With Gratitude

With Gratitude

I want to thank each and every one of you who came by Inspiration Week and supported my guests here. Your thoughtful comments were so appreciated! It is amazing to me how wonderful you all are! Your comments, emails and posts on your own blogs just keep me smiling all day long. You are all special! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wednesday night the names will be drawn for the giveaways, so if you haven’t already entered, time is almost up! Links are in the side bar.

An extra big THANK YOU to all the participants for this week (they are all listed in the sidebar). You each had a special contribution that was uniquely inspiring. You make blog world a happy and amazing place for all of us!

Happily, I received some awards back in December but regretfully I am just now finding my notes that were to remind me to publicly say THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD. I’m mortified! Crazy me, I tried to thank people for stuff in January that I was way behind on, and I still left three great ladies without a proper thank you. I apologize! Aren’t you all glad I am getting my office organized? I will be a much nicer person once I can find my notes. I’m sure of it.

These people were INCREDIBLY nice to share awards with me:

Amazing Rachael from The Rose Room bestowed up me the You Make Me Smile Award for this post here.

With Gratitude

Also in December, my BFF Shelbi from Keeper of the Chocolates gave me the Rockin’ Girl Award. I’m pleased to join the Rockin’ Girl Blogger club! I feel so hip!

With Gratitude

Then good friend Elzie gave me the Pro Underdog Blogger. I hope it is not a picture of me, but don’t you feel that way sometimes when you are on the computer all day?

With Gratitude

Then wonderful Irene from The Green Greek blog gave this award which is just the sweetest looking award ever:

With Gratitude

This week sweet Rachel at A Romantic Porch gave me a You Make My Day award for Inspiration Week! Thanks Rachel, I was thrilled to do it and so glad you came to visit!

With Gratitude

Catherine Holman, sweet artist extraordinaire, presented me with the Spread The Love Award. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Thank you! So sweet of you!

With Gratitude


Please, everyone, choose an award from me! Would you? Please? I would be so happy if you would. If you come by and see this post, I beg of you to pick an award from me. I will be so sad if you don’t. My son is sick with the flu and fever and he needs his mommy right now, so I am off to pat his head and cradle him. I hope to see these awards on your blogs!

Much love!


  1. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    Inspiration week was a blast! Thanks for doing such a great job with it. You definately deserve all of those wonderful awards!!

  2. Melissa, Thanks for the sweet comment. You really deserve all those wonderful awards! Hope your son is feeling better soon.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the great info. Thanks for an inspiring week!

  4. Hi Melissa, thank YOU for the most wonderful inspirational week, it has truly changed the way we view things and we just want to say THANK YOU :) You deserve all of these awards Mel, now look after your little guy and we hope you also get some well earned rest time (think hot chocolate under the porch!) Take care, Jenn and Jacqui xo

  5. Hi Melissa, thank YOU for the most wonderful inspirational week, it has truly changed the way we view things and we just want to say THANK YOU :) You deserve all of these awards Mel, now look after your little guy and we hope you also get some well earned rest time (think hot chocolate under the porch!) Take care, Jenn and Jacqui xo

  6. Hi Melissa! No rest for you!! lol! We have tagged you for 7 Weird Facts tag! Come see! Jenn and Jacqui :)

  7. Congratulations Melissa!
    All well deserved!

  8. Melissa,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate it! I hope your little one is feeling better soon!


  9. I have so enjoyed reading your blog this week, it has been such a great inspiration. Thank you so much.

    Rosie in the UK

  10. Melissa, So sweet. And love that sick little boy as long as you can. xo Rachel

  11. Melissa, thanks again for such a great week of beautiful posts, and for inviting me to participate! I know you’ve put a lot of work into this past week, and you’re an inspiration to us all.

    Please give my well wishes to your son.

    Happy week {and Valentine’s Day}!

  12. My heart is filled with thankfulness for the time and creativity you put together for all of us, your blog friends. Thank you Melissa.
    Hope you stay well, and that your son is feeling much better.
    p.s. that treat looks absolutely delicious on that red plate!

  13. These festivities take a lot of work and I am in awe of how beautifully you pulled it all together. I learned something from each one and have actually put the new ideas into my inspiration journal so they won’t be forgotten with proper credit, of course.

    Hope that your little one feels better soon, Melissa, and that the rest of the family stays vertical. Take care now!

  14. I know that this week had to be a LOT of work… the time and effort that you put into these fabulous posts is above and beyond… Thank you once again for the inspiration … the interviews…. the guests and the giveaways… you are the BEST!!



    ps… hopefully a new post will be coming soon…. I am having mental block… not a good thing

  15. you are so very loved melissa! you deserve every award bestowed and known to {wo}man! ilove you so!!!!

    your bbff

  16. Congratulations on ALL those awards! I hope your sweet son feels better soon! So many people are sick this season! Stay well and thank you for Inspiration Week – it was fun!


  17. Esther Sunday says

    Melissa – you soooo deserve all those awards! We should be thanking YOU! Thank your for putting so much time and energy into your blog and introducing us to so many wonderful talented people! Now, make sure your hubby takes you out for Valentine’s Day! Tell him Esther said so! Love, Esther

  18. Hi nice that you received all these! You deserve every one! Hope your son is better, I wish him well!

  19. I loved all of your inspiring guests!
    And I’m soooo “over the moon” excited about that lovely purse.

    Congratulations on all of your awards.
    Take care of that little boy, hope he’s feeling better soon.

    Kimberly :)

  20. All awards are well deserved by you! I am enjoying Valentine’s Day… as an elementary school principal it can be a great day or a realllllly bad one!

  21. parisparfait says

    Congrats for all your much-deserved awards and recognition! Hope your son is soon feeling much better. A mother’s love is usually the best medicine! :) xo

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