DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture


Guest DIY post submitted by Christi @ Beachbrights This is where it all started...the birth of my desk. My darling husband made this for me (inspired by one from BH&G magazine  May 2005) and I painted it a distressed black. I needed a desk to … ** Read more **

Making a Chalkboard out of a Painting

Wish you had a chalkboard? You can make one from just about anything. Even someone else's art! Yes you can. Do you cringe a little at the thought of defacing someone's creative effort? Does it seem a bit reckless and dangerous and even … ** Read more **

Baby’s Room: Nesting


One of my good and most supportive blogging friends from the beginning, Holly Mathis, just had a new baby boy. I fell in love with his nursery (and of course, fell in love with him when I saw his precious face!). Almost enough to consider having … ** Read more **

A Room with A View

T his room, bath and patio is where I will be spending a lot of time in the coming days! It is sure nice being able to look outside and see the sunshine! Beats looking at a hospital parking lot. You might recognize these as rooms from my old … ** Read more **

How I spent my summer vacation

Disclaimer: This post was written under the influence of Oxycodone. July 19, 2009 The Behind the Scenes Story Because inquiring (and caring!) minds wanted to know, I'll tell you all what happened behind the scenes of my surgery! It actually all … ** Read more **

Medical Emergencies
& Other Random Blogging Tidbits


via flickr: aussiegall T hose of you on Twitter and Facebook (add me! may have already heard bits and pieces about my unplanned emergency (and life-threatening!) surgery a couple of days ago! Thank you for all the well … ** Read more **