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A Situation

by | Sep 25, 2007 | Domesticity

A Situation

Hello everyone. I apologize for not having my post ready for your visit, we had an important “situation” in real life. If you have kids, you know there is always some sort of situation! Even if you don’t, life for everyone is often one big “situation” after another!

Anyways, our current situation is my sweet little seven year old son has been mildly affected by a cough that just wouldn’t go away. I talked about it way back here! Well, finally we took him back to the doctor for another check (the first time the doctor said it was a virus) because he had a whistling sound when he was breathing, and lo and behold he now has asthma. This was quite a shock to me, as my kids are very healthy and never have any health issues. The doctor says it is possible this will be his only episode, and it is entirely related to this cough. Only time will tell.

A Situation

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes for my son to get over this. I am working on a couple of posts for you, including (maybe I will put this one out later today so check back!) an update on our BEACH HOUSE! Many of you have asked about this since I don’t mention it very much. So, stay tuned for a little coastal style update shortly!

A Situation


  1. Counting Your Blessings

    I can’t imagine having only one child with asthma =) I have several and each get bad at different seasons. It’s all about controling it before it flares it’s ugly nostrils! Blessings… Polly

  2. Julie

    Asthma runs rampid in our family. So I can sympathize. It’s terrible when I’m reaching for the inhaler and so is everyone else! Hopefully, he won’t have it permanently. It can just come and go. Sounds to me like he my favorite (joke) diagnosis – Asthmatic bronchitis. I know it all too well!

    Hope he feels better soon. A cool mist humidifier works wonders for me.


  3. Karen

    I hope your little man feels better very soon!

  4. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    Get well soon sweet little one……:-)

  5. Becky

    You take care of your precious boy! I hope that he will feel better soon. Asthma is not fun to have, especially being an active child! Love your display. I have that bird plate….



  6. Esther Sunday

    Oh, Melissa – sending love, hugs and good thoughts to you and yours. My daughter had a mild case of exercise induced Asthma and has grown out of it. My brother had severe Asthma growing up, but has grown out of it too – so hoping this will be the same for your precious cherub.

    BEACH HOUSE????? YOU HAVE A BEACH HOUSE????? You know what the ocean means to me – I ask, no DEMAND, that you share all details. Thank you. ;D

  7. Pat

    Hope he’s feeling better soon!!


  8. Dena

    I hope your lil man feels better soon. I have been there and can certainly relate.


  9. Rhonda

    A similar situation just played out in my house hold. My son developed a cough around the end of July. It was sporatic and seemed more like an irritated cough than a sick one. It contiuned on and off for several weeks but wasn’t much of a concern, I thought. 5 weeks ago, the cough changed, it became deeper and was accompanied by wheezing. The night before I took him to the doctor he spiked a high fever.
    The doctor diagnoised him with asthma. I was shocked, he will turn 5 next week and has never had any symptoms before. The doctor put him on steroids, an anitbiotic and an inhaler. He said he should stop coughing in 3-5 days. I was told to bring him back in one week if he was not improving. A week later we were back, he was worse. We saw a different doctor who did a chest X-Ray. He had an infection in his lungs. The doctor explained that he was having an asthmatic episode from the infection which can cause broncial spasams. It took 3 different anitbiotics, 2 rounds of steroids, chest therapy exercises, 2 bottles of Robitussin DM and inhaler 3/4 times a day for 5 weeks to cure him. Today we went for his 5th doctor visit in as many weeks and they told us that his lungs are clear. PTL!!! Our next step was to be a lung specialist.
    My son’s situation was made worse because I did not take him to the doctor sooner. That coupled with the misdiagnosis from the first doctor, allowed the infection to really set in. I know each child is different and I am certainly not trying to second guess your physician, but your story sounds so familiar that I thought I would pass along the info. If he dosn’t improve in a few days, it might be wise to ask for an X-ray if they did not perform one already.
    Hope is feeling fine soon.

  10. Rhonda

    The more I thought about my previous comment, the more it sounded like Chicken Little ranting that the sky is falling…
    I am not trying to instill panic, I just would wish to spare anyone from what we went through if I can.

    The upside is that now that the infection is cleared, they do not anticipate any more asthmatic episodes:-)

  11. frenchgardenhouse

    I am praying your little guy will soon feel much better! It’s always scary when our children don’t feel well, or have something.
    wishing all of you a good week!

  12. melissamichaels

    Thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments today. I do appreciate each one of you! I am always grateful to hear other people’s experiences, if I can avoid calamity in life by learning from someone else, I am definitely all ears! Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and concern.

  13. Jennifer Froh

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I suffered from mild asthmas as a child… mine was always brought on by an infection (sinus infection, etc), otherwise I never had symptoms. I’ll be thinking of him and wishing the best :)

  14. Jennifer Froh

    Oh, I just went back and read Rhonda’s comments… yes.. that’s exactly what happens… that is what always happened to me.. even as an adult. So look for deeper reasons for the onset of the asthma. Please keep us posted :)

  15. Elizabeth

    My thoughts are with you and your little boy.

  16. Terri

    Oh dear, I hope your dear little one feels better soon and it is only temporary. Asthma sounds like a drag especially for a growing and busy boy! I hope he improves very very soon. He’s adorable, by the way. Sweet photos!

  17. Mélanie

    I can see I’ve been away from your blog a little while ..
    I will tell a french prayer . And I send you my best wishes form France . I hope he is now fine

  18. Sher Miller

    Good morning! I just happened to find your blog and the story of your little boy and his asthma. Two things I’d like to share: My own sweet boy was diagnosed with asthma when he was about the same age. He is now a 29 year old man who hasn’t had a trace of “wheezing” since before his teenage years. My unsolicited advice: Pray with him and for him, then let him be a boy. Lots of open air, lots of running and bike riding, swimming and sports.
    Also: Here’s another blog I happened upon – . You’ll find another young mom whose son’s problem started out so similarly to yours I had to re-check to see whether I was reading the same blog twice. The two of you seem to have much in common and I am hoping you will be able to support one another.
    God bless! Sher


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