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Now for a few words about The Inspired Room™!

The Inspired Room™ is dear to my heart as it is the means by which I am able to help people find joy and beauty in their homes and lives. I consider it a great privilege to be invited into people’s homes and into their lives to help them refine their way of life through my personal vision of “interior design”–Refining Your Home for Authentic Living™.

I do not really care for the terms “decorate” or “interior design” as they have a certain pretentious, fake connotation in my mind. Like something you do to impress friends and neighbors, rather than something you experience for your own happiness and well-being.

While impressing everyone around you certainly has its appeal, it leaves you lacking in true happiness if the admiration is acquired simply through an excessive display of what you can do if you have money or copying someone else’s style–the “I bought it all at Pottery Barn” look (no offense to Pottery Barn, I love it there myself), or especially nauseating “Thanks, my designer whipped this room together while I was at the spa!”

The Inspired Room™ is unique from other decorating businesses in that I don’t want to decorate your home FOR you to show off my style or your ability to pay someone for high style. I want you to be a part of the process because you realize how personal your home is and you want to be involved in its creation.

So often we have little conversations with people (or in our minds!) about what is popular in decorating right now, what are the trends, what style of decorating do you like, what to do about your “leftover hunter green sofa” and for those truly design-challenged, what to do about your mauve and slate blue dining room you so proudly decorated in 1980.

We fret about the “rules” for choosing the right color from a stack of 3500 chips, or how to keep up with the Jones Family. Or–horror of all horrors–we ask our friend what THEY think of our taste!

I like to share what I have learned to help people find their own authentic style. If we can understand HOW to put together a lovely home, how to include color and life into our space, and how to keep our style fresh and timeless, our style will become beautiful to everyone who enters. Our authentic style will radiate a beauty that comes from a well-lived life, reflected through our things and how they are arranged in our home. No one else will be able to replicate our exact style. Nor should they!

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  1. Rose

    This is sooooo true! A few years ago I read one of Alexandra’s books on decorating your home and truly enjoyed the book. I just bought another one the other day at the thrift store and am really enjoying it to. So many times we get caught up in what’s popular now and then later when it’s out of style we’re stuck for many years with something we can’t stand anymore. When we built our house thank the Lord I went with all neutral things like cabinet stops and carpets etc so I can change my colors when I decide I need a change which is pretty often. Since I sew I can make my own curtains and things like that and make changes.
    Thank you sooooo very much for your blog!I t is soooooooo inspiring!!!!


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