wall} … ** Read more **

Cozy & Unique Bedrooms


As our weatherman here promises the hope of snow for this weekend (a rarity in Portland!) my thoughts are turning towards cozy comforters, beds piled with down pillows and a fluffy nest to warm up in! So, let's pause from the holiday hustle and … ** Read more **

Christmas Decorating:
Why Didn’t I Think of That?

I took one look at this photo and realized I should never have given away my cute bunnies (don't worry, they weren't real bunnies. I mean fake ones). Somewhere along the way, I determined that bunnies weren't happening for me. We put them on our … ** Read more **