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Grace Notes: Morning Solitude

Grace Notes: Morning Solitude

photo courtesy of Rebecca Sower

Grace Notes: Morning Solitude

Alexandra Stoddard advocates elevating every day moments into daily rituals. In her book Living A Beautiful Life she writes:

One of the real goals of having rituals is to make sure there is ample time given to making the small things in our lives count. In this way, we enrich the whole of our lives, and continuity provides daily and weekly enrichment.

In my conversation with her, I asked Alexandra what her favorite daily ritual is. Without hesitation she answered, “Morning Solitude.” She said solitude in the mornings sets the tone for her whole day. She does not rush to connect herself with the world upon awakening. Rather, she gets up early and begins her day usually sitting at her writing desk. She loves to study, learn and contemplate. She says that the hours she spends alone in the early hours of the morning allow her to “focus inward with a clear head, preparing myself for the demands of the day.”

In her book Gracious Living in A New World Alexandra writes, “We fill our well before emptying it.” I love that.

I find this ritual of morning solitude to be a common theme among women who understand the concept of living a beautiful life. They understand the power of solitude and time for quiet thought, study, prayer and contemplation.

One such woman I admire is artist and blogger Rebecca Sower. She had this to share with us:

I’m including a photo of one of my most inspirational spots in my home…my seat in the sun. It’s just a small cafe table by my bedroom window where the morning sun comes in. It’s where I have my morning coffee, read, reflect, journal and sometimes just sit and stare out at the cows in the pasture.

Sounds dreamy to me, and her room is to die for!

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Photo copyright & courtesy of: Rebecca Sower

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Grace Notes: Morning Solitude

Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

I am very honored that the lovely Miss Melissa has asked me to contribute to this weeks posts of “Finding beauty in your home”

I have included 3 things in my home that I find beauty in every day.

They are in no particular order.

Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

My Orchids

Flowers – flowers from the florist, the supermarket, your garden, the neighbors garden – the botanical gardens – (oh dear this is deteriorating!!) I’d better stop. I don’t want to advocate a clandestine visit to the local park to steal them!! (Although I have known boyfriends of friends who have done that!!!) Anyway – you get my point – flowers! From anywhere!!

Flowers bring joy to the heart and instantly bring beauty to a home. Orchids would have to be one of the most elegant flowers that I know of and are wonderful value for length of bloom time. When I see their beautiful blossoms opening one by one – it just makes me so happy. One of Maison21 ‘s earliest posts sums up how to beautify your home with orchids in a most interesting and amusing way. So if you need some advice on how to care for orchids – do pop over and have a read.

Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

My Grandmothers Occasional Chair

A beautiful family heirloom brings both beauty and fond memories and history to your home – if you have lovely things from family – display them!! Don’t keep the fine silver wrapped up for special occasions only – use it for the everyday!

When I see my Grandmother’s chair – it reminds me of her beautifully elegant lounge room and her antique ruby glass, Victorian book cases, endless cups of tea and home made slices and a chubby mini fox terrier who always tried to steal my biscuits!! My grandmothers chair is wicker and needs to be cared for in that the seating is not so strong – and there is always an element of “you need to be careful” with antique heirlooms – but it doesn’t mean it can’t be used – it just means I have to gently direct my slightly heavier guests to the sofa rather than that chair :-)!! I gently distract them from the fact that I’m maneuvering them over to the sofa by offering them a large selection of hors d’oeuvres and a glass of homemade mulled winter fruits and cinnamon juice!! :-)


Beauty: All Things Bright & Beautiful

My Bible

My Bible is a book that is not particularly beautiful on the outside – but it’s beautiful on the inside and it makes my life beautiful for all the wisdom and direction in it. Things don’t have to be beautiful on the outside to make your home more beautiful – they just have to add meaning and value to your life. And that’s really the things that make a home. Things that are of value to you – family, loved ones, and a place that nurtures you – that you can come home to to be refreshed from the wears and tears of the day.

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