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Sweet Escape: Inspiration

by | Jan 31, 2008 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Sweet Escape | 27 comments

Sweet Escape: Inspiration

With Inspiration Week around the corner, I am excited to share an amazing project put together by the delightful Erin at Design For Mankind. (I just love her, she’s great!) Erin has developed an e-zine full of amazing inspiration from fellow bloggers, artists and designers! Best of all, you can download it for FREE! Yes, FREE! So, download and enjoy! And let Erin know how much you appreciate her free gift to all of us!

Click here to download all twenty pages of inspiration.


Sweet Escape: Inspiration

Don’t forget Inspiration Week begins right here on Monday with some special insights on Living A Beautiful Life from none other than….

oh, you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out for sure…
Sweet Escape: Inspiration

In other news, Friday is National Wear Red Day, in support of the fight against heart disease in women. Visit their website to find out more about how you can donate to this worthy cause. In addition, Traditional Home magazine wrote to me and asked if I would pass on the word to you about their Really Really Red Auction to support the same effort, so click here to see what you can bid on for a great cause.

Happy Day everyone!

PS. Friday is the last day on my blog to enter the giveaway for a great book, so if you haven’t yet entered, click here.

E-zine images courtesy of Design For Mankind


  1. mrs darling

    You just make me wish I had more time to be online. I would love to follow your links and just get lost in the beauty of everything over here! Looking forward to Monday!

  2. Paris Parfait

    Am looking forward to your Inspiration Week and that special guest! As for coffee tablescapes, mine constantly evolves. I am always changing it around. At the moment, it has books, a pair of antique British walnut-and-silver candlesticks and a Moroccan red and white patterned bowl with a lid (from the days when the French colonised Morocco).

  3. Adla

    Shall be back on Monday to join in the fun, I wonder who it is still…you are good at this Melissa haha:) and by the way love the tips for the coffee table .

    Cheers, Adla

  4. JO

    Thank you to Erin for sharing…. Cant wait until Monday for the start of a great week…..



  5. Design for Mankind

    Hope everything went well today— thanks for this sweet write-up! You are a DOLL! :)

  6. julia

    O.K. that’s it! I am finally going to get started on an inspiration board! These images are so awesome Melissa! And that red chair, well it simply makes me happy! I will pop over and visit Erins blog for certain. Finally I can love Mondays :)

  7. me, myself, & I

    I love the Erin’s site…Im off to check our her pages of inspiration. Thanks Erin!

    So glad to see the mention about National Red Day….I’ve posted my “virtual outfit” today to support the cause!

  8. Lori Stilger

    Wow, Melissa! LOVE the ezine! Thank you SO much for pointing us to it. Have a WONDERFUL day! :) Blessings!

  9. megan duerksen

    i am hooked just from the top photo…gorgeous!

    i hope you have a great weekend!
    looking forward to monday.

  10. Linda

    Looking forward to Monday and have a super Sunday. Linda

  11. brilliant asylum

    We are so proud of Erin and her E-zine.
    Looking forward to next week.

  12. Tara

    Thanks for always introducing me to such neat stuff! I LEARN here! :0)

  13. A Fanciful Twist

    Amazing things going on here!!! Miss meliiiiiiisssssa!!! How incredible! Look at all of the beauty!! Can’t wait for Monday xoxoxo

  14. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    I am so looking forward to Monday! Love the red chair!

  15. Lisa

    I know this will be a big treat for all of us. I can’t wait to check in first thing Monday morning. What a great idea to do this on a regular basis. It’s such a great way to get introduced to new wonderful sites.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. M.Kate

    everthing is beautiful here!!

  17. Gail McCormack

    Love your blog Melissa and your website is fabulous, I need to come back and read up on all your previous posts! I’ve spent ages exploring all your wonderful links. Looking forward to Monday.

  18. charlotte

    looking so great over here, Melissa! happy February to you. xoC

  19. rochambeau

    Thank you for the link Melissa. This looks great. Wishing you a wonderful day! Look forward to your inspiration week!


  20. Alice

    Oh….can’t wait for Monday! And, thanks for the wonderful link!

  21. Lori Stilger

    :) Thank you for coming to visit my blog! In case you get REALLY bored sometime – and I can’t imagine you have TIME to get bored, but one never knows! LOL! – I have another one at I am HONORED to know you and I share the same plague with our desks. :)

  22. Christine

    Oh that red chair! love, love love it!!
    Breath of freshness you are! Thank you.

  23. Debra W

    Hey Sunshine! Everything that you do is inspiring to me.

    Happy Saturday night!

    Big hugs,

  24. Barbara

    I checked the E-zine. So many creative people. You are leaving us in suspense.


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