My Christmas House

My Christmas House

Hi girls! (and guys, I know at least one guy has admitted to reading this). Oh, ever have one of those days? Sheesh, I do. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say I am in need of a personal assistant to keep from losing my own head sometimes.

I sure wish I could just invite you all over, but I did try my best to get some new photos of my house today so you can feel like we had a little get together. Unfortunately someone has borrowed the tri-pod and I couldn’t for the life of me get my camera to hold still. Lots of my photos looked like I took them from a moving train! So, I have a few shots that are OK but you’ll have to use your imagination on most of them. I also have a really hard time taking photos in a couple of rooms in my house that are naturally very dark. While they look cozy in real life, in a photo it is hard for me to capture a good photo. Guess I need special lighting for those rooms. That is why you will probably get sick of seeing photos in my kitchen on this blog, the only room where light isn’t a real issue.

Do you ever take pictures around your house and then suddenly see a problem with your decor? With a 1930s fixer upper, unfinished rooms are the norm in my house!

My Christmas House

The photo above is one of the only ones I have today from a small corner of my dark living room. It is a very large room, paneled on several walls in mahogany. The rest of the walls are heavy combed plaster, original to the house from the 1930s. The room feels a bit like an old English library or a lodge. It has a large stone fireplace, which adds to the cozy feel. It is a beautiful room but hard to photograph! This photo (above) is looking from the room up the stairs into our entry. While you go downstairs from the entry to get to the room, the room is actually level to the backyard.

I try to make the stairway as dramatic as I can with garland, lights and ribbon so it gives a grand feeling as you enter the room! We have our tree in this room, it is a 9 foot tall noble, I’d say about 8 feet across! SUPER chubby! It was challenging to get down the staircase! I will try to take a photo of it that would be worth looking at later. I couldn’t get it all in the shot without a tri-pod.

My Christmas House

This is a boat on top of a bookshelf in that same room. I stuck some branches, pinecones and lights in it to make it feel dressed up for the holidays.

My Christmas House

As you enter the front door, you can look to the left and see the dining room. You can see a bit of the garland on the railing there. That is bordering the stairway down to the living room. Again, sorry it is so dark!

My Christmas House

This is as you walk into the dining room from the entry. This room also has heavy combed plaster walls with antique white wainscoting. It is another large room but we keep our table small and intimate now for game playing. My daughter plays the baby grand, and it is also a player piano so we can turn it on to play Christmas carols for us during a party. Very fun and gives a real festive mood to an event! For the party Saturday my table was much more festive, we had cake plates and a tablecloth. This is where we served desserts.

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

Now we are coming around the table to our cozy bench and going to look at the room from the swinging door to the kitchen, looking back at the entryway.

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

These wise men are in my entry. The other one is just out of the picture.


My Christmas House

This is back in my kitchen. Notice the stubby candles, evidence of our party the other night! Some of the rest of these you may have seen.

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

The next two photos are from my kids’ rooms. I try to add little holiday touches to their rooms for fun too. They are pretty bad shots but I thought you’d be happy to see the giraffe is feeling much better after the episode in my hallway just before Thanksgiving. The second photo is my middle daughter’s room, we added some sparkling garland to a mirror to reflect light to a dark corner.

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

My Christmas House

And finally, my bedroom. I will try to give a bit more tour later, once I have a tri-pod and more daylight! Off to a school concert, I am still looking forward to catching up with you all this week!


  1. Incredible!!!!!!! It is just swoon worthy!! I want to go to your hose for Christmas.. Reminds mf of one of my fave movies, home alone part 1! xoxoox

  2. I mean house. :) hee hee. Too much egg nog… eek!

  3. Melissa your home is so lovely and cozy and I tell you what you have some accessories that are just to die for ….I cant wait to see more… thank you for letting us peek into your private world


  4. I am stunned.

    You take the most aboslutely GORGEOUS pictures – everything looks soooo beautiful. It won’t be long before the magazines come a callin’! :)


  5. um…wow…I have a serious inferiority complex…

  6. I love the wreath above your piano. It’s beautiful!

  7. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Hi Sweet Melissa (do you know there is a song with the same title – ? It just hit me!) ha. Anywho, I have so enjoyed looking at each photo of your home and am just loving each room and all of the sophisticated details…..combed plaster walls, the Wise Men, your cute Santa and Mrs. Claus shakers from your previous post, the garlands on your grand stairs, the hardwood floors….I could go on and on and on. I love your home and most of all your wonderful loving touches here and there.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for leaving the sweet comment about Deena. I just met here, but felt so compelled to share her story with everyone. The more prayers, the better.

    Love ya,


  8. Your home is so warm and cozy and inviting! Of course I was in love with it the moment you said “1930’s” :) even before I saw all your beautiful touches and decorations!

  9. It all looks so beautiful, very homey and warm. Enjoy the concert.

  10. Oh wow I love your house!! Its sooo lovely I love the room with piano its my favorite!! Come by my blog soon!


  11. Your home is just gorgeous! I love your dining room, and the little touches in the bedrooms too.

  12. hahahah…. the giraffe looks almost angelic !!!

  13. Esther Sunday says

    Oh, Melissa – your home is LOVELY!!! All your touches are divine! The wooden stairway is georgous! Watch out! Esther may just crash your party! Love, Esther

  14. What a beautiful home, I love all the decorations you have displayed for us. I love the dining room, simple yet very elegant.

  15. ohhh it’s so very lovely and festive.

  16. hi melissa.
    love that wreath full of fun ornaments…so pretty.
    what fun to see inside your house.
    and i know exactly what you mean about seeing it through the eye of the camera…like “wait…that’s what it looks like?” it all looks beautiful though.

  17. Wow.
    I’m sure someone already said that but seriously;

  18. Wonderful christmas decoration . Thank you for sharing with us , Melissa it seems we are with you for christmas …
    Joyeux Noel

  19. What a wonderful Christmas home you have! So warm and inviting! I really love the wreath and the christmas stockings with birds on!

  20. I will indeed have to go back and drool over….I mean study… every picture again and again. You have a gorgeous home. Have the Best of Holidays…..Rosie

  21. Oh my! I feel that peculiar shade of green coming on… LOL! Hope no one catches me over here…I’m supposed to be baking cookies. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home, Melissa. You’ve done an exquisite job with everything!

  22. Melissa, it all looks so lovely.Love the wreath.

  23. Melissa, your home is lovely and your pictures were good! I have trouble taking pictures in rooms when there’s not a lot of natural light but yours were really good. Love all your Christmas touches around your beautiful home!


  24. Thanks for sharing! I am dying to come cook in your spacious kitchen…with that big stove!!! My favorite is your snowman…I am a sucker for them ;)

  25. i love everything!!!
    i want that wreath!!!

  26. Oh, Melissa, your home is beautiful! That wreath in the dining room is stunning, and I love your garland on the stairs! Beautiful!

  27. How lovely to see your home. It was a cosy home, I must say. Can understand you’re enjoying your time there.
    Hope you have a great Wednesday.
    Love Elzie

  28. It’s times like these that I wish we were all professional photographers. I love the entry. That combed plaster is lovely. I would love to see more of your kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. So pretty, Melissa! I love seeing more pics of your house, esp. all decorated for Christmas. It’s so festive and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I really loved all the white dishes on top of that wood piece…beautiful!


  30. Love it all Melissa! Your boat is a real fave, wow!!!

  31. Just beautiful Melissa, I love the view up the stairs, how lovely.

  32. Thank you for sharing these pictures, I get so excited to see what other people do for Christmas! Everything looks so pretty, you must be very proud when you have people over!

  33. Melissa,
    No wonder your home is showcased all of the time! It’s absolutely stunning! Very magazine worthy. But I think my favorite thing of all is that STOVE! I so want a large stove. With all of the cooking I do, I feel I deserve a 6 burner. Thank you for allowing us in to your home today! I had a wonderful time.


  34. love your home…so warm and inviting…i am going to have to decorate my bed now…blessings, rebecca

  35. I love your home! Simply stunning! Merry Christmas!

  36. Oh Melissa…I am sitting here and drinking hot cocoa in a huge Snowman covered mug,listening to Christmas music and looking at your lovely Christmas home…perfect way to start a day I think…Huge hugs from Stayton…Love~Sharon

  37. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    Hi Melissa,
    Your home is lovely! Very inviting and warm. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful, elegant with a touch of whimsy (the giraffe :-) ). I love your stove!!

  38. Jenn and Jacqui says

    Hi Melissa, your beautful home is a feast for our tired wyes!! Absolutely gorgeous, a home to be truly proud of :) We love all the special touches you have made and the staircase, it’s fantastic! We love fairy lights too, just a perfect glow:) Thanks for such gorgeous pictures :) Hugs to Winston, we have been remiss in not sending him a cuddle!! Jenn and Jacqui xo

  39. Oh Wow! What beautiful eye candy, and so many personal touches! You certainly never disappoint! :)

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home…

    xo, Andrea

  40. OH MY GOSH your home is just SOOOO cozy! Jealous! Great job on the fantastic Christmas decor… it looks straight out of a magazine, but yet so livable!

    LOVE IT!

  41. Melissa – you need to get your house in a magazine!! So, so beautiful and cozy – just like you!

    ok = here’s a secret to taking great pictures of your home: a wide angle lens. That’s the secret – without one, your pitures will never look like a professional’s. trust me on this – I had a lesson on lenses when my house was photographed last month. It’s not the camera! It’s not the photographer! It’s the lens. Oh, and btw, they only cost around $20,0000!!!!


  42. So much fun! Thanks for shaing all your wonderful Holiday home decor. Love all of it/and i didn’t think it was too dark. Enjoy the blog party!

  43. You have a heavenly home! Very elegant decor, and I especially love the little things like those cookie cutters and that wreath on the bed. Divine! Definitely we could all use some some studio lighting to make our interior photos shine, especially in this dull bleak season! Your house is lovely – wish I could come for a party! xo Terri

  44. Your home is so beautiful. I love the little cookie cutters tied with the ribbon. I may have to copy that!

  45. wow what a lovely home and delightful Christmas goodies..thank you for sharing your Holiday home..

  46. Your home is beautiful. I love your ornament wreath and the cookie cutters tied with ribbon. I may have to steal that idea!

  47. Melissa, your home is so beautiful! I love your dining room and bedroom but evrything is lovely! I have a thing for old houses, I don’t know if I could ever be happy in a new home! The details and space of older homes are so lovely. Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorating with us. I am loving these home tours online!

  48. Both of your wreaths are divine! Your home is beautiful! Christmas Blessings, Miss Sandy

  49. kari & kijsa says

    Love the hydrangea wreath! Fun and festive, and inspiring as we knew it would be! Have a wonderful day!

    kari & kijsa

  50. Can I come over for a holiday PJ party? Your home is so inviting. Wow.Happy Holidays from Canada!

  51. Melissa, your home looks so cosy and welcoming! I love the combed plaster finish on your walls! Fabulous! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  52. Paris Parfait says

    Melissa, your home looks really beautiful! Easy to get into the holiday spirit at your house! Thanks for sharing these delightful photos.

  53. You obviously have a house with character! Love that! It looks festive indeed, with it’s Christmas finery.

  54. Hi Melissa, you need to stop apologising! It is so beautiful, warm and inviting looking. Gorgeous wreaths. I am so happy for the giraffe, obviously Christmas is better for him – Merry Christmas & Blessings – Rachael – xo

  55. WOW! You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed day…

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  56. It’s all just stunning! And it looks like your house is huge! We have an old house too but most of the rooms are not that big. I’ll bet the parties are grand! Blessings… Polly

  57. Oh Melissa, Everything looks just beautiful! I’m sure your family enjoys making wonderful Christmas memories there!

  58. What a treasure of Christmas surprise in each and every room. Your home is certainly beautiful and the bits of Christmas everywhere make it look totally awesome. Blessings, Karen

  59. BEAUTIFUL!!! that is all I can say=)

  60. Melissa, I was away from home today…Wife and Mommy duties called….yes, even when the kiddos are all grown up, Mommy needs to be there at times. Anyhow, I am just now seeing your photos. They are lovely. Your home is amazing. I would love to see more of your kitchen. The little bits and pieces I’ve seen, tells me I would love it!!

    Thanks so much! Pat

  61. Lovely! I’ll never have enough of your kitchen.
    Your home reminds me of my girlfriend home in West Linn. Maybe from the same era. All that warm wood.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  62. Melissa – EVERYTHING IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! What a delight to see more of your gorgeous home! And those needlepoint stockings are precious! I love your kitchen! Thank you for sharing with us! ((hugs))


  63. Melissa,

    Such a gorgeous home. Cozy, so many beautiful details, and very, very inviting! I really enjoyed looking at all of the photos. Your home makes me kind of wish that I celebrated Christmas. I guess that I will have to live vicariously through you, and so many others whose homes look so lovely at this time of year!

    Thank you so much for making my day with the tour of your home. It has been such a wonderful treat.


    PS-I hope that the bathroom got completed, and that you found the stinky mouse!

  64. Thank you for the tour of your most beautiful home.

  65. Melissa your Christmas decorations are wonderful! Your home is warm and cozy and inviting and beautiful. I love that lodge-library look and your kitchen is fantastic. My favourite shot is the one of the wreath at the end of the bed.

    (And I’m so glad to see the giraffe is feeling better!)

    Happy, Happy Holidays to you!


  66. You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

  67. OH what lovliness!!! You have a beautiful house! Love taking sneak peeks into peoples HOMES ~ thanks for the tour.
    Have a wonderful day.

  68. You have been tagged.If you don’t like this game,feel free to ignore my comment,otherwise visit my blog for more info.

  69. Melissa…Your home and decor are lovely!
    I love everything about it.
    Thanks for the visit & Happy Holidays…

  70. Everyone else has said it but I’ll say it anyway. Your home is positively beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  71. Very pretty pictures. I love the white painted bed and the white in the kitchen. The three wise men are lovely in their jeweled splendor.

  72. Very pretty pictures!!! I love the wreath on your bed…that was my favorite! And I think you like red a lot too! Your home is beautiful!

  73. Dawn-Enigma Artist says

    Your home is gorgeous! I love the wreath in the dining room.

    I have been wanting to make one similar for awhile now. I need more “old” ornaments though.

  74. Melissa, your home is absolutely gorgeous. I love your Christmas decorating and your photos are perfect, even the dark ones. Would love to see more!

  75. I love your Holiday decorations. The wreath in the dining room is so elegant. Thank you for the tour.


  76. Simply beautiful! All of it!! I love your dining room curtains. I think I finally found a solution to reworking some existing curtains I have after seeing yours. Thanks!

  77. Melissa,

    Thanks so much for the very sweet message you left on my blog. I had to come back over here to peruse your beautiful pictures once again.

    Your family is so lucky to have you. You make such a loving home for you family. It truly shows in the care that you put into everything that you do.


  78. What a lovely home. I love the giraffe too. Beautiful piano and decorations.

  79. You are killing me! You’re house is soooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures! Oh, and thanks for the great blog week! I was too busy to comment, but it was fun!

  80. Well, I feel like I’m a little late getting to your party, I just found your blog, I was drooling..lovely lovely!! Laurie

  81. All these pictures are so beautiful! I have the same issue with my home when I take pictures of it because some rooms are so dark and do not have enough lighting.

  82. Everything is just soooooooo beautiful! You have a GORGEOUS home Melissa!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  83. What a treat – your Christmas house is just so beautiful.
    Do stop by my holiday home when you can:

  84. Hello Melissa,
    Your home is very lovely, thanks for letting us visit, I really enjoyed your decorations, please stop by for tea
    and Merry Christmas to you. Pinkie Denise

  85. Your home reminds me of an old English cottage. So warm & cozy! Thanks for the tour!

  86. Wow..beautiful decorations and a beautiful house. Thanks so much for the tour and there wasn’t a thing wrong with your pictures. They were quite lovely.

  87. Gorgeous house! And I’m so glad to see that the giraffe is back from the dead and ready to party!

  88. Love love love your blog. I have just “put myself out there” with my own home and so I have a real appreciation for you sharing yours.It is just lovely and warm and welcoming. Merry Christmas!

  89. Wow – you’re house is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

  90. I found your link at Nunnies Acttic…I am bamboozled here….just as cozy as the set of Father of the Bride..I feel like our hearts might beat at the same time…

    You may enjoy my 200th post…

    Merry Christmas

  91. i just love your home.
    it is decorated beautifully.

  92. Beautiful decorations! Your bedroom is heavenly.

  93. I think I’m in love.

  94. Wow! Your house truly is “inspired”. You have a beautiful home! I would love to see it in person, photos just do not do it justice, I am sure!

  95. What a lovely home!


    Merry Christmas :-)

  97. wow, looks like it’s out of a magazine, very beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  98. thanks for sharing – I especially love the wreath at the end of the bed!Happy Holidays!

  99. your house is dramatic and beautiful! What a beautiful tour. Blessings…

  100. Such a beautiful, elegant home. Love the Christmas touches in the kids rooms. Merry, Merry! Beverly

  101. Your home is so ellegant! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. And I thought the photos were beautiful…with or without a tripod!

  102. Wow-fabulous pictures! Very pretty. Merry Christmas!

  103. Wow, what an awesome kitchen. I love the Santa giraffe and most everything you showed us. It is all beautiful!

  104. Something fabulous in every corner! All of it, just so lovely!

    Merry Christmas!

  105. So very pretty
    Merry Christmas

  106. I love everything about your home! The furniture, decor, etc.

  107. What a beautiful treat to see your incredible Home. Truly “The Inspired Room”


  108. Great tour. Your home is absolutely beautiful. It’s very festive. Have a Merry Christmas.

  109. I love the cookie cutters strung on ribbon. What an elegant home you have.

  110. I love that wreath in the dining room! Thanks for the tour.

  111. Hi!
    Thanks for the tour!
    Lovely pictures of your beautiful home.

  112. Wow, Melissa, LOVE your house. I am in love with those little iron birds next to the sun dial. You see, I have this “thing” for birds.

    Check out my home all decked out for Christmas too. I’m supposed to be on “Day 2” of Tracey’s Virtual Home Tour. She doesn’t have it posted yet, so maybe she’s fine-tuning it some.



  113. Loved all your Christmas decorations , especially the kitchen which I did not do alot of……..maybe next year since you inspired me. I had 3 trees ( one large, medium & small) LOL!
    YOu have a VERY lovely home that screams “inviting & welcoming!”. Just the look we are all after………….Bonnie

  114. -Loved all yuor Christmas decoration..!
    And i want to wich you Merry Christmas
    and Happy New Year!!…Memrica in Sweden

  115. I’m still on the tour….just taking me awhile to get around to everyone….people here want to eat,things like that get in my way of the home tour!! Your home is so elegant. Your pictures have a special touch..just lovely! Thank you for the tour and I must get on my way or I won’t finish till the next year’s tour starts!! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  116. Hello, this is my first visit to your blog and omg what a visual feast of beauty. I especially loved this tour of your home. It’s truly lovely and inviting and you must be so proud. From what I could see, your kitchen looks too die for and those stunning needlepoint stockings took my breath away.

    Anna :)

  117. Im expecting your comments to pop into your email otherwise you will never see this but I have to say this is sooooo impressive! I love your house. No, I am IN love with your house! Your decorating is top notch! What a classy woman!

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