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Cute Table Idea for Kids’ Party or Baby Shower

by | Apr 17, 2008 | Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Cute Table Idea for Kids' Party or Baby Shower

Speaking of beds, I just saw this cute idea and thought I’d pass it on for you all to see (and save it to my blog for future reference.) This would be so cute for a child’s birthday party, slumber party or a baby shower. Top a table (banquet tables would work great) with patterned sheets or tablecloths and make up to look like a bed with pillow, stuffed animal and a bedtime story! Easy and cute! My kind of idea.

Photo from Real Simple: Simply Stated


  1. rosieswhimsy

    That is fun! I will have to keep this in my ideas folder. Actually, I wish I could hold a slumber party for all my blogging buddies and do this for them. We could all sit around in our jammies and talk the night away. :-0

  2. Natasha Burns

    cute idea sure is right! i did a double take wondering if there were place settings on a bed, or a bed on a table! how gorgeous!

  3. Mari-Nanci

    Ohhhhh, that is just precious!!!!!!! Never saw anything so different and cute.


  4. jessi nagy

    oohh this is darling!!!

  5. M.Kate

    love the colours!!!

  6. mrs darling

    Oh that is indeed a cute idea. Who would have thought?

  7. pugnotes

    Oh What a great idea! Very creative!
    :) Melissa

  8. Diana

    So cute – great for a slumber party – how fun! To be a kid again….

  9. megan duerksen

    that’s sweet.
    i think a certain 3 year old here would try to lay down on it though…even with the glasses.

  10. Karla

    That is a riot – love it!!!

  11. Chris

    Cute!! This theme sets the stage for so many possibilities. It makes me want to have a slumber party for my kids–or for me, for that matter! The party favors could be little decorated pillows, the kids could all bring their teddy bears, and they could wear their favorite pajamas. Thanks for the inspiration. I might just run with this one!

  12. Carrie West

    How incredibly cute! I LOVE this idea! This could be used for other arrangements as well!!!! Wow, so clever!~

  13. Alison Gibbs

    Oh how cute that is

  14. bj

    Oh, yes…this is a great idea for a party table…thanks for sharing it with us.
    Yep, I am trying REALLY hard to have a party over here with all the foods and wine I’ve been posting…I have a fabulous cake recipe to try (from that awesome PIONEER WOMAN) but I have to buy a jelly roll pan (whatever THAT is) as she says a regular pan just will not do! Stop by in the next few days for a slice!
    hugs and laughter,

  15. melissa lewis - off the wall

    Oh my…too cute. I love this idea Melissa!!!!!

  16. jane

    Those orange sheets are so cute – do you know who makes them?

  17. Neutral Dwelling

    That is one of those ideas that will come in handy- and spur creativity– I was thinking about how cute that could be for a themed bridal shower or housewarming – if you used a more mature look :)

  18. Christine

    I know I can count on you for some much needed inspiration!! I love the colors on your posts! I soo need a “dreamy” vacation!! lol..
    Hmm… What a unique idea about the unmade bed style! The top of mine looks made.. but blankets hang off the side peeking out from under the duvet! What does that say about me?

  19. Lisa

    This looks like so much fun for a youngster and I love the fabric combination and colors.

    Wonderful browsing as usual.

    Hope all is well!

  20. CC

    How precious is that!?!?! Too cute. Thanks for sharing all of your great finds/ideas with us!

  21. Meg

    Oh this is perfect. Neutral Dwelling told me about your post because I’m throwing an upcoming baby shower and what’s even better is that it’s a book baby shower.

    great idea!

  22. Jrizzo

    EEEEk! Squeal! I totally LOVE THIS!!! thanks for posting!
    Jen R

  23. Sally

    Love bright colours especially on this grey day in Sydney. Melissa thatnks for dropping by our blog. Sally ann

  24. all things bright and beautiful

    Oh melissa – This is gorgeous – bright and SO cute!! My son would love this – and NEMO too !!

    Im not letting him near the computer other wise well be having incessant requests to go to this child’s home!! ;-)

  25. Sandra Evertson

    Fabulous! Love all the bright color! And the boat down below, just dreamy!
    Sandra Evertson

  26. Kim

    A darling idea! Gosh I wish my kids were still little. I would love to do this. You could make it as whimsical as you choose. Thanks for sharing.

  27. JO

    LOVE IT!!!

  28. Sandy

    What a great idea! It is always so inspiring to come here!

  29. Trish

    This is a very cute idea!!!

  30. hookedonhouses

    At first I thought these were real beds they were eating on, and had to do a double-take.

    How cute are these? So creative. My daughter would want to crawl up on the table and lie on it in the middle of the party, though, I just know it. -Julia :-)

  31. julie

    that is beyond cute…I’m adding it to my “things to try list on my blog”.

  32. mariana

    We just had my daughters 4th birthday at Fairies and Dragons and she absoltuely loved it, so did we and so did all of the girls who came and their parents.



  1. Cute Table Idea for Kids’ Party or Baby Shower - [...] Cute Table Idea for Kids’ Party or Baby Shower | The Inspired Room. [...]

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