Spring Mantel

Spring Mantel

The sun has been out the past few days and it has been so pretty! We’ve had such great weather this winter. I know so many of you are still buried in snow and we barely even saw a flake all winter! The Pacific Northwest is the best kept secret, I think. While we do get rain here, we also have pretty mild weather year round which means we aren’t often buried in snow in the winter or suffering from heat waves in the summer! I can’t complain about that!

Everything just feels so much cheerier when the sun is out, doesn’t it? Last week I stopped in Trader Joe’s for a couple of things and I ended up filling my whole cart with flowers! I couldn’t resist. I got home and started puttering around the house, setting little bouquets here and there and now I’m convinced spring really must be around the corner. I’m pretty excited about getting outside and working on my yard again!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you will get a little spring sunshine in your corner of the world, too!

Let’s Get Organized {Happy Drawers}

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}BHG

Do you have a ‘junk drawer’ in your house? Raise your hand if it makes you HAPPY like that drawer above when you open it. I can tell you right now that the worst junk drawer in my home does not resemble that one. Nope, not even a little bit. On the contrary, the worst junk drawer in my house just makes me SAD when I open it. But now I’m inspired to make my junk drawers happy drawers. Because why be sad when you open a drawer?

After searching for pretty organized drawers online, suddenly I feel like every drawer in my house needs cute little dividers. And every drawer needs to be color coordinated and lined with adorable patterned paper.

It really only takes a few minutes to empty out a drawer, sort everything out by category and throw out what you don’t need! Add a few drawer dividers (or whip out the pretty paper too if you’re feeling fancy), and you will have a magazine-worthy junk drawer in no time.

Ready? Let’s get inspired for a fun weekend-project!

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}Modish and Main

Perfectly organized paper covered boxes provide a place for everything!

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}Paige Smith

A pretty collection of teacups is such a fancy way to separate necklaces in a jewelry drawer, don’t you think?

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}Good Housekeeping – Andrew McCaul

I love these bamboo dividers, so organic looking and spa-like in a bathroom! I found a few bamboo organizers online that looked neat here, here, and here.

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}BHG

Little tin bowls and boxes (and muffin tins!) hold jewelry in this adorable drawer.

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}BHG

Small baking sheets are repurposed in these shallow drawers to corral office supplies like paper, envelopes, and stamps.

Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}

Remember my baking drawer? It’s still organized just like this, using what I have to divide small items.

What else could you find around the house to use as drawer dividers? 

What drawers could use some freshening up at your home this weekend?

PS. How are you doing on the “Bag A Day” challenge? We’ve been making progress on some spring cleaning, little by little!

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Let's Get Organized {Happy Drawers}