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Clearing Out The Clutter

Clearing Out The Clutter

Being in a creative profession (interior design) and needing my daily dose of creativity for my personal happiness, I am always torn between a range of thoughts. Do I create or find something new today, rearrange something I already have, or forsake all creativity and simply clear out the clutter?

I can tell you, clearing out the clutter never sounds nearly as appealing as heading out to find something new. Or simply shutting the door to the mess and getting busy with something else more fun or more enjoyable. Creative people tend to enjoy the idea of organization, but not the process of clearing out clutter. The idea involves the end result — things like neatly folded stacks of fabric or towels, pretty paper covered boxes or antique jars filled with colored pencils and art supplies. And that desire for beauty can be motivational to creative types. But the reality of clearing out the clutter involves involves cobwebs, dusty boxes in dark garages and decisions. Not just pretty containers. Bleech.

But this weekend, I have waged another attack on clutter. Seems like that is a lifelong process for me — having moved so much we always seem to be getting new things and not sure what to do with the old. After moving in our home four years ago, remodeling and fixing up our house, my parents selling one house and remodeling another, two grandparents passing on, kids growing out of toys and strollers, we ended up with a LOT of stuff. Even though we give A LOT of stuff away, somehow there is always more. Transitions have a way of multiplying things, have you noticed that? Wonderful stuff, but just TOO much of it.

Stuff my kids wanted me to keep for them “someday”, stuff I might recover, paint, re-do, need in a pinch, stuff I could use if I ever had a fancy party, extra stuff, things to give away, sell…you name it, everything had a reason for being there. Or I should say, an excuse for being there.

Clutter stifles me. It weighs me down to where I just can’t function or create new things. Just knowing I need to deal with it can be like a ball and chain. A noose around my neck. But parting with it can be equally distressing. What if you give away something you find next week could’ve been used in your new bedroom! What if you donate something and then your sister asks “What ever happened to that…”. Or when things slow down in life and you finally have time to repaint that cute lamp, you kick yourself because you no longer have it? Or maybe next year you will have enough money to recover that chair that you sold for $10 at a garage sale? I think too much. That’s the problem. I need to get ruthless.

Clearing out the clutter requires courage. Faith that you will somehow get by in spite of the “what ifs”. It requires letting go of the objects associated with random memories. Being generous with others. Making room in your life for what is really important to you. It requires getting real about your life and what you really need. I mean, how many coffee pots do you really need? With the advent of ipods, do you need a gigantic extra stereo system with six components? Do you need four Makita drills? When your kids are over the age of seven, do you still need the baby cradle, three strollers, or a wagon? It requires time to devote to a task that will NOT be fun or creative, but be very rewarding in the end.

So while I am chomping at the bit to get started on my new bedroom, or painting my son’s desk red, or finding some new lamps for my living room, I just knew those things had to wait this weekend. First things first. And it is taking all of my restraint to not head out to The Container Store right now to stuff all the clutter into nifty containers and call it done! The creative persons solution to clutter management! Nope, if it is not nailed down, I am heading it out.

I am simplifying my life. Eek! Here I go.

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