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Virtual Vintage Prom

by | Nov 19, 2007 | Authentic Living

Because today is always a good day for a party. (and we can always put off Thanksgiving preparations until tomorrow…)

Virtual Vintage Prom

Oh, hello! Do come in! I am scurrying around trying to get ready for the vintage prom. I started out looking for the perfect, sweet pink dress. I found a dress I really loved, but I decided it wasn’t fancy enough so I went with the STOP STARING red dress. Why not I say? My last prom, in 1985, when I was a “princess” on the court, I wore a sweet dress. Tonight, we are going for the look at me red dress just to shake things up a bit! I still think it is kind of sweet, with the polka dots.

Virtual Vintage Prom

And of course, with a STOP STARING red dress you always need red shoes.

Virtual Vintage Prom

But just like Cinderella, I have lost one of my shoes! Hopefully my Prince Charming will find it and bring it to me before the stroke of midnight! Oh, of course he will! As soon as he is finished painting my bathroom cabinet! I do hope he will be ready in time to take me to the prom!

My day started out with a bit of a fright, I went running downstairs to the laundry room to get another box of Frosted Mini Wheats from our shelves. And lo and behold, my little mousey friend had nibbled on the plastic cereal bag! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! There were holes all over it! Ewww!!! Not sure if he did that before or after the last Thanksgiving meal we set out for him, but either way, I am not going down to the laundry room again. Ever. Poor hubby will be running ragged between painting the cabinet and doing my laundry! But he is such a dear, he said he was on to my schemes, but, and I quote, “who else is going to keep you happy?” and of course I have to agree with that one. I am one lucky girl!

Now back to the prom, I might be the only married girl there, but hubby said he would drive me in our fancy car.

Virtual Vintage Prom

Ok, well I better finish getting ready, I have so much to do still!

My hair, what will I do with my hair?

Thanks for coming by, see you all there!


  1. Terri Steffes

    That is a totally adorable dress and those shoes are awesome! (was that 80s enough for you?) :)

  2. Natasha Burns

    Ooooh love the dress shoes and car!!!! DIVINE!!!! Hope your little friend goes away soon!!!
    Thanks for joining in the fun!
    Natasha : )

  3. Jennifer

    You really are a hoot! Just make sure there’s no mouse accompanying you to the ball!!

  4. janet

    My last prom we were still wearing those gloves that went past your elbow with about a gazillion little buttons on them. Once you had them buttoned you, you couldn’t take them off. Guess they were the chastity belt of the 60s. Couldn’t go home with your gloves off or some questions would be asked, LOL. My how times have changed!!

  5. bluemuf

    Your dress is beautiful and the shoes are perfect. Love the car


  6. Brittany

    Love your dress and shoes!!

    I’ve got an idea! Let your little mousey friend finish up the painting! Maybe he’ll work up an appetite!!

  7. Linda

    Oh I love love love your red polka dot dress!! I must have it!!! LOL! Great post!

  8. Adla

    Your dress is so cute. Very tutti fruity indeed! Isn’t that wonderful that your date is so accomodating, I’m sure he’ll take you to ball in time and in that stylish car.Well I’m sure the fairygodmother of the virtual prom can turn the little mouse into a pumpkin carriage or something along those lines. See you at the prom,have fun!

  9. Anastasia

    oh you’re hot pink number is stunning! you’ll be a standout!
    Nice to have met you at the prom!

  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites

    OH La la are going to be the queen of the Prom. The prom is not part of our french culture but I hope I could come to this one to try it

  11. bj

    This dress, these shoes (ok, well, THAT SHOE), that car, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, you are BOUND to have a good time!! :)
    As for your furry friend…bet he’s gone by now!!

  12. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, gorgeous dress and THOSE shoes, serious wow factor! Let’s have a glass of punch shall we? Jenn and Jacqui

  13. Pat

    Hi Melissa…I love your prom outfit and your extra special vehicle is fabulous!;-)

    We had a great time at the wedding. I’m recuperating a bit today. I had appointments yesterday and some shopping to do and today I have a drs appointment. Perhaps I’ll rest a minute tomorrow, before beginning the decorating!

    I’m catching up with my blogs this morning! Enjoyed yours, as usual!


  14. rochambeau

    Hey Melissa,
    You and I will should hang out together tonight since it seems we are the only ones not wearing pink or pastle. We are either Very Fashion Forward or frightfully passe. I like to this it is the former.

    Did you say your Mousey friend turned into a Rolls? or that your painter turned into Prince Charming? I can’t remember. Do you think you could give Ken and I a lift?

    Let dance!!

  15. LiLi

    Love your dress, shoes and cars, but don’t like your little companion. He should be one or two horsepower in that car or vanish at all? ;-D
    Have a nice prom! Love LiLi M.

  16. cielo

    Hi, I got here via Natasha’s blog… nice meeting you.

    I guess I’ll meet you in person at the prom. pl/come by my house in the roses for a visit.


  17. sherry

    Did you find the other shoe? Maybe it’s because “I” took it…I love red shoes and these ones are awesome!! They go very well with your polka dot dress…and I see you are really arriving in style!! Have fun and I’ll see you there..perhaps I’ll hand back the other shoe!! :)

  18. Rhonda

    I am sure you will be absolutely stunning in your lovely Red Dress and Shoes:) And to arrive in such style….Enjoy!


  19. Ruth Welter

    The dress is beautiful Melissa…the car however, is something I really want to drive away in. I wanted to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much.

  20. karla nathan

    Yep, that is quite a dress. No wonder your husband does anything you ask!

  21. Terri

    I bet you look stunning in red, a colour I cannot wear at all! xo Terri

  22. Diane

    LOVE your dress! Can’t wait to see you at the prom! Hey I have an extra man if you need one. I might share! Elvis just called! LOL!

  23. Elzie

    I just wish I were able to wear such a dress. It’s so cute. And the shoes!! I would break my legs if I tried them out LOL. But the car seems great. Think I’ll keep up with that, ha, ha.
    Hope you have a festive evening my friend.
    Love Elzie

  24. Karin

    Love it….especially the car!

  25. Bejeweled

    What a fun dress with all those festive polka dots! But I’m afraid I’m actually drooling over that car! Couldn’t ask for a more stylish prom accessory than that!

  26. Vee

    You’ll look terrific in that red dress! (I’ve never been to a prom before. I think it’s too late for me. :))

    How’s that painting coming along? Will it be done in time for Thanksgiving?

  27. Pearl Maple

    Ohhhh I do sooooo love red too! what a beautiful dress, really enjoying meeting everyone throught the virtual vintage prom, such a fun theme.

  28. Dara

    Gorgeous!!! You look like a 40’s glam girl!!! :)

    *Hugs* Dara

  29. A Fanciful Twist

    OOOO lalalalaal! What a dress and car and shoes!! Charming indeed! Oh this whole virutal prom thing is wonderfully fun!

  30. Rachael

    Now that’s what a call a dress! And those shoes, oh la la! GORGEOUS! I’m closely guarding my date . . .

  31. Rachael

    p.s, sorry about Brad!

  32. Saucy

    There do seem to be a couple of us married-with-childrens there so let’s have fun on our night out… starting with that dress! You’re bound to get into some sort of scrap with a jealous girl in the washroom over that sassy number!

  33. Laura

    Love the car and the shoes!


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