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After our fun Drive-By the other day I was contacted by an artist who wanted to do a painting of one of the homes I featured! I was so excited! Catherine Holman is an amazing folk artist who not only paints wonderful scenes and cottages, but teaches others to paint as well. And besides that, she is a super nice person and a fellow blogger. She offers her paintings for sale on ebay. I couldn’t believe how quickly she painted this, but here it is, cute as a bug: Dragonfly Cottage!

Dragonfly Cottage

How fun is that? You give Catherine a photo, she twirls her paintbrush and it turns into a painting! Artists are amazing!

Relating this back to our discussion a few days back on home personalization, paintings and photos can be intriguing portals to memories or feelings. Why hang random stuff on your walls when you can find art that really speaks to you, means something, and gives you a sense of connection to your home? If it doesn’t have a story (even if the story is that you fell in love with it at a garage sale or on a blog!), I generally don’t like to use it. Or I think twice about it.

I have line drawings of my past homes because they remind me of special places I’ve lived in my life. Whether you hang a photo of a home you actually live in or used to own, or a painting of a scene that takes you off into a wonderful dream and makes you happy, using art effectively is a great way to make your house feel like home.

Stop by Catherine’s blog to see her work and for more information on her paintings, including Dragonfly Cottage! Or maybe ask her to paint your own little dream!


  1. kari and kijsa

    Absolutely beautiful…we are off to check out her blog….

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  2. Lori

    I just love her work! That was my favorite house on your drive-by.

  3. Jennifer

    I like this idea. A painting of a home is a great gift.

  4. Mockingbird Hill

    Isn’t this dreamy? I have the same feelings about art/pictures that you do. If it doesn’t “speak” to you, why would you want to look at it every day? I have some things that people just shake their head over, but that’s okay…I know why they are a part of me.. ;)


  5. Janet Lanier

    Catherine has a warm storybook style to her work. I like how she paints trees and bushes. She would be a great illustrator for children’s books. I noticed on her blog that she uses her painting on dishes and other objects too which looks so charming. Thanks for introducing Catherine’s work to us, Melissa!

  6. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, Dragonfly Cottage is beautiful! We agree with you totally about art placement and being meaningful. We too have had our homes painted or sketched by various artists! Catherine’s art is just gorgeous and she is a lovely lady too. Catherine is currently working on two commissions for us! Happy coincidence here Melissa! Have a gorgeous day :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

  7. Leanne

    What a beautiful painting! She’s very talented. :)

    I just have to thank you for giving artists a shout-out, really. It’s not often you see people encouraging others to get original art for their walls, so THANK YOU!!

  8. Aina

    Amazing!! How fun to see a home become a magical place!

    Aina x

  9. Becky K.

    Very talented! I must say that this home was very inspirational. Every detail thought of.
    Catherine’s painting looks like it came from the very best of story books…you know the kind that you want to crawl into and become a part of the story!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Becky K.

  10. Ruth Welter

    Hi Melissa, ow, I love this, very beautiful.

  11. Julie

    I always liked hanging a picture of your house in your home. I have always like the aerial photographs but this seems to be more my style. Thanks for sharing!!


  12. JO

    She does such beautiful work! I cant get over the talent of our blogging friends and I so enjoy visiting her site…

    Isnt she fabulous?



  13. the feathered nest

    oooh so beautiful! I’d love for her to do my house. I’ll go check out her blog now.


  14. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    I love Catherine’s work too! And yes, that was my favorite house on your drive by also. I love tudor style and the purple door hooked me big time!

    Speaking of stories behind the art, Catherine makes up this adorable stories on her painted homes!

  15. anne

    Hi Melissa, beautiful painting…off to check out Catherines blog. :-)

  16. Polly

    OH MY STARS! How anyone could render such a beautiful thing in such short time amazes me! Blessings… Polly

  17. Debra W


    What a beautiful painting with such beautiful words to back it up! I love your idea about having pictures of the different homes that you have lived in, hanging up on the walls. Your sentimental heart is something that I just adore about you!


  18. Pat

    Melissa, I just reframed the sketch of our home, last weekend and have it hanging in the living room. I did a painting of the lane to our home at the farm. It’s here in J’s “lodge”. Many of the prints we have in our home are from places we visited, like Charleston SC, Door County WI and favorite places around Missouri, like Bennett Spring. I love the stories behind the pieces.

    I’ll be visiting Catherine’s, her work is beautiful!

  19. Mari-Nanci

    Just precious…


  20. Adla

    Such talent…beautiful painting by the artist :)

  21. Linda's Blue gate

    THat is just amazing…I love that… Isn’t that fun to have such a wonderful name for a house.. The Dragonfly House…hummm wonder what my house could be named…
    Thanks for your comment on my blog in regards to my MOm..

  22. Lisa

    What a talent she has. It is almost as if you can reach out and touch it.


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