Finding Inspiration
When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

I had one of those weeks. A week when I just felt "off." Everywhere I looked I saw boxes needing to be unpacked and reminders of things I needed to do. Everything felt URGENT. I felt disorganized, scattered, overwhelmed and uninspired. I think moving … ** Read more **

The Five Minute
Jump Start the Day Routine

Do you all have an easy morning routine for jump starting your day in your home? I do. There are just some things I do every day, instinctively, after all these years of homemaking! They are little things, but they help set the tone for my day. If I … ** Read more **

A Kitchen Makeover &The Benefits of a Small House

marble counters farm sink remodel

Look at this gorgeous kitchen face lift from Joni at Cote de Texas! SWOON! She got new counters, sink, faucet and appliances.  The whole makeover took just a few days! I absolutely love her post talking about her kitchen and why they opted for a face … ** Read more **

DIY Mishaps: The Superglue Incident

I spent most of Sunday night trying to get super glue off of all of my ten fingers. You see, we were at our old house finishing a few more projects (I'll share more before and afters of that house soon) when I decided that one of the floor moldings … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life: Reflecting

I love the idea of reflecting back on my week each Friday and seeing the positive steps I made towards my life goals and habits I want to develop. Otherwise my life kind of passes by me, in a blur! I also like the idea of Sunday night or Mondays … ** Read more **

Home Decorating:
The Beauty of Taking Your Time

I tend to be somewhat impatient by nature about completing projects, especially around my home. I love things to be finished. In my 22 years of home ownership, I've tackled many houses and many projects. As you know, my current desire in life … ** Read more **