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Do you have a DIY decorating idea or home improvement project on your blog that would appeal to The Inspired Room audience?

If you’d like to share it, all you have to do is upload a high quality .jpg image (at least 500 pixels wide), a brief description of your project and add a direct link to your DIY post so you get to enjoy the traffic!

I’ll check out your idea and if it is approved, I’ll add it to the schedule! The post will link back to your DIY post so readers can see the rest of your project on your own blog! How fun is that?

Please understand that I get a high volume of submissions and so it can take me awhile to check out your idea and post it. Thanks for your patience!

Disclaimer: Any photo you submit must be your own. By submitting your DIY idea to The Inspired Room you are agreeing to allow me to post about the idea and use your image on The Inspired Room, free of charge or restriction (the image may be cropped or edited).