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Personal Style & Bonus drive by

by | Jan 20, 2008 | drive bys, exteriors, Style Tips

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Personal Style & Bonus drive by

Dearest Ones! You all are so fun to take on home tours! Thanks for coming along! I’ll do another one soon since clearly we are kindred spirits. It is so fun to dream and gawk with you. Speaking of dreaming, my friend over at The Liberty Post Gallery gave me the best birthday present, a special “Drive By” in honor of my special day last week:

Personal Style & Bonus drive by

You all are getting to know me so well, you all can present me with a “drive-by” anytime (Oh, that would be splendid! Just be careful, drive-bys can be harrowing and I don’t want any of you arrested! Leave the risky moves to me!)! Thanks again, Liberty Post! That is one cute house! Such a cheery yellow. I couldn’t help but be happy living in a place like that. I absolutely love it!


Now, a note on the red shoes. You all shared such great and touching ideas for personalizing your home and for displaying the red shoes. Thank you! I enjoyed reading through everyone’s suggestions. So much inspiration! And there is a great lesson to be found here. How we choose to display precious mementos should vary depending on our personal style, the object itself and the room it will be in.

What might seem right in someone else’s space (or on someone else’s blog!) could be entirely awkward or look completely wrong in your own home. Trust me, I’ve tried ideas in my own home over the years that were great, but totally not appropriate for me or my house. Ah, lessons learned! Interpret each wonderful idea or object you find in the world through the lens of your own style and the appropriateness of the item or idea for your own home.

If you do find an idea you really like, sometimes it just needs a little tweaking in order to make it more appropriate for your space. Even something that looks wrong in one room can look completely different when displayed ten feet in another direction or is grouped with something else. Keep adding and subtracting things, mixing things up and trying new possibilities until your eye says you have it right. Have fun with the possibilities for personalizing your space in subtle ways. Make sure things are meaningful and have a story. That is the way to create a home that is truly authentic.

I know Jenn will find a great and appropriate way to use those shoes! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Once she finds a new place for the shoes I’ll let you know!

Happy Day Everyone!

Photos Copyright: Liberty Post Gallery


  1. Rachael

    Looking forward to another driveby, I love the yellow house but do you know what, just my personal opinion but I really don’t like garages featuring prominantly at the front of the house. I live in a house where the front is mostly all garage – ugh. However, with your yellow house I would live with it!!! Rachael:)

  2. All Things Bright and Beautiful

    Wow!! melissa – you have some FAB drivebys as I scroll down your blog – bbbbeeeeeaaaautiful! delsih and just plain yum!

    On the shoes display side – I just plonked my divine 3 inch pink glitter stilettos that I wore for our wedding smack on the top of my chest of drawers and they looked FAB!

  3. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, another simply gorgeous home, this one a fairytale style!! And there are those Adirondack chairs again on the veranda that we all love! This one looks so magical with the snow cover too. A lovely birthday present, can imagine a big red bow tied upon the roof!! Will be in touch soon re the little red shoes. Hugs, Jenn and Jacqui xo

  4. Cottage Contessa

    What a charmingly gorgeous home! Thanks for the drive by eye candy sweetie! Have a wonderful week!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Megan

    Ok – this is weird – I subscribe to a number of blogs – this lady posted a dollhouse in yellow painted clapboard today. Weird. Yellow houses everywhere!

  6. rosieswhimsy

    I love my cabin in the woods but if I ever have to move, I hope for a distinctive yellow house like you pictured. It’s gorgeous!

    All the Best to You…….Rosie

  7. linda

    Thank you for the laugh. I was just catching up with your blog and came across your driveby photos, you are so brave I would be too worried about having to explain myself. The houses in the photos are so different to our houses over here. I always like to try and pick what country the houses are from by their different styles.

    Cheers Linda

  8. mrs darling

    I love yellow. I wanted to paint our house yellow but hubby said no. We went with a blue called “forever denim” and it ended up quite pretty anyway. But it doesnt keep me from lookingly longingly at yellow houses!

  9. the feathered nest

    Yellow house always make me smile when I see them. They just naturally look like happy places to live. Love the drive-bys down below but do be careful! Wouldn’t want you getting arrested or chased by dogs ;-)



  10. Alys

    I have just loved the drive bys..and havn’t had a chance to sit down and comment. I am looking forward to your inspiration week. Have a wonderful snowy day! Alys ~Abitofparis2u

  11. Pat

    I love these drivebys!! Pretty yellow house!


  12. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Love that house!!!! So cheerful! Well, about Jenn’s red shoes, I have to agree that a shadow box would be sweet. One with a photo of Jacqui wearing the shoes perhaps.

    Love ya!

  13. Tara

    Beautiful home and I am curious to see where those red shoes go! :0)

  14. Ruth Welter

    I love the yellow house Melissa…look forward to your next drive by also. : )

  15. Donna Kay

    Melissa –

    Thanks so much for the visit – you are so right – this gets a little overwhelming!!! And the standard is so HIGH!!! Love your blog – have bookmarked as one I will visit daily!! Love thos “drive bys” – the red shoes remined me – my daughter, who will be married 2 years Feb 4th – wore the most gorgeous red shoes in her wedding – white dress and all – and when she pulled up her dress to come back up the aisle – there were the those fabulous red heels!!!! Everyone loved it – I’ll see if I can find some pictures!!
    Thanks again for the encouragement!!!

  16. Sandra Evertson

    Wow! What a sunny cheery yellow house! Even in the snow!
    Sandra Evertson

  17. Niesz Vintage Home

    I love your home tours! And this cheery yellow house is a winner.
    I was also thrilled to read the suggestions for the red shoes. I have my dad’s red leather baby/toddler shoes from the 1940’s, and have wondered how I could display them.

    Thanks so much!
    Kimberly :)

  18. Miss Sandy

    I’ve been catching up on my reading and oogling here at The Inspired Room and those drive by photo’s are awesome! Thanks for risking life and limb for our viewing pleasure!
    Miss Sandy

  19. Esther Sunday

    Gee, do you ever get the Neighborhood Watch after you?? I loved your peaceful drivebys! I especially liked this house – something about the style and colors. Thanks for risking arrest for us! Love, Esther

  20. Jill

    Just stumbled upon your blog….what a treat. I love it and I am so inspired!

  21. A Fanciful Twist

    ‘all don’t stop driving by my perfect yellow house with perfect white snow, you might catch some major snowballs! hahahaa. Stomping feet, why can’t i live there? Why why? Don’t I have an old rich aunt who will gift me such a house? I love it! xooxox

  22. Sharon

    Love the yellow house, looks so inviting in the snow.

  23. Elzie

    Happy belated birthday!!! Sorry I didn’t know about that.
    And what a fabolous house showing today. I love the American style of houses. They look so much different from ours. Earlier you could see in what “corner” of Sweden people lived when looking at their houses. Nowadays they look the same everywhere in the country.
    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.
    Love Elzie

  24. bj

    Good morning…I just posted some “peek rooms” this morning…rooms in other people’s homes that I would love to have in my house. Great ideas and, as you said, with just a few changes here and there, we can make them work for us….
    hugs, bj

  25. Joni Webb

    I love these pictures of neighborhood houses. I love to drive around and look at houses – it’s my favorite pasttime. The best time to do it is at dusk, when the house lights are on and the drapes haven’t been drawn yet. You can really look at the inside good. I love the yellow house – maybe it’s the snow that adds to the romance. It never snows in Houston so we don’t get to see this – I would love to see snow around our houses!

  26. Vee

    Love everything about that house except for the prominence of the garage. The color selections are so foreign to anythign I would have thought of that I am deciding here and now that I need to expand my thinking. Yellow, gray, and a popping red front door…very nice.

  27. rochambeau

    Love it!
    You got a drive by for your birthday!
    I’ll have to see what I can cook up on my next outting!

  28. megan duerksen

    how cute is this house?!
    it looks like a house from a beach town.
    just think of the flower beds around it in the summer!

    her blog is beautiful too. so much pretty stuff to see.

    our bathroom is not to start for a month or so…but trying to get things picked or ordered to have it ready so there’s no waiting later.

    looking forward to the romance week.

  29. Lynda

    Love the red door on this gorgeous yellow house! ~ Lynda xo

  30. Alice

    Yellow, white…and snow! Just too devine.

  31. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    Another great drive by! And I am looking forward to Feb 4-8!


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