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Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


You have arrived at the fourth and final installment of this Gift Wrapping Tutorial by featured guests Kara and Darcy of McMaster and Storm in Greenville, Ohio! If you want to start at the beginning of the tutorial, click here! Stay tuned for our next featured guest: Sandra Evertson. She has an amazing holiday idea for you, I can’t wait to show you! Now, back to our fabulous Gift Wrapping Tutorial:

In this picture we used vintage paper ribbon found at a garage sale. Find funky faux fruit to add interest and unexpectedness to tuck in ribbon. For the circle tag we used Paris map paper and adhered to card stock, punched a small hole and stuck a corsage pin in to secure. This gift was an Amy Butler bag, so the pin was stuck into the fabric of the bag.


In the next photo, we share our version of a Hanukkah gift. We added apple green ribbon to add contrast to the blue tissue. Filler was added for texture and the natural color softness. A Cavallini label was added and stamped with the recipients name. Again the “gifts” pop out of a box!



Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


Here, a section of boxwood garland was wrapped around a container.


Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


Another package to show dimensional pizazz!


Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


May you all have a blessed Christmas season!

Wishing you all the best,

With love,

Kara & Darcy

Stay tuned for the McMaster and Storm Giveaway Post (click here), and more inspiration to come all week long!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Three

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of the Gift Wrapping Tutorial by our featured guests from McMaster and Storm! To start at the beginning of the tutorial, click here.

This gift (above) contains a print in a frame (rectangular shape).

Wrap gift in desired tissue, just like you would in wrapping a box with paper.

Then take another color of tissue and fold into pleating technique and line up on top (use approximately three sheets each, pleated separately to add fullness). Tie ribbon around on each end and make your bows.

For bird, take quilling paper (we used ivory) and curl ends around a toothpick, then glue into beak. Finally, add & glue boxwood garland in as well. (birds & quilling paper are included in our giveaway!)

Next gift…

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Three

This gift was a European hamper basket with goodies inside. Wrap outside with tissue (this tissue came with the package, so Kara reused it to wrap Darcy’s gift, thus inspiring the swan lake theme).

Secure tissue around basket horizontally with ribbon, pleat tissue and place in areas to make it dimensional. I then tied and made bows in two other key places to add interest and hold tissue in place.

Place card in between two tied places to secure. Card has a label on front stamped with Darcy’s name.

I added millinery flowers, pinecones from my yard that are sprayed with glitter, then placed a banner around the swan. I had fun with this gift! The color is unexpected. Be creative with colors, we have an array of tissue colors at all times to mix different combos together. And we always have shades of pink to mix in!

This gift was waiting for Darcy when she came into the store…she didn’t want to open it and end the magical state of a beautifully wrapped gift!

Enjoy wrapping gifts, take your time. Start early and spread it out over a few weeks!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Three

Stay tuned for our fourth and final Gift Wrapping Tutorial (click here), which will be followed by the Giveaway Post! Be prepared for lots more to come all week, including festive ideas, creative spaces and inspiration galore…