Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Oh, hello, cute blue house on the water. How charming you are!

I  know. It’s me again with another beautiful house. #sorry #notsorry. You know I can’t help it. I just LOVE houses, I just get all giddy when I see one that takes my breath away and I just have to share it with SOMEONE. And that someone is you guys :). Isn’t it amazing? GLORY! I’m sure you feel the same way!  I mean. Honestly, isn’t it perfect?

Maybe this is just like your house. Maybe it IS your house. It truly is beautiful. It’s so fun to look and dream, but then I just smile and nod and say, how wonderful for them. That’s certainly their dream house, alright. Ha.

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Then after I gaze at how beautiful it is, I go back to my own little corner of the world, sulk for a moment (I KID!), tidy up the kitchen and remind myself of what I love about what I already have. I am not settling for anything less than exactly what I need and love. The people I love are here, the memories are here, the home we are building together as a family is right here. That’s more than enough.

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

But, let’s just be honest. I also wouldn’t mind a house that looks like this. Ha! And if you want it, it is up for auction this Tuesday with no minimum bid! If you bid and get it, will you invite me over? I promise to do the same if they would accept my bid :). The house is on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

If I lived here, I know I’d be out on that dock right now sipping fruity drinks and dipping my toes in the water. Living the life! I grew up in a wonderful waterfront house, so I know it’s awesome. I would happily return again if that was the next chapter in my story! My mind is always dreaming, but my heart is truly happy to be right here in this place and this moment. That’s really the best place to be, isn’t it?

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Here’s a little peek at the inside (below) just so you know it isn’t just pretty on the outside. It has an amazing view, an indoor AND an outdoor pool too. So, really, it’s like a resort. You’d be on vacation without even leaving home!

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

There are tons more photos of the interior here.

So what do you think? What would you be doing right now if YOU lived here?

Remember, we’re just having fun with this! If I lived here, at least in my dreams, there would be no financial worries and no maintenance involved. Let’s just dream a little!

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

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Your Signature Style

Your Signature Style

Your Signature Style

I‘ve encouraged my daughters over the years to wear a ‘signature scent’ or have a signature type or piece of jewelry as just a fun way to express their uniqueness. Even if style isn’t your big thing, having one special look you strive for or a scent you love can help you feel special, put together, and stylish, don’t you think?

Having a signature style for our home is also something that is attainable for all of us! In any home (rented or owned, small or big!) we have the opportunity to express who we are, what we love, where we’ve been, and the type of life we live in so many ways. That will give us a one-of-a-kind style!

I love being invited into others’ homes and feeling that genuine sense of warmth that is expressed by the person and their home. That’s what I love about a signature style.

I was doing a radio interview the other day and the host asked me why sometimes she goes in one house and it feels “designed” and another house feels personal and homey? Among many reasons, I think when that happens we are sensing a deeper connection to the home expressed through their personal style.

Do you feel like you have a signature style? Maybe you haven’t really thought about it before. Or maybe you have a general idea of a style you like, but you haven’t defined it or made it your own.

Your Signature StyleCountry Living

A signature style can be expressed with:

– Unique furniture pieces

– An element of surprise (like unique light fixtures or quirky accessories)

– A fresh mix of colors and textures you love

– An unexpected mix of patterns

– A special collection

– Artwork that is meaningful to you

Your Signature StyleCountry Living – Design by Emily Henderson

In my own home, I love having a mix of flea market finds, new furniture, hand-me-down antiques, and things that I have made or embellished to be my own.

Even if we are inspired to have similar styles or similar things to someone else, our own special mix will give us a one-of-a-kind and authentic style.

You don’t have to have a name for your signature style, just acquire what you love and what works for you. Use a color palette that inspires you. Look for unique pieces that make your heart leap with joy!

Being aware of our signature style helps immensely when planning a room or shopping for the home. Most people collect furniture and accessories over time, so knowing what to look for becomes much easier when you can quickly recognize elements that fit with your signature style.

Your Signature StyleCountry Living

Once you have ‘defined’ your style, remember that you don’t have to be stuck with it! Because style is so personal, you can always try new things, take risks, and keep mixing things up. Even as your style evolves, if you stay true to who you are you’ll always have an evolving signature style all your own.

I loved all the responses to my post a few months ago, “Get to Know You: Your Style“. It was so great to see how you each describe your individual styles! Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint and that’s OK, but it is fun to try to dissect what makes our style feel like US, isn’t it?

Do you have a signature style, or maybe even a signature furniture piece in your home, a unique piece that you absolutely love?

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Your Signature Style