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Sweet Escape: Holiday Preparations

Sweet Escape: Holiday Preparations

Greetings, dear ones! I’ve been a busy little bee, so I am late with our weekly Sweet Escape (click here for a link to last week’s escape into Christmas tree decorating)! It has been hard to get away, let’s just put it that way! We got our tree last night, and it is absolutely HUGE! I’d say it is about 8 feet across — a chubby! It was a big struggle getting it through our house to our living room. I’d love to show you pictures, in all likelihood it will be at the end of our Creative Inspiration Week, maybe next weekend. I’ll probably be the last one to post my own holiday pictures, but I have so many things lined up for Inspiration week I don’t want to hog the time for myself! I’ll invite you over for some cookies next weekend and we can catch up and I’ll give you a little tour.

Sweet Escape: Holiday Preparations

In addition to my own holiday decorating, I’ve been emailing and chatting with all of the lovely ladies participating in next week’s event! Yesterday I added ANOTHER amazingly talented woman who was willing to share a sweet idea with you, WITH INSTRUCTIONS! Woo hoo, we are going to be on inspiration overload (in a good way!). We have 12 women ready to inspire! Check back Monday for all the fun.

So today, our Sweet Escape is into PREPARATIONS for holidays, events and festivities! It is hard to even think of escaping anywhere when your own home is becoming a cozy nest for the holidays! There is no place I’d rather be right now. Fluffing my nest, sipping hot cocoa, blasting the Christmas tunes and seeing the snow fall outside of my window! Snow is a rarity in Portland, Oregon, so seeing it on Christmas decorating day has really got me feeling festive!

If you are preparing like I am for a gathering at your house and want to read the tips I put together on Holiday Hospitality, you can find it here. These are 10 tips I use all the time prior to having a party or special gathering at my house. Nothing fancy at all, but just ideas that help me to focus on what I need to do, so I don’t get overwhelmed by things I don’t need to do. The checklist also helps me avoid worry when pre-party disasters strike. You can chuckle if you want to about the mention of the dead rodents because I wrote that article BEFORE the rodent issue you all got to experience here on my blog (click here if you missed it). I think I jinxed myself by writing about it. The rodents seem to know how to humble me right before a party, they die just to spite me. Those horrid creatures.

We are supposed to be getting quite a windstorm here later tonight and tomorrow, so if for any reason you don’t see a party here on Monday, my power may have been knocked out!

Meanwhile I am lighting a fire in the fireplace, finishing up my decorating, and getting my jammies all ready for our festivities next week! See you then!

Sweet Escape: Holiday Preparations


Top two photos, Coastal Living online

Bottom photo: JCrew online