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Dogs Who Blog

In a bit of randomness…
Dogs Who Blog

Our little furry friends used to have their “sniff n’ greets” at the corner fire hydrant. Now? Well, while their mommas are off on a bloggy break (balanced women that they are), dogs have been spotted catching up with their fuzzy faced pals on the blogs.

Dogs Who Blog

Meet Hamish and Winston.

Two Westies, oceans apart.

Best Doggie Blog Friends Forever (BDBFF).

Dogs Who Blog

The pups have agreed to take doggie bloggy breaks four times a week for chasing squirrels and romps on the beach.

Good boys. Such good doggies.

Hamish of The Bowerbird’s Nest and Winston of The Inspired Room

And the bark goes on…SOMEBODY STOP US: DOGS WHO BLOG

Disconnect Challenge

Disconnect Challenge

Hello my dearest ones. I’ve been thinking. Oh, yes, I know that sounds dangerous, but stay with me here.

You know that on The Inspired Room blog I try to encourage us to have Inspired Lives, not just Inspired Rooms, right? Because my motto is “our life should inspire our homes” first and foremost, it is about our life. And if our life is not being lived in balance, to its fullest, or if we are neglecting very important parts of our life, our homes are just empty decorated shells.

I cannot in good conscience encourage you to decorate, decorate, decorate when I don’t balance things out with considering the life behind the decor. Because that is not what matters most to me. So, this is one of those posts! Yes, we’ve shared many over the past 7 months. Like here, here, and here, and here, and here.

Remember a little over a week ago when we were getting inspired to find beauty everyday? Remember my little interview with Alexandra Stoddard? Remember how she said “mostly it is not good to be so connected”?

I’ve been mulling that thought over as I had before she even said it. I’m torn. Torn between the great love I have for blogging and the people I’ve met, and the need for solitude and real life interaction.

And those words “mostly it is not good to be so connected…” keep running through my mind. “Mostly it is not good,” she said.

Now, I realize that she is not a blogger so she may not see the wonderful community and business opportunity we all have here. There are wonderful things about being connected in this way!

But that doesn’t change the point of her words. Online community and opportunity are good things. But are they The Best Things? The things we should pour ourselves into above all else? And does our frantic pace and lack of focus on what is really important to us keep us from truly experiencing the life we could lead, if we knew how to balance it all?

Disconnect Challenge

I’ve been wanting to revisit Alexandra’s statement. I have been writing my thoughts over the past few days in preparation to share this when I visited the blog of one of our dear contributors to inspiration week. When I saw that her thoughts were resonating with my own heart, I knew that now was the time for me to share. For sure. She is a kindred spirit!

I’ve heard from so many of you since that Alexandra interview. Those of you who understand what Alexandra meant. Those of you who have that still small voice inside of you nudging you to “step away from the computer” (or telephone, or tv or whatever it is that keeps us from living the life we really want) and engage yourself part of the week in something else.

I don’t think that little voice in our heads means we need to completely abandon blogging. But I do think that little voice is nudging us to balance our time online. To see it for what it is. A wonderful thing that can sometimes make us lose sight of The Best Things. A wonderful thing that sometimes consumes hours upon hours of our day. Every day. A wonderful thing that sometimes becomes the center of our world and runs our life. The thing we run to.

Disconnect Challenge

What if we accepted the challenge to completely disconnect just one day a week or a couple of evenings? Or two days? Or three? What could we do with our newfound concentration? With some time of solitude? Would we feel differently? Would our creativity and productivity soar? Would our relationships in our own family grow? Could we use our time to exercise? Pray? Play? Read? To enjoy the beauty of life? Would we be more organized or prepared for other things in life? Would that time of disconnect be the thing that brings us our next opportunity, because we took the time necessary to be proactive on something?

I for one am accepting the challenge to take balanced living to a new level. I will continue to set boundaries around schedule so I can slow down my pace and have even more balance in my life. And that is my goal. Balanced Living. My goal is not to be blogger extraordinaire or know all of the great insights from Google. I do not need to connect so much.

Disconnect Challenge

So, I invite you to join me in this challenge. If you want to. Not all of you need this. But look at your life and ask yourself some questions. Are you spending enough time with your husband? With your kids? With God? Or alone? You can join in this any way you want, including unplugging the phone and TV if they distract you or fill up too much of your time. You can choose a half a day, or evening or a couple of days. Or just the early morning hours. Whatever feels right to you. No pressure from me to do this, we all need to do what is right for us.

I need time for solitude. I need time to connect with my husband. I need to spend more time with my kids. I need to exercise. I need down time. I really need this challenge, probably more than I realize.

Are you with me?