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Birthday Party Idea: Giant Cup Cake

Just saw this in the new Sur la Table catalog. LOVE this GIANT cup cake pan! This would surely make someone smile on their birthday! And it looks fairly easy, love that too!

Birthday Party Idea: Giant Cup Cake

Birthday Party Idea: Giant Cup Cake


Add some giant sprinkles and you have got a P A R T Y !


Birthday Party Idea: Giant Cup Cake


All Product Photos: Sur La Table

The Way to Personal Happiness

The Way to Personal Happiness

Try to forget yourself in the service of others. For when we think too much of ourselves and our own interests, we easily become despondent. But when we work for others, our efforts return to bless us. –Sidney Powell

So many times in our homes we find ourselves thinking of what makes us happy. That makes sense, a home should make us feel happy!

But if making ourselves happy is all that creating a home is about, how happy will we really be if we never open our home or heart to others?

For a deeper level of happiness, we can use the wonderful talents we’ve been given and even the homes we have to bless someone else.

I’ve always loved the opportunities I’ve had to host get togethers and bring people together in our home.
 Our rickety nearly-antique dining table isn’t big enough to hold a large crowd, so for holidays and dinner parties we often have to bring up a card table to extend the surface out to the living room.

We toss a tablecloth over it and make one big happy table! It’s not fancy, but it brings together what matters the most. Lots of memories, good food to nourish us, and the people we love.

Isn’t that our hope in creating a home? That we could freely open the door wide and invite people in to gather in a warm and welcoming space? No apologies, no fears, no stressing out over the size of our home or table, or trying to outdo ourselves or impress anyone for the holidays. Just creating a place where we can truly care about people!

Blogging and social media opened up a whole new opportunity to impact people and connect with others all over the world, right from our own home or dining table.

Hearing from people you’ve connected with online is like opening a letter from a friend — you can’t wait to see what they have to share. They challenge us. They enlighten us to see new things. They reach out and connect with us.

Even though we don’t necessarily all get to literally hang out in my house or yours, I’m so glad that we get to meet up here on The Inspired Room (and share our similar interests in the home!).

Twelve years after starting this THING called a BLAWG, I am still in awe that this is even a thing we get to do!

I love sharing with y’all here and hearing from you in the comments and emails each week. Honestly, if I don’t hear from you in awhile (or you’re just lurking!), I miss your comments and the camaraderie that grows from that connection.

It’s the interaction between humans that makes a blog or social media feel like a gathering of real-life friends. A way to personal happiness is to think more about how to make others feel at home.

Big thanks to those of you who invest yourselves in an ongoing connection with me! I always love hearing from you. I am so grateful you take the time follow along, whether you gather on this blog (or social media), read my books or are a part of my community!

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Happy gathering!