No Place Like Home

photo credit: Flickr Annia316 Last week, my husband and I were preparing to fly to Ohio to attend a conference. At 5:30AM on that dark Wednesday morning as I was putting my suitcase by the door, I got a glimpse of something small and furry running … ** Read more **

Inspiring Idea: A Brand New Finish

When we moved into our "as is" 1930s house, we had a couple of dozen large old fashioned heat registers on the walls that were showing their age from layers of multi-colored flaky paint. Paint wasn't going to be enough to restore them to their former … ** Read more **

Charming Entry Doors

I ran across some photos of a few really pretty doors to share with you from This Old House online. I love all the details of these old wood doors! Photos: This Old House Happy weekend everyone! Remember, keep your eyes peeled and … ** Read more **

DIY: Fall Warm Up For Your Floors

Ilove hardwood, stone and tile floors. But, in the winter, they aren't exactly warm and cozy for your feet. I always love stripes, so when I saw all these rugs with various combinations of stripes, I fell in love! The bottom rug is from the Martha … ** Read more **

Barn Doors: Reusing an Old Door

barn door

  Barn Doors I love old doors. We seem to collect them as we move over the years. Shutter style and paneled doors have so much charm and personality. While there are loads of ideas for how to use doors creatively,  this idea is is really fun … ** Read more **

Perfect Pantries: Frugal & Stylish Ideas

Country Living I will admit I'm not much of a gourmet cook, but I do like to have a pantry stocked with some of our family basics for quick, frugal and healthy meals. I've found that if I keep enough ingredients on hand, I don't have to worry much … ** Read more **