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A beautiful life is often the one you are already leading, not one you need to go out to find somewhere else…

A Beautiful Life

This weekend, I am savoring the life I already have.

An unmade bed, ready to crawl back into…

A Beautiful Life

A coffee maker in my own kitchen, no need to head to Starbucks…

A Beautiful Life

A home full of treasures and things and places to just BE…

A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life


But best of all, a family…

A Beautiful Life

Remembering to thank God for what I already have.

I am trying hard to forget the TO DO list, and slowing down to savor the moments I am blessed with today…


  1. Beck

    I love that Bilbo quote! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’ve added your site to my list of inspiration and sites I visit too! I’m home sick from work today so I’m taking some time to rest and enjoy the simple life! Hope your day is great!

  2. melissamichaels

    Thanks! Sorry you are home sick, but enjoy the simple life while you have a chance!
    We have the Bilbo quote right by our front door coat closet. We love it too!
    Take care,

  3. Terri

    Heavenly Melissa! Your home looks lovely and thanks for taking the time to remind us to savour what we have, which we have so much to be thankful for…

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be reading you!!
    Terri :)

  4. melissamichaels

    Ah, thank you, Terri. So kind! I appreciate the nice comment. I will check up on you too and see how your home comes along…


  5. Becky

    Good evening Melissa! What a lovely posting and I agree with Mr. Baggins, watch your step or you don’t know where it will take you! I can soooo relate..long story…. Your analogy with the little pigs is so spot on and the comparison with blogging friends… our likes/dislikes, interests, hobbies… are so similar, yet so different in the same token. But, all in all, we are here to take a little bit from each other, rejoice in the kindred spirits that we all share and just to have fun in our little niche of the world. Enjoy your week! xo, Becky
    PS: That I Love Mom picture is incredibly sweet!

  6. kalurah

    I love the Bilbo quote too!
    where did you find that?
    that vanilla latte is making me salivate!

  7. melissamichaels

    My husband loves The Lord of The Rings and he keeps a list of favorite quotes from the book. We intend to frame a few of them in appropriate places in the house. This was the only one we have done so far. I just typed it up on some card stock and put it in a standard frame. Cheap, easy and fun art! :-)

  8. Gail

    Hi, Melissa,
    Wow, I am really impressed with your blog site! Not only is it beautiful, but your musings and topics are so inspirational and thought provoking. I admire the time and effort that you obviously have taken to create this artistic site. Maybe you could offer to give us fellow refiners a CE course on how to set up and manage a blog. I am completely serious! Thank you for telling us how to find you–I will add you to my list of daily reads and come back regularly.
    Gail (Selby Aagaard, IRN)
    Abigail House Redecorating

  9. Elizabeth

    This is such a nice post. I too get caught up in the To Do list and forget how good I really have it. Thanks for the reminder. I’m really enjoying your sight, may I add you to my blog list?


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