Style Tips: Quick Ideas for Refining Your Style™

Style Tips: Quick Ideas for Refining Your Style™

I’m starting a new thing here at The Inspired Room! I am going to periodically share quick, simple, useful ideas in a new post format. The official name will be:

Style Tips: Quick Ideas For Refining Your Style™

I’ve been getting tons of lovely emails with questions on finding or evaluating your style and creating style & beauty throughout your home. So, in considering what to do with these inquiries, I thought the best and easiest way for me to help would be to share ideas in a specific post format: “Style Tips.”

There won’t be a specific day for these, you might see one or two a week, or none at all that week. I need flexibility here in getting this started, my life can’t revolve around the blog! :-) But when you see Style Tips in the heading, you will know there will be a quick idea or two listed that you can try or think about for your home. I am really excited about this and hope you’ll find the tips inspiring.

If you have a question or suggestion for something you’d like me to include, feel free to send it to me at I can’t promise to get to everything, but I appreciate your feedback or inquires as it helps me to know what sorts of ideas to include.

Happy Day! Oh, I may have an extra couple of posts this week, including the first Style Tip post, so check back if you’d like. Also, I was honored to be asked by a fellow blogger to help unveil an exciting project that should inspire ALL OF US! It will be really cool so don’t miss it.

PS. No, that is not my new office, but I really am working on it! I am so excited about having my own space after so many years of willingly sacrificing for the sake of my children! I’ll share updates and photos soon. This photo is from

Style Tips: Quick Ideas for Refining Your Style™


  1. Fabulous, Melissa! You come up with the most wonderful ideas. I love watching you blossom and expand! You are going to need that new office to do all of the great things that are coming your way.

    Big hugs,

  2. Great idea!

    Have a nice evening and thanks for your email!

  3. Hey Melissa – great job on your new “Style Tips.” I’m sure your readers are going to find them most helpful! Hope you are surviving in all of the SNOW we’re getting :)

  4. I’m looking forward to whenever you get to post! No pressure!

  5. Fabulous idea, Melissa! It’s so easy to get lost in the sea of inspiration. ~ Lynda xo

  6. That’s a great idea about the style tips..funny how when I looked at my coffee table I had all the criteria…yeah ME!! Insert London Tipton voice here… I have books..plant and intersting element…

  7. Hey melissa!! What a great idea!! Tho I’m sure you will be inundated by questions :-)

    PS love the picture!!! :-)

    Hugs! & looking forward to next weeks posts!!


  8. I’m loving that picture! It looks like you. ;)

  9. Excellent idea Melissa, we look forward to it! J & j xo

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