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7 Facts, plus a bonus one

7 Facts, plus a bonus one

Lovely Rhonda at Farmhouse Style so kindly invited me to play tag and list seven little known facts about myself. You know, I am a little worried about this. You know what happened the last time I played tag, if not you can read about my experience here! But you know, I’m over it. Even if Martha Stewart herself came by today, she’s welcome to join in the fun. I wonder what Martha would say if I tagged her, should I try it? Actually, I don’t want to know. I don’t need anymore pressure.

Ok folks, let the games begin:

1. I have a choking phobia. My kids all know this. Everyone in my town knows this about me (I often hear people say, oh, yeah, you have that ‘thing’ about choking!) COME ON PEOPLE, CHOKING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!). I cut up my kids’ apples and carrots and bananas into little tiny slivers. Even when they are 19 years old. I am not kidding. And I always follow up by saying, “Take one bite at a time and chew slowly.” Sorry! Choking is a life and death matter and you can’t be too careful. Please do not tell me your choking stories in my comments, it only adds to my resolve to avoid choking. Just say you understand and leave it at that.

2. I’m not too organized. My husband picks up after me everyday. I set things in little piles all over the place so I won’t forget something, and he swoops in every night and gathers up all my piles and throws them in a box or bag somewhere. That is so helpful, honey! NOT! He likes ambience even more than I do, so he doesn’t want to see my stuff all over. But he forgets I also like AUTHENTIC LIVING. And for me, that includes piles on the table. And on the chair. And desk. And bathroom counter.

3. I have been asked to write a monthly column for a wonderful online magazine. My first one is online now! But I hesitate to tell you about it, because I don’t like to say LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! You have to just happen upon these little discoveries about me, I am the kind of person who likes to just sort of blend in to the sidelines. Not really a wallflower, just not attention seeking. One day awhile back I had 3,000 visitors here and I almost had a panic attack. (I thought maybe the paparazzi had some scoop on me and sent the world over to check it out!) I am so humbled to be a part of the magazine! I will give you all the link here.

7 Facts, plus a bonus one

4. Along the lines of #3, I do not like to have a lot of attention drawn to myself.

5. Ok, now I am digging here for something else you don’t know. Or would care to know. Honestly, I don’t particularly like to cook. Again, I’m sorry! I know that is so not Martha-like to say, but I’m just saying! Once in awhile for a special occasion I do, or if I had a lot of free time, but for the most part I just like to get it over with. It is messy, time consuming and you eat the results. Not my kind of project! If I create something, I want to see it every day in all its glory.

6. I want to start embroidering. I’ve said this on a couple of other people’s blogs, but I’ve wanted to embroider for a long time. Other bloggers and their nifty talents have inspired me to get going on this. I guess I just need to set aside time for it or I’ll never start. You crafty gals are just amazing.

7. I’m short! Well, pretty short. 5 foot 2 inches.

Alrighty, there you have it! Little known facts and the longest post in blogging history. It pains me to devote an entire post to myself. It REALLY does. I am not just saying this. But, because I love you all so much, I do this for you to be a gracious blogger. I want you to know how much I appreciate you, EACH ONE OF YOU, your visits, your support, your encouragement. Really, I do. Thanks Rhonda, for asking me to play!

7 Facts, plus a bonus one

Bonus Fact: All the photos were taken last fall when I was in Budapest. Our family’s publishing company won an award, and we were flown to Hungary. This is an amazing city! The first picture shows the Danube River. Second photo is the Royal Grand Corinthian Hotel where we stayed. The third is from Heroes Square.