A Frightful Day

A Frightful Day

A Frightful Day


  1. That’s a frightful scene! Have a happy and safe Halloween!


  2. i think i misunderstood your pay it forward challenge…my ADD keeps me from reading things to clearly. :) but oh well…i gave you an idea at least.
    i see you are with CWO? that’s cool…i will have to check you out.
    i saw an angela thomas video in my bible study and it changed me. she talked about having a secret life with God. awesome. she said something like “when a women comes out from time alone with God…look out!” i want that.
    anyway…i love the drive-by’s too. i am going to go back and REread the challenge for friday so i can attempt to do it right this time. ha.

  3. Great decorations – happy Halloween

  4. BOOOOOOOOO to you, toooooooooo.
    Happy Halloween

  5. RRrrrrrrrreeeeaaawwwrrrrrrrr.. I can here the kitty through the cream! hee heee.. Please don’t let Freddy rise this eveing!!

  6. OOOOOhhh…spoooky! be safe!

  7. This is similar to the scene I see out my front window. My neighbor across the street have a small graveyard. Really spooky!

  8. lovely scary stuff my friend…have we danced yet…hope you having a ghoulish day…blessings, rebecca

  9. Great display, so fun! Happy Halloween to you!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Spooky Pictures, Love That Little Rat! Happy Halloween.


  11. Have I told you lately that I love your photos? …


  12. oh that is such a frightful kitten in your yard.. Im afraid to trick or treat there!! happy halloween! hope to see you at my blog!

  13. Ooooh, scary! Looks like ya’ll have fun on Halloween. Be safe from the ghosts & goblins. We’ve had a steady stream all evening.


  14. Scary decor….Happy Halloween! Susan

  15. I love tombstones, was this not a hoot, halloween blog a treating??

  16. Ooohhhh perfectly frightful!!!!!!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  17. Good times in your yard. Yep. I’m there.

  18. Hi Melissa, oh wow, love it!! Actually we love tombstones! Happy Halloween!! Jenn and Jacqui :)

  19. Happy Halloween to you too:-) I ran out of time to visit everyone at the Ball last night so I’m continuing to party this morning! hehe Love the lawn decor…spooktacular:-) xo

  20. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    That is one scary cat! Boo! Hope you had a great evening!!

  21. I love your blogsite……..so much fun. I LOOVE the pixs of all the homes(the Drive By’s)super fun! Thanks for sharing your Halloween FUN with all us blog party goers. Super fun…I am still visiting everyone’s site.

  22. Hi, just a straggler from the Halloween party finally stopping by for a visit. And now I see you have French inspired holiday party posts and so much wonderful eye candy – NOOOOO! I’ll never climb up out of this computer and into my real life. More to see! More to see! So pretty! Sigh. I’m doomed.

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