Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

I've had a number of readers send me photos and links to great outdoor rooms. THANK YOU so much, you are all so helpful to me, thank you! I will be sharing each and everyone of your ideas and photos over time! Today I thought I would share some … ** Read more **

Fun Idea: Chalkboard Cloths & Placemats

I saw this very cute product and idea from Dianne of Desperate Diva and I loved it! I love easy ideas like this that are not only unique but are also a conversation starter or memory maker. They serve a purpose beyond CUTE. Love that. This would be … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Three Perfect Rooms

DINING LOUNGING SLEEPING These rooms might be pretty close to perfection. But while they are pretty to look at, for most of us our objective in decorating indoor or outdoor rooms should not be perfection. The point in creating beautiful rooms is … ** Read more **

Style Tips: Live A Beautiful Life

Country Homes August 2006 Ideal Home July 2005 Country Homes & Interiors February 2005 Country Homes July 2006 Homes & Gardens January 2005 Country Homes & Interiors March 2005 Homes & Gardens November … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: McMaster & Storm Online Shop

from the McMaster & Storm website Remember our lovely Creative Inspiration Week gift wrap tutorial by none other than the now famous (they were featured entrepreneurs in Country Living Magazine!) Kara and Darcy from the "petite department store" … ** Read more **

Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

Cote Ouest via Garden Rooms blog Cottage Living Minh + Wass A potting bench is a great idea for a focal point in a small shed or corner of your yard. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Creating a purpose for even the smallest nook in … ** Read more **