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Timeless Beauty

I have always been intrigued by the idea of signature jewelry pieces. Something that you treasure and wear most of the time, maybe a watch, a solitaire diamond ring, a tennis bracelet, or diamond studs. Rather than have a million pieces of junk jewelry, I think having a few quality pieces gives you timeless elegance. They will never go out of style. I think houses should have that same timeless beauty.

The reason why I focus more of my decorating advice on things like the senses, life-inspired design, authenticity & ambience, enriching our appreciation for design and beauty, and less on what’s in style or out of style, is I feel that your home is so personal to you no one should tell you whether your stuff is in or out. If you like dark wood, collecting clocks, inherited Staffordshire dogs, shells, love toile, solids or stripes, color or neutrals, adore wallpaper or French chairs, so be it! No one should tell you your collections or style are OVER AND OUT!

Clearly if you followed a new trend and went hog wild with a certain scheme, cheap furnishings or accessories in the “latest” styles, you will find yourself feeling and looking dated real fast. In that case, you might need a style makeover. I understand! It happens! But it is not too late to make some changes. And you don’t have to throw everything out to start over.

From this point on, I highly recommend you stick to classic, well-crafted pieces in styles that have stood the test of time. Shopping at Target is fine for a few insignificant accents to fill in, but if you stick to classic quality pieces for most of your furnishings (secondhand is fine, actually I prefer it!), accumulate well-made treasures over time, and don’t buy too much of the “latest” stuff, your house will have a personality all its own that will endure. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you shop & decorate wisely and selectively.

Fads come and go, some decorators or trend worshipers will tell you things you happen to love are in or out, but the truth is, quality and tasteful standard pieces and style are always in. If you choose well you don’t have to re-do, rip out, tear apart or get rid of dated styles every few years! That I like!

clock: Horchow


  1. Becky

    I could not agree anymore!! I prefer to surround myself with things that have a history, although I do like a new item for the home now and then. BTW, I would love to have that clock in my home.

    There isn’t anything wrong with trendy, like you said, however a personal style (perhaps with the colors that are “in”) is best. Thank you for your insight on this. A style is what you like, where your heart feels at home.

    Thank you for always leaving such nice comments for me. Your friendship is treasured!!



  2. Annie's Abode

    I have learned that you have to stick to what you love, regardless of whether it is trendy or not. I have always gone for comfort but we decided to have a change towards more minimimalism and it was an expensive mistake. It looked lovely but it was not comfy or nice to be in. The change back is happening now.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog – Oska is much better now.

    Love Ax

  3. Claire

    It’s quite serendipitous that this entry appeared today. I have the kitchen table from my great-grandmother’s house. As the generations have passed on my home is now filled with some beautiful pieces.

    I have a mahogany blanket chest that my great grandmother purchased from a retiring 80-year old pharmacist in 1910 for $4.00. Grandma Amy left stories about each antique and how they were purchased. (I love that!)

    Since reading your blog I realize that there are several pieces that I have held on to for sentimental value eventhough I am not crazy about them. Do you have any recmmendations on the best way to identify a reputable dealer who could sell these pieces for me?

    Thank you for writing this today – I had been feeling somewhat sad about letting go – now I realize that it’s not about letting go – it’s about passing on.


  4. Julie

    How could anything you still love over the years ever be out of style in your home. It’s your style and only you can ever set the tone.

    Couldn’t have agreed with you more!


  5. melissamichaels

    If you have things that you don’t love, I would contact The National Art & Antique Dealers Association and see if they can offer any advice on where to go. The worst thing about parting with something is the regret afterwards from having made a hasty decision, so I definitely applaud you for researching it first. If I sold anything of sentimental value, I would want to make sure I got the most out of it and then I would buy another timeless piece I love in its place!

  6. Gail

    being a antique dealer for many years, I am so happy to read your input on good old standard furniture pieces for your home…I’m with you a 100%, you can always buy accent pieces that come and go…but old furniture is a staple! take care,Gail at the

  7. Terri

    Melissa, I couldn’t agree with you more! Good quality, non-trendy items can stand the test of time, which is also why I love antiques, things with character, patina, age – they are still beautiful now. I started liking antique and historical things when I was a teenager and used to read “Country Living” (the only decor magazine available at my small-town pharmacy!!) and admire my grandparents things. My eye has always loved the same sorts of timeless things, and I’ve had to train myself to like more modern things. But I do agree, a collected decor that you love is so much better than a trendy collection of junk from that hip boutique where everything is made in China (i.e practically all the decor shops in Calgary). I could NOT agree with your wonderful post any more! I am having such a hard time finding quality, which is perhaps why I like antiques and old linens and such – they don’t make ’em like the used to.

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too! Always nice to see your name there….xo Terri

  8. Mélanie

    I’m a fan of timeless beauty . …I’m an antique dealer , I think old things are never old fashioned , there are just timeless …
    Thank you for this interesting post

  9. Heather

    Yep – I agree. I think Target and Pottery Barn are fine for the bedspreads that go in the kids rooms, or odds and ends, but I prefer to find things for the rest of my home elsewhere. Last summer there was an big article in Smart Money about the quality of Pottery Barn and, basically, it said most things were made from particle board that was not even furniture grade and their stuff was just not made to last.

  10. Karen

    Great post! I couldn’t agree more!

  11. cielo

    I couldn’t agree more… I’m a fan of timeless beauty myself.

    Have a lovely day



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