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A French-Inspired Satellite Party

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

Photo: Southern Accents Design Assistant via Cottage Living online

There are definite advantages to making

something big out of a lot of little things — Chuck Close

Come on in! The big 100th post day is finally here. WELCOME! I’m so glad you came by because I really wanted to THANK those of you who have been such warm and generous blogging friends over these past few months, and to welcome those of you who are just joining us!

Tis the Season to be thankful! (pssst, do I look alright?)

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

photo: splash news

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been with me for most of my blogging days. Janet, Becky, Terri, Cherry, Beck, Abby to name just a few early visitors! It makes me happy to see both the familiar friends, and the new faces! So thank you, all of you, I have been blessed by some wonderful, insightful, caring, inspiring and hilarious blogging friends!

Before we move on to the festivities, I wanted to say I have had my share of fun and foibles with this blog so far! I began not having a clue what I was doing (ah, well, I still don’t), having few if any visitors (which was really for the best anyways!) and no plan or strategy for how my blog should look since I began it all on a whim. It has been a work in progress to say the least.

At times the “blog” has once or twice nearly become a four letter word at my house with my late night and early morning attempts at formatting and creating a post, my poor husband downstairs pining away for the days before I knew about blogs! Actually, it has cut down on the sheer volume of words spoken to him per day, and for that I am sure he is eternally grateful to all of you. His ears must be happy for some peace and quiet at long last.

A French-Inspired Satellite Party


Through my naivety and lack of planning during the life of this blog, I once caused some bloggers to double over in laughter at my faux pas in titling one of my posts with a word that apparently also means wife swapping in some parts of the world (Thank you for pointing that out so I could redeem my post, Sophie, LOL!), I’ve nearly caused myself to shut down my blog in shame when a particularly dull and artistically void post listing boring facts about myself was visited by interior designers, I’ve called bloggers repeatedly by the wrong name (Sorry, Rhoda!) I had other bloggers (Manuela) correct embarrassing typos for me in their comments to avoid humiliation, I didn’t visit dear Pat for months after she first visited me because in trying to visit her I would accidentally find myself on someone else’s “back porch” (and he wasn’t all that friendly), oh, I could go on forever with my blogging foibles! It is a wonder I’ve made to today to celebrate! Somehow I’ve managed to keep a few of you coming back, likely out of pity! Thanks to all of you for whatever reason you continue to visit!

Now, to the P A R T Y! Let’s get festive!

Please, let me take your coat and do make yourself at home. Here, have a sweet!

Treats catered by Taste via a fabulous wedding blog Style Me Pretty!

As you may know, we are attempting to party across the miles with The Blissful boutique as they are kicking off their holiday season with a French-inspired glittery extravaganza! As Murphy’s Law states, if something can go wrong, it probably will! Here is a highlight of what happened to poor Abby just two days before her party:

We won’t be surprised ever again if we pull up to our shop at 8 in the morning two days before the premiere of our biggest event of the year…and find a crew of roofers tearing off our roof. No joke. One frantic call to the landlord later, and the roofers are fast-tracked to finish our side of the building by dark last night, and the entire building by early Thursday morning. Please, God, let it be so. Last time I checked, we did not invite Din and Debris to A French-Inspired Noël.

LOL! Indeed not, I would never invite Din and Debris to a holiday party! Oh I do hope that all worked out and they didn’t have to step over roofing debris in their party outfits!

Ok, in all seriousness now, because we are on the cutting edge of blog parties, we will now attempt to connect via satellite to The Blissful to see how things are shaping up in Canton, Ohio for their party!

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

Abby? Abby? Can you hear me? Abby, are you there?


Ok, well, moving right along! Heh. Alright. Eh hem. Ah, word is that the “connection” is still being set up for us to see snippets of the big party there, so if you are joining us early in the morning Friday, you will have to tune back in a bit later to our satellite feed right here at The Inspired Room! Satellite Party Take Two! Come on back, we’ll get the connection working I promise … Murphy’s Law aside, we will get this satellite party started!

A French-Inspired Satellite Party


Photo: Victoria Magazine online

Meanwhile, enjoy the food, have a drink, mingle, talk amongst yourselves, laugh and share your ideas for hors d’oeuvre and hostess gifts! Don’t forget, everyone who shares a favorite hors d’oeuvre or hostess gift idea will be entered into the drawing! And if you come back and comment on Satellite Party Take Two once our satellite connection is up and functioning, before the party ends, you will be entered into the drawing again! woo hoo!

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

photos: Room Service Home

What? You want to know what the prize is before you participate? Oh, yes, I haven’t yet revealed that! Oops! I’ve left you hanging. So, without further ado, check out the formidable prize, courtesy of The Blissful! How chic are these?

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

But wait, there’s more! As if those chic little Eiffel Tower earrings were not enough to make you swoon, I am adding a gift certificate for a 1-year magazine subscription. You can choose a subscription to any one of the following magazines: Southern Living, Cottage Living, Coastal Living, Southern Accents, Cooking Light, Sunset, Health, All You, or Real Simple!

So, if you are the winner of the drawing, you get both the magazine subscription AND the tres chic earrings! That is right, two prizes for one fortunate winner!

But wait, there’s even more! If you are attempting to gain status as my BFF (Best Friend Forever), just invite your blog visitors to my party via a link to The Inspired Room on your blog, and you will be entered in to a special BFF drawing as well as the main one! Few will enter, but the lucky winner will receive a French delicacy, beautiful little chocolate truffles just like I promised you from the world famous Moonstruck Chocolates! Ooo la la! Handpicked by me, for you. Only the best for the winner of the BFF drawing and odds are good the winner could be YOU ! You will get extra bonus entries into the main drawing too, just for being such a BFF!

A French-Inspired Satellite Party

Ok, one last announcement before I let you party on, dude…I put the names of each person who left me craft ideas (for the Pay It Forward fun) into a hat and drew out one lucky winner! That fortunate person will be the recipient of my fourth attempt at a crafty gift! That person is none other than:

Meg Duerksen

Congratulations Meg! Be prepared for your own mass of tape, glue, glitter and yarn otherwise known as a handmade ornament from yours truly! (just kidding, there will be no yarn involved!)

A French-Inspired Satellite Party


Party on! And don’t forget to come back later to check in with our satellite party!


A French-Inspired Satellite Party



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