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Rate My Space

What is the fascination with Rate My Space? Someone, please tell me! I know it is fun to look into other people’s homes, I get that. I love to peek inside myself if given the chance! I am the kind of person who will drive around a neighborhood at night so I can see your beautiful rooms! Yep, I’ll admit it. I’m a beautiful room stalker.

But for those of you who have put yourself through the torture of having people you don’t even know rate your space, and tell you what is good or bad about your decorating or remodeling from a postage sized photo, what is the appeal? WHO is rating your space and why do you care what the world thinks? What is in it for you?

Perhaps it is just all in good fun, but the people rating your space might have horrible taste! They have never been in your home or stood in your room. They probably have no idea what they are talking about! Most of them seem nice enough, but still!

I’ve read through some of the comments on these poor folks rooms and can’t believe some of the stuff people say. Some of it is fine advice, some of it STINKS!

Please, help me! I am just a bit out of the loop on why people do this. Enlighten me, dear readers! I know some of you may have your rooms listed and will be able to tell me your experience with this phenomenon. If you think it is the funnest, greatest experience ever, let me know! Does anyone regret being on there?

I have helped people with their decorating dilemmas from photos before and I don’t find it the best way to really solve issues. Remember my sweet cherubs, your home is more than what you can see in a photo. Photos can be very deceiving and I don’t want any of you being misled or getting your feelings hurt over some odd comment on Rate My Space.

I don’t like ratings for anything (including blog directories — mean people can give you a thumbs down for no reason, so you really can’t trust those ratings!), unless it is something I am going to buy. Then I want to know what Consumer Reports thinks! I don’t trust movie ratings either.

Ok, enough ranting about Rate My Space from me. I want to know, what do YOU think? How do you rate Rate My Space and why?

photo from my visit to the Street Of Dreams Portland 2007


  1. janet

    At first I thought it was fun to look at and indulge my voyeurism, but then it seemed like people were being really mean, rather than helpful. I quit, cold turkey, thank you very much, plus I found blogs at that time and they are MUCH more fun and the bloggers are truly wonderful. I feel like I have made so many new friends.

  2. LaTeaDah

    I have never heard of Rate My Space until now — but I totally agree with your post! A home is a reflection of the individual(s) who live there — not a magazine photo op!

    :) LaTeaDah

  3. kari&kijsa

    We agree with your take on Rate my Space (although we are hooked!!!) We posted a different view of one of my rooms that had been featured in a national magazine, and they railed it, while loving some others that you hope you never have to see in person, much less find flipping through a magazine!We knew then and there, while it was fun, all comments would be taken with an itsy, bitsy teensy-tiny grain of salt. Easy for us to brush it off though–We cringe that some poor homeowner who is truly proud of their work and worked up enough courage to post is now cowering in their home scond guessing their every decision because of some joker with out any taste! We do love the blogging world so much better- much more positive, nicer, and filled with so many fabulous ideas and talents!!! (sorry to rant-we had just discussed this an hour ago!!!!)
    kari & kijsa

  4. Pat

    Hello Melissa,
    Here I am again! I did put photos on Rate My Space. I first learned of this “place” at one of my decorating message board/groups. By the way, I’ve been a member of that group for over 5 years and it’s been wonderful! Lots of talented, like minded people.

    I first posted our patio hosta garden, early in the spring. I had positive comments. Which gave me the idea/courage to post the back porch and dining room. Still had wonderful comments and a good to excellent rating. I had only one suggestion, for change, which was to replace the mat in a print, over our little wine buffet in the dining room. I went upstairs, after reading the comment and stood in the foyer to see how that mat looked. I decided, as you mentioned, you can’t really “see” a room, in a few photos. The existing mat looked fine in real life. Needless to say, it remains.

    Late this summer I removed all the photos, while I was ahead. Haven’t replaced them and won’t. I have a style all my own. It may not be the style of others. We live here and it’s us.

    Most of the people at Rate My Space are regular folks who are kind. I believe, however, there are a few people there, not posting photos. They go there to make hurtful comments and that makes it not so much fun.

    Another great post. You keep me on my toes, with new ideas. And you keep my 60 plus thinker, thinking!
    Thanks! Pat

  5. Kelly

    I enjoy looking at other peoples rooms, but never leave a comment. I agree that you can’t tell someone what they need to do in a room based on a photo. You really need to be in the space and “feel” the room and know the person/family that lives there to give any true decorating advice. Besides, I don’t want to take advice from a stranger whose taste I might not like anyway! I have not posted any of my rooms because of that. I don’t want a stranger’s “advice” on my rooms. So, I just look at others and print those that I like to look at for ideas or skip the ones I don’t like and move on. I also think that people shouldn’t give comments (except good ones) if they themselves haven’t bothered to post their own rooms!

  6. Julie

    First of all, from what I can see, the boys bedroom is pretty cute.

    Secondly, I don’t visit that website or have any desire to post a picture. And my reason is simply, my taste may very well contradict “your” taste. If I am happy with my home, which I am, I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. I love my barn star in my living room and someone may see that and just rip me to shreds for having it. I don’t ever want to feel the need to second guess myself. My home is what I make it, open and inviting, a little cluttered and a little cozy. And anyone is welcome. Just don’t tell me what you REALLY think.


  7. Esther Sunday

    I would not be interested in “Rating My Space”. Decorating is very individual. If I feel most complete in the area that I have created, I don’t give a rat’s butt what someone else thinks. Unfortunately, I get “its busy alright” from my mother-in-law… and I would never decorate the way she does, but always give positive encouragement! Hey! I had to laugh about the driving around at night… I LOVE to look into windows when driving by at night to see how people have set up their rooms!
    Love, Esther

  8. Elizabeth

    I cant help you with this. I love to look at the rooms posted on there (although I never leave comments), but I agree. The comments left on perfectly fine rooms can be so hurtful, I would never post rooms on there!

  9. Lynda

    I’ve only recently heard about “rate my space” but other than a quick glance at a couple of photos, haven’t spent any time there. I can totally understand why you’re not a fan of it. I don’t think I’d like to read some of those mean comments. A person’s home is just that … “their” home and what works for them and their lifestyle might not appeal to a stranger. I think you have to know something about the way someone lives in order to judge their decorating style. ~ Lynda xo

    (ps ~ Esther, I love looking into windows as I drive by at night too!!)

  10. Counting Your Blessings

    For one day I really liked “rate my space”. I even put some of my pictures up. Why? Just because I was there, I think. I don’t know, really. After that day, I haven’t been back since. I haven’t looked at comments on my pictures because, like you, it doesn’t matter to me. Besides, if they saw the real mess… the comments would so unkind =) Blessings… Polly

  11. Becky

    LOL Melissa about peeking in at night! When a was a runner I would run at night and run past my fav houses..of course, slow down a bit to get a good look!

    I don’t like RMS. There are some homes that are just wonderful – filled with loving touches – yet they aren’t fairly rated. I will not put my house out there for that. If you like it great, if you don’t then that is fine, too. We all have different tastes and cannot expect everyone to concur.

    Have a great day!!!!



  12. Lynn

    Fabulous post and you already know how I feel about RMS. :)) May I add your blog to my list? xo Lynn

  13. Rhoda

    I’ve looked on that site several times & when I first saw it a few months ago, enjoyed it. I too found out about it from another decor board, so went over to visit. And, I decided to post pics of my DR. I left them up about 2 weeks & the first week, got a pretty good rating, but then it started going downhill & some wonderful person came in & clicked the stars down so I ended up down around 2 stars or so. And I got some comments about my columns & too much stuff, etc., so I decided, enough is enough & I took the pics down. I don’t need that either. I love my house the way it is & decided that I don’t have to have the world’s approval. My house is done for me & my family & not for anyone else. There are some really brutal comments over there & that’s just not necessary. I’ve seen lots of beautifully done rooms on there & that’s the facination for me. I love to look at pretty decor pics!

    So, I hardly ever go over there & look anymore. It reminds me of a reality TV show…you gotta look, but it might not be pleasant. And I’m pretty much done with reality TV too. Don’t need that in my life.

    Good topic though!


  14. Sophiehoneysuckle

    You made some really good points-I totally agree with you! It seems like some people are deliberately just mean on there!

  15. Vee

    Like LaTeaDah, I had never heard of this. Now I am overcome with wild curiosity because I love to look at other folks’ rooms, too. I’ll take your word for it and just take a quick peek. Ha!

  16. seeb

    I have never been there”Rate my space”but I think it might be nice place where we can see others point of views,we can use the ideas.Some times just asking questions help us to know what we want.At the end it’s our home we can do as we wish;)

  17. Victoria

    My neighbor’s sister has placed pictures of her home on there and receieved lots of good comments and was one of the top rated spaces for quite awhile. Then someone just blasted her decor. It really hurt her feelings. I have never understood the draw of this site myself. But after speaking with my neighbor I took a look and all I can say is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder or not”.

    While it is lovely to have others appreciate one’s decor and I do love it when people ooh and aah over my home(not that all do) but my husband is a decorative painter and we have a number of different finishes in our home and we do use it as a model for designers and clients, but my point is we enjoy the atmoshpere we have created and we love sharing our home with others. It is after all our “Home sweet Home.”
    I agree with Rhoda it is a good topic.

  18. Amy Elise Designs

    I had never heard of Rate My Space before! I think it is a good place to get ideas, I don’t like that people get attacked for their taste and style! I think everyone has their way of putting things together, that’s what makes us individuals and gives us our comfort.

  19. A Fanciful Twist

    Oh my. Well, I did Interior design for 4 years… And I have to step inside the space and feel it, to know in what direction to go. Either way, my home is my sanctuary and I don’t want the one private sanctuary of my heart to be rated…… But, perhaps the people being rated haven’t found the bliss their home should share with them???

    Either way, I am not into ratemyroom. Not for now at least… xo

  20. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    I love this post. It is so true. Everyone has an opinion. I wonder if this post was FOR rate my space and not against it, if the answers would be different? I think that basically every one here is nice – so no one wants to leave a negative post. That is great.

    I had a few rooms on Rate My Space. I had mostly wonderful comments. Only a few minor suggestions. My living room was top rated and top viewed for a few weeks. I recently removed them because they just were not getting comments anymore.

    Now for the reason I did it. I simply was trying to draw more viewers to my website. I looked at it as free advertising. And you can bet your sweet bippie, that if it backfired and I started getting negative comments I would have pulled the room instantly.

    I really didn’t necessarily want to have people leave wonderful comments, I just wanted them to be interested enough that they would go to my website. I will try many different ways to promote my art. I spent 25 years in marketing….So – that is my reason…:-)

  21. andrea danielle

    I found this site a few weeks back and looked through a few pictures and could not believe the comments that people made. I was so annoyed and felt so sorry for the people posting that I have not gone back…not nice people. you have a great blog!

  22. Neutral Dwelling

    I’ve never heard of Rate My Space, but your post made me giggle– I too am a beautiful room stalker!

  23. Liberty Post

    Who cares what anyone else thinks. Love your own room or don’t. If you don’t then change it up. If you do then bravo! I stand by my manifesto!

  24. Sher

    You know Melisssa, I agree with you on Rate My Space. I don’t check it out because the only opinion I feel matters for our homes is our own opinion. What’s right for one, may not be liked or right for another.

    But, I do think people like to give their opinion, right or wrong. . . it makes them feel special. I’ve never posted a room on Rate My Space, and I won’t. If we like our rooms. . . isn’t that all the really matters?


  25. Amy

    Melissa, I totally agree with you about Rate My Space. All it is is peoples opinions! You have to decorate to your own tastes and likings! After all, your the one paying the mortgage, lol! I am sure I would get terrible reviews if I put my home on there! And I chose not to do that to myself. I LOVE looking at other peoples homes though. It is fun. But I wouldnt want to judge them for what they like! It isnt even right.

    I do the same thing as you!!! I LOVE driving around at night and looking in peoples windows! It is so much fun :)


  26. ellie

    I also thought it was kind of neat in the beginning but then people weren’t very tactful when they left comments. I mean some comments were harsh!! So I haven’t been there in a long time. I find that going to people’s blogs are much nicer plus sometimes you can figure out what is for dinner!!

  27. brilliant asylum

    This site is news to me, but it sounds brutal. I am off to check it out now. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  28. Shannon

    Interesting….I never even knew this existed. It’s kind of neat to look at it for ideas though!

  29. Erin

    I have to say, that I am addicted too. I posted my rooms, and painted most of them as a result. However, the comments a few people made resulted in me removing all of them. Someone told me to throw my sofa away! My Berhardt that I love. I really took people’s comments to heart and ended up with really hurt feelings. I had to separate myself from it for a while. I realized I was too concerned with “earthly things.” Now I’m addicted again! But it will be a while before I post again.

  30. Mary

    Yes, I love looking in windows at night, too! I was addicted to RMS for a few months, and posted rooms on there. The majority of comments were kind, but when the occasional nasty one appeared, I was very upset. My rooms are still up, but I never look at the comments anymore. I found the blogging world through Cindy, who posted her beautiful romantic home there. I have put my blog address on my RMS rooms, hoping to draw more viewers.

  31. karla nathan

    I recently heard od RMS and flipped through pages and pages of pictures, enjoying the peeks, but didn’t stop to rate or read comments myself. I thought it would be fun to add a room to it and it seemed to be ok, people were nice, but yes, there were some critics.

    I thought it might bring more traffic to my site (and so my sales) but I don’t know that it did. It was kind of fun and I might do it again.

    On the other hand, do I need one more place on the computer to soak up so much of my time?????


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